Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 323

Ayumu: "What do I eat tonight?"

This chapter begins with the announcement that Luca will be singing the OP of the movie. Would that meant that the very first time we hear Luca’s voice would be in her song?

Given that Luca was a popular singing idol, it is not very unexpected that she would sing one song or two in the movie. I thought that she would be singing the ED instead of the OP, though.

In the previous chapter, Hayate had been appointed as Luca’s health manager. His duty was to take care of Luca’s health, so that she would not collapse again (from her double life as idol and mangaka). Just what kind of unhealthy life, you might ask, had Luca been living up to this point?

I swear I will not become an idol.

We already know from previous chapters that Luca had rather bad sleeping habit, because of the nature of an idol’s work, and the fact that she lived a double life. In this chapter we know that Luca’s eating habit was just as bad as her sleeping habit. There was a serious imbalance in nutrition, and more importantly she was never able to enjoy her meals. That was why both her heart and body got worn out.

That much had changed because Hayate became her health manager. Of course he could not make Luca sleep more, but he could make nutritious and delicious meals for her. Nutritious food is good to Luca’s body, and delicious food could give Luca a great boost in her spirits. In fact, Luca felt so good about the food, that she thought she had returned to her previous life – a Dreamcast.

For those who don’t know what a Dreamcast is:


Luca appreciated what Hayate had done for her, but she also said that there was no need for him to do so much for her – she only wanted to fool Atsumari, after all. Hayate, however, said that he was worried about Luca, and by that he meant that he was going to keep his promise to Atsumari to take care of Luca. Luca felt the gigolo power from Hayate, her heart beat and she blushed. She did not understand why, because: “After all, she was a girl…”

In other words, she found it strange for her to blush for a girl. It means that she did not expect herself to fall for a girl. It also means that the “Luca is a lesbian” theory is dead.

A moment later, Hayate suggested that he would be making all meals for Luca. From then on, Luca would have proper things to eat every day, every meal – that is, if she would not get interrupted too often when she was eating.

By taking care of Luca’s health, a member on Luca’s side was doing his job pretty well. So, what about the other member?

I don't know why, but I just want to laugh.

Hina borrowed manga from Hayate (and Nagi) and started reading. By the looks of it, she was reading… Shingeki no Kyojin – no, Hanshin. One thing to bear in mind is that, as a complete amateur in manga-reading, Hina had absolutely no idea which manga was good and which was bad. She would not know by herself that Shingeki no Hanshin was “considered good these days” – she could only be told so. It means that the one who lent her this manga considered it good. In other words, Hina’s preference was built on the preference of either Hayate or Nagi.

Hina admitted to herself that she was not quite sure what makes a manga good. However, she didn’t really have to know, as she was not the one who had to come up with a good idea. The only thing she had to do was to make correct and objective comments, so that Luca’s manga could become better and better. Her methodology, which was also employed in her studying at school, was all about reading, thinking and writing.

A little too serious, huh?

  • Reading – Accurately grasp the current condition as well as gather and sort information.
  • Thinking – Analyze and study this [information] from an objective position.
  • Writing – Construct a more accurate theory.

Reading-thinking-writing. Input-process-output. Nothing new would come out from such a process, but it didn’t matter. She was not the one who needed to make something new.

You could see that Hina understood her position very well. She knew very clearly that she was not the one drawing the manga. She would not make up a story for Luca to draw. She would only comment objectively on what Luca had drawn. As such, there is much less risk that Hina’s ideas would override Luca’s. Hina knew exactly that it was Luca’s manga, not Hina’s.

All is fine so far, but I still want to tell Hina that she might be reading manga a little too seriously. Of course, if she took her task as some sort of Literature Studies, it is perfectly fine for her to be serious. Still, we read manga for fun, and I sincerely hope that Hina could find some happiness from reading manga.

Suddenly they had a lot of time alone together...

At night, Hayate and Hina had a little chat in the garden. There, Hayate gave Hina updated news on Luca. Obviously Hayate told Hina enough: She knew that he saved Luca after she collapsed, and that he failed yet again to tell Luca the truth. This guy made quite sure that he did not hide anything from Hina.

Hina gave him yet another warning. She was always of the opinion that Hayate had to tell Luca the truth sooner rather than later. If Hayate kept on building up friendship with Luca as a girl, he might find it more and more difficult to tell her the truth, as the betrayal would become more and more serious.

Why were you SMILING, Hayate...?

In principle, Hayate agreed with her. Yet, as he had a very heavy workload, he did not even have the chance to tell Luca the truth. “Just how heavy was Hayate’s workload?” you might ask. Very well, let’s compare Hayate’s timetable in Ch. 303 and Ch. 323.

