Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 339

If she could enjoy the rain then this chapter is not needed at all...

Something very trivial: I have just bought an iPad 2! It gave me some torrid time when the errors 2003 and 9 happened to my iPad 2 in the same hour, at least now (I think…) I know how to handle iTune. I feel like half of my brain cells had been killed…

Acquiring an iPad means that now I can read the manga on the iPad and write the Review on my desktop, at the same time. Whether it would be a better experience is questionable, because… well, reading and writing on the same computer had never caused me any trouble before, but we’ll see.

Okay, let’s come back to Ch. 339.

"So what excuse should I make today?"

It was June 15, 2005, a Wednesday. There are two things about this day that seem destined. First, this day belongs to summer, a rainy season. Second, it is a school day. When these two things add together, the result is also destined: Nagi did not want to go to school.

I really have lost count on how many times Nagi did not want to go to school. If there is one true persisting theme in this series, it has to be this one. Over and over again Nagi decided that she did not want to go to school, and over and over again she gave excuses about it. If there is one true thing that serves as evidence that Nagi was a creative (or inventive) girl, it has to be this one. Apparently Maria grew tired of it, so she went shopping and left Hayate to deal with “his life in itself”.

So, for the n-th time in this series, Hayate had to solve the how-to-make-Nagi-a-bit-less-useless riddle. Being a butler – more specifically, being Nagi’s butler – is certainly the most difficult job in this world.

A recognized truth does not amount as an insult, Nagi.

The most difficult part about this riddle is that Nagi was so determined to live her way – the general consent is that it is the useless way – while absolutely refusing any criticism. She had the pride, but she used her pride to defend her way of living. When someone attempted to tell her to make a change, she would consider her pride insulted, and jump out defending both her pride and her way of living. In other words, her pride did not make her a better person. Instead, “Twice the pride, double the fall,” said Count Dooku.

Hayate tried by insulting Nagi in his monologue, but he only provoked her, not motivated her. He tried to talk to her, in the hope of finding out what was bothering her, but after a quite positive start, she concluded that what she needed was sleep. This effectively turned her serious speech into a horrible excuse – not much better than any of her previous excuses, anyway.

It means the previous page is complete crap.

We can’t be sure how much truth was in her words. What we can be sure is that Hayate gave up taking her words seriously as soon as she suggested she needed sleep. But then, I believe that she really had a bad shock at the Comisun, and that she was serious about staying away from manga for some time. For the readers, it would mean the second half of the Mangaka saga would not start very soon.

For now, Nagi said she needed sleep, and Hayate realized that something was wrong. Nagi came up again and again with new excuses of not going to school, and it was because she did not have the motivation to go to school. If this key problem could not be solved, Nagi would come up with more and more new excuses of not going to school, and there was no way Hayate could keep up tackling her excuses. To solve the key problem, Hayate would have to infuse some motivation into Nagi’s heart.

Why do I have the feeling that I should never trust her when she talks so seriously?

And there came Isumi, who did not go to school because she did not know where the school was. It is natural to think that, as Nagi’s childhood friend, Isumi could offer some wisdom into handling Nagi – even to the person who claimed that Nagi was his life in itself. According to Isumi, Nagi was easily influenced by a lot of things, including wise sayings. Hayate would be able to motivate Nagi if he made himself sound wise.

Hayate tried on a “wise saying” which was actually a very old saying, telling people not to be lazy. For a split second it seemed to have worked, because Nagi made a jump in her bed. However, it did not last long, and Nagi sank into her bed again. The conclusion for Hayate and Isumi was that it actually worked. It was just that Hayate used a saying which was too weak.

BEEP BEEP! Wrong words!

So, Hayate began looking for other wise sayings which could work. His second attempt was to say that, unlike the truly hopeless people, Nagi could achieve something if she worked hard. However, he did not choose his words wisely, and his attempt backfired: Nagi fiercely denied that she was “hopeless”, but kept behaving like a hopeless person – she even said, word by word, that she would “waste the whole day instead of going to school”.

Things were going out of Hayate’s control, and when Maria returned home, Hayate looked for her help. Now, it was Maria’s turn to try to motivate Nagi.

You might wonder why she had the cash with her.

Maria’s way was simple. She gave Nagi 24,262 yen, each yen represented a day left in Nagi’s life on the assumption that she would have 80 years of life. Rough calculation tells us that 24,262 days equal 67 years. Given that Nagi was 13 going on 14, she indeed would have 67 years left, if we assume she would live up to 80.

Maria told Nagi that she was free to use her money (and her days) in any way she liked, but she would have no more. However, while the amount of money would remain the same if Nagi did not use it at all, her days would keep on reducing, day by day, until she meet her final fate.

Nagi understood. She only had 24,262 days in her life. Everyday was so precious that she could waste none of them lazing around. She got her motivation, and headed off to school with Hayate.

"... than messing around with your butler".

Life is short – just look at Steve Jobs. Many people could not achieve big things in their lives even if they were hard-working all the way. So, if Nagi, who absolutely refused to live an ordinary life, wanted to achieve something big, how could she waste any more days lazing around?

There are many wise sayings. A lot of authors make money just by putting some of the wise sayings together and publish them. Some sayings work for you, while some would not. For Nagi, it seems that the sayings which are practical and numbered would influence her most, and she clearly got the message from Maria in this chapter. Yet, Nagi had proven to us in the previous Comisun saga that she was a damn slow learner, who frequently forgot things she learnt. Would she remember what she had learnt in this chapter? Well, we’ll see…

9 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 339

  1. So not even the thought of wasting her entire youth and so on would motivate her to go to school. Instead she came to the conclusion that Hayate should go to school. Such a twisted common sense. No wonder nobody liked her doujinshi.

    • Ah, my bad. It should have been “Nagi urged Hayate to go to school with her”. In fact, Nagi’s last line in this chapter should be “Let’s go, Hayate!” so I think she was going to school herself.

      It seems that, in order to lecture Nagi, you have to make parables of money.

    • Ah, that makes more sense.

      Hmm, I admit Maria did a good job of convincing Nagi to go to school. Question is, couldn’t she have done that from back when Nagi was still living in her previous mansion? Answer: Only if Hayate goes to school with her.

  2. An attempt to answer Maria’s question, “There is simply too little of it in the first place. Even with all of it together you cannot obtain much with it. So if you want to obtain something larger and more valuable…..what should you do?”

    Answer: Investing (Sharing your life with another)? That’s all I got.

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