Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 317

I think Nagi would do much better in the stock market than on her doujinshi.

So, Wataru, Saki and Hayate – a.k.a. the God of Poverty – were on the way to bank the 100M yen when Armageddon knocked out Wataru. Yukiji, who happened to be passing by, grabbed the briefcase with the money, but as she returned the briefcase to Saki, Armageddon took it from them and ran away.

Armageddon looked like the smarter one.

Armageddon would, of course, go back to his master, Fumi. She thought that there was dog food in the briefcase, but as she opened the briefcase she saw the money. She was thoroughly shocked, as was torn between criticizing and praising Armageddon for bringing the money to her. In the end, though, she decided to turn the money to the police.

Sharna turned up at that moment, and said that she thought Fumi “finally did it” and stole money. Fumi defended herself by saying that it was Armageddon, but Sharna pointed out that, as Armageddon was Fumi’s dog, the pet’s fault would also be the master’s fault. This is something Nagi had said once like 3 years ago, when Shiranui was found to have stolen Izumi’s cellphone.

Hata might not be a good guy (because he treated some characters very badly…), but at least he knows he is responsible for his pet’s behaviour.

Sharna enjoyed toying Fumi.

Okay, so Fumi knew that she was at fault. She then wondered what would happen to her now that she was guilty of theft. Sharna answered that, if Fumi was ever found out by the police, she would be sentenced to death penalty. Fumi was stunned… because she believed in Sharna’s words! Seriously, Fumi was an idiot.

While Fumi was mourning at how short her life was (“And not short enough it was” – Yoda.), Armageddon grabbed the briefcase, and ran away again.

Definitely not letting go.

Meanwhile, Saki was in the park, crying. She thought that if she grabbed the briefcase properly, she would not have lost it (to a dog). Wataru tried to comfort her without success. Hayate then suggested to the two to call the police, while he would go and look for Armageddon, as he had some ideas as to his whereabouts.

It really would be hard for the police to believe that they had money stolen by a dog. In fact, I don’t think such bad luck would happen to anyone else but Hayate and Wataru. As the matter became more and more serious, Saki made a decision: If they couldn’t find the 100M yen, she would leave the video store and find a new job, in order to pay the 100M yen back!

Wataru dismissed her suggestion for several reasons. First, it was almost impossible for her to earn 100M yen on her own. Second, Wataru pawned his store for 100M yen in order to keep Saki by his side. If, in the end, Saki would leave him and work somewhere else, then we would go back to Ch. 307 again! The whole point of pawning the store would have lost. So, Wataru told Saki that he would not let the most important thing go, be it the 100M yen, or Saki.

Hayate the ninja.

Okay, Hayate said that he had an idea as to where to find Armageddon. It is almost common knowledge that dogs would eventually go back to their masters, so Hayate decided to go to Fumi.

And so he found her, running on the streets, half-crying, looking for the briefcase. Sharna didn’t really see her point, for the police would never believe that it was Armageddon who took the briefcase. Fumi replied that the point of taking the briefcase back was to clear all her fingerprints, otherwise she would remain a major suspect!

Still, she said it in her idiotic face.

This is quite interesting. For a long time we think that Fumi was someone who would do no thinking at all, but this time she showed some high-level thinking. She knew that, by putting her hands on the briefcase, her fingerprints would be all over the briefcase. She also knew that the police would use the fingerprints as evidence to prove her guilt. She also knew that the only way to “clear her name” was to wipe out all the fingerprints on the briefcase. Now, it doesn’t involve very high intelligence to come to this conclusion, but remember, this is Hibino Fumi, someone who was presumed to have no intelligence at all, we are talking about.

Think more, though, we might find that there could be something more behind Fumi’s idiotic appearance. In the quiz against Ayumu for the air tickets, she managed to draw a murder scene with the dying message of the victim as the answer to the question she was asked. Could it be that, when it comes to crimes, Fumi could actually be very, very sensitive?

Hayate appeared at their backs. He knew from Sharna (Fumi was scared to death.) that Armageddon had already left. As his first idea failed to lead him to Armageddon, he then had a second idea…

Is anyone of the opinion that, Alice would be a better master?

Yes, Armageddon went to the Violet Mansion, and showed the briefcase to a – well – sunbathing Alice. Hayate was right, Armageddon was looking for some praise. As Fumi wasn’t able to give him praise properly before she became scared of the punishment she would receive, Armageddon turned to someone else who would give him praise, and that would be Alice.

Now then, Hayate could understand a dog, but he still couldn’t understand certain girls… huh?

Ayasaki Hayate and the Empty Briefcase

Hayate called Wataru and told him to come and take the money back, but as he opened the briefcase he found that it was empty. Alice asked what he was going to do, and… well, I don’t think Hayate knew what to do.

Well, well. Hata did not invite us to make a guess like he did in Ch. 308, but surely we are going to have a guessing game here. So, who could have taken the money?

To begin with, let us recall the last time we saw the money in the briefcase. It was on P. 3, when Fumi opened the briefcase for the first time in this chapter. Seeing that she shut the briefcase on the next page, and Armageddon taking it away a short while later, she and Sharna would have no time to take the money. Unless Fumi and Sharna fooled us by secretly taking the money away while acting a two-page worth of “death penalty” gag, both of them could be taken out from the suspect list.

Wataru and Saki had been in the park, so I don’t think they had had a chance to touch the money. Hayate went from here to there throughout the chapter, so unless he managed to beat up Armageddon at some point in this chapter I think he was innocent. Alice was the last person we saw with Armageddon and the briefcase, but was there enough time for her to take the money out and hide it somewhere out of sight?

Isn't it suspicious that she did not make an appearance in this chapter?

If all of the above were right, then the logical conclusion is that everyone who appeared in this chapter was innocent, and it follows that the true offender was someone who had an alibi. But then, the list of suspect would become very long all of a sudden…

Just how many people would care about a dog which was carrying a briefcase, anyway? Given that Armageddon was an extremely huge dog, I think people would prefer staying away from it to taking something from his mouth. If they dared to take the briefcase from Armageddon, they had to know, more or less, that it was worthy taking the risk.

So, who would have the ability to know there was treasure in the briefcase? I think it had to be someone who had the ability to detect money, say Himuro or Sonia. Alternatively, they could have known that there was money by hearing this fact first-hand, and that would be Yukiji. All of them had the guts to confront Armageddon, and even if they did not want to fight him with brute force, they were cunning enough to trick him. Seeing that Himuro was (supposed to be) in America, and Sonia was (supposed to be) on Mykonos Island, the primary suspect for me is Yukiji.

What is your say? Who do you think had taken the money? Or, could it be that, nobody had taken the money? There is a poll below, please vote!

23 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 317

  1. Man, Hayate… Don’t you dare someone else’s future gone just because you are God of Poverty incarnate. Come on, Wataru absolutely didn’t deserve such a bad luck like this!

  2. Machina came to Japan looking for Athena (or something like that). He finds a huge dog wandering about and takes the briefcase from it, only to find wads of money.

    He thought nothing of it and spent it on half a million hamburgers.

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