Ch.303 Ch.323


Go to bed Wake up


Wake up Deliever breakfast box to Luca


Prepare bath for Hina Prepare bath for Hina

Serve Hina’s breakfast Serve Hina’s breakfast


Serve Chiharu’s breakfast


Serve Chiharu’s breakfast


Go to school with Nagi


Go to school with Nagi


Call Luca


Club activity with SC Rangers


Return home with Nagi


Prepare/deliver Luca’s dinner


Return home with Nagi

Part-time job


Part-time job




Serve Nagi’s dinner and dessert


Prepare food for the next day Prepare food for the next day



Take Nagi back to her room Go to bed



Go to bed Wake up

Mysteriously, both Chiharu and Nagi woke up earlier than before. On the other hand, Hayate went for part-time job a lot later – which means he worked fewer hours – than before. It isn’t really surprising, therefore, that he managed to do the extra work for Luca. What is really surprising is that he managed to have one more hour’s sleep than before!

In any case, we can see that Hayate really had a huge workload. Whether this justifies his failure to tell Luca the truth is unknown.

Why was she here? Simple: She just returned home from work!

When someone becomes too busy, it is more likely that he would make mistakes, or that accidents would happen, and the same goes to Hayate. One day, when he was delivering Luca’s breakfast in his butler uniform, he saw Luca coming back to the apartment!

“Why would Hayate make such a mistake?” you might ask. Well, to be fair, I don’t think he made any mistake. He had always been delivering breakfast for Luca in his butler uniform. It’s not that he suddenly forgot to wear girl’s uniform this particular morning. He never thought that he would meet Luca so early in the morning, to begin with.

So, without any preparation of the mind or heart, he had his secret exposed to Luca. Would Luca finally know that Hayate was a boy? Or would Luca think that Hayate was a girl who was crossdressed as a boy? Let’s look forward to the next chapter!

22 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 323

    • Come to think of it, there is still one thing to keep the truth unrevealed… What if Luca thought that Hayate (female) cross-dressed as a butler?

    • Yes. One main reason for me to approve this text Spoiler is that it is just so Hayate no Gotoku!

  1. Dreamcast! Maaaan~ I really miss playing shmups there, especially Zero Gunner 2~

    Anyway, riveting tale, chap!

  2. This comment would fit last week’s chapter better, but since the movie in coming out on august 28, the 3rd season, as i heard, would soon follow. After watching hours of subbed episodes of the series[ all of them….] i thought ill try and find an english sub, but ended up failing and finding fansubs. Im not asking to help me find an english sub, im asking is if they may dubb it when the 3rd season comes out?

    • edited” i thought ill try and find an english DUB, but ended up failing and finding FANDUBS.

    • Fandubs?O.o
      You sure? As far as I know fan only subbing. The only dubs I ever found is the karaoke. (needless, eps and subber I forgot)

    • Same here. Seldom heard of fandubbing. Maybe they will do one episode or two, but the whole series… it takes too much effort and time.

  3. Ahh Dreamcast lots of memories there despite the fact the only game I had for it was Sonic Adventure 2. Good times good times. Hayate’s finishing blow kinda resembles Sonic’s homing attack don’t you think ?

    • No, I don’t think so. I think (or feel) this is still some days before Ch. 319…

  4. Maybe Luca has had something good or influential happen to her before, considering the Dreamcast was something of the past that was influential.

  5. Hmm an average teenager requires at least 6 hours of sleep. Hayate currently gets 2 hours of sleep and before that 1 hour of sleep. I must say that barely does not count as sleep. It’s more like taking a nap and if Hayate keeps this up he’ll end up being the next person to collapse in this arc regardless of any magical buffs he’s received to his body. Of course if that happens then Maria or for that matter all the female occupants of the apartment will help manage his health as a way of thanking him for all the hard work he’s done and all the crap he’s had to face in his life.

  6. well… the king of misunderstanding being on the receiving end could be way different on the giving end so its hard to call if Luca will misunderstand Hayate’s outfit or not and Hayate (as mentioned in previous chapters) couldn’t bring himself to lie to Luca.

    it tends to get stuck on your head if you grew up with these old school consoles so no surprise there

    as for what makes a good manga? for me is: (1) if it makes you ask yourself “then what happens next?” question (like this one, really want to know how Luca will react), and (2)the characters have a good sense of balance with each other (physical/abstract)(likes/dislikes) you get the message

  7. Honestly, im happy that they’re bring back suspese for thing Manga { epic yay} but i personally do not like how the manga is progressing in days this fast. Back in the day, about two to three chapters was a single day, now it ranges fromm half a day to three days, per chapter. Don’t get me wrong, i love how the manga is progressing, still it is nice to remember the past.

    Ps; this is just an opinion, if you respect my opinion, i happy respect yours, whoever is reading this.

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