Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 342

... You mean Nagi using Hayate as a tool to achieve her goal?

This is the 7th Anniversary of the Hayate no Gotoku! manga.

It really has been a long time, long enough for the Nagis to grow up into Sakis. Sometimes we wish this series would never end, but if this series keeps going on, someday we would still be reading this manga when we all become Mikados, so…

As I have only started reading this manga since November 2009, and blogging since April 2010, I don’t really feel like it has been that long for me. Times like these just make me hate the fact that I am this new to the Hayate no Gotoku! world.

Okay, let’s come back to Ch. 342. Perhaps surprisingly, or perhaps not, Ch. 342 is not specially devoted to the 7th Anniversary celebration. Rather, it is just another chapter in line with the main plot. As for the celebration, you have Ruka’s doujinshi, and Nagi’s doujinshi here.

Nagi's work is Hata's work. Nagi is Hata.

Indeed, Hata has long promised Nagi that her manga/doujinshi would be published on special occasions, like the hundred-chapters or the anniversaries. Obviously Hata doesn’t always keep his promise (The most recent example being Ch. 300.), but this time he keeps it. We could therefore have a read on Nagi’s most recent attempt on making a doujinshi.

From previous publications of Nagi’s works, it looks as if Nagi had been working on three projects: the magical girl (?) Britney adventure, the cop/detective story, and a Hayate-Maria love tragedy. She tried to sell her cop/detective in the June 12 Comisun, and now she was working on the love tragedy again. If someone keeps switching from project to project this frequently, it is hard to focus on improving any of the project. So, in order to make real progress, maybe Nagi should decide on one of her projects, and work only on it.

That said, Nagi did make some improvements. The artwork looks much better than her detective story, and the plot remained sane until the fourth page. As for the plot-twist on page four… well, personally I don’t find it that bad, but obviously it is not acceptable for everyone. Not for Hayate, in any case.

Decided in less than one second.

Again, Hayate was reluctant to criticize Nagi’s work, but he could not bring himself to praise her either. What he managed to say was that the level was a bit too high for him. Such an advice was way too vague, and Nagi could neither accept nor appreciate it.

As Hayate could not give valuable advices to Nagi, he then moved on to suggest someone who could. His first option was Hina, a very reasonable choice. After all, he witnessed how Hina made Ruka’s Comisun campaign a huge success, and he was confident that Hina could and would make a “High Spec Adviser” again, this time for Nagi.

However, Nagi absolutely refused to let Hina help her, for the reason that she couldn’t stand a manga amateur like Hina talking about manga. This sounds a bit strange actually, for Nagi listened to Ayumu, so why couldn’t she listen to Hina, while both girls were manga amateurs (For the argument’s sake, let’s ignore the fact that Hina had begun learning about manga.) ?

In any case, it means that Nagi-Hina co-operation will (again) be impossible in the second part of the Mangaka saga – unless, of course, there is a miracle.

A sample of the postcard that comes with Vol. 30 sold at Comic Toranoana.

Nagi suggested that she would have to draw a masterpiece in two months, but obviously she did not know how. Without an idea and without an adviser, Nagi headed for Comic Toranoana in Akihabara to do her researches. For your information, it is one of the three stores (the other two being Animate and Gamers) which would offer postcards drawn by Hata himself with the new Tankobons. For further information, the “Tiger’s Den for Butlers” (執事虎の穴), which Hayate and co. went into for the Butler’s Quest, is easily a reference to Comic Toranoana, for “Tiger’s Den” (虎の穴) is exactly “Tora no Ana”.

I am not sure if you understand what I am talking about.

To Nagi, Toranoana was almost as scary as a real tiger’s den (Do tigers live in dens, by the way?), for she found out that almost every manga and doujinshi sold there was better than hers. The pressure of standing in between a lot of professionals would be too much to take for an amateur, and Nagi was no exception. Finally, she couldn’t stand it any more, and she ran away.

Nagi: "What the HELL is that?!!"

A few minutes later, Nagi was sitting alone – never mind where Hayate was – on a bench in a park. She managed to draw some of the ideas she had from Toranoana, but she wasn’t sure if her story was good enough. We can see that Nagi had lost the overconfidence in her manga, as she started to doubt if her work was good enough, instead of insisting all her works were masterpieces. For her own growth, this is a good sign.

Nagi exclaimed that she did not know what to do in order to sell a trillion copies – very much like Hina’s exclamation that she did not know what to do with Hayate, huh? Someone who was in an alien costume heard Nagi, and showed interests in her manga. Nagi was surprised, and after some hesitation, she gave her manga to the “alien”.

Sometimes Nagi does offer herself as an easy target for kidnappers...

The “alien” read Nagi’s manga, without even one word of praise or criticism. However, it is obvious that the “alien” was interested in Nagi’s manga, as it asked if there was more of the story, and was disappointed when Nagi said that she hadn’t drawn that far. Nagi appreciated its interest, and offered to tell the “alien” the rest of the story.

The “alien” was excited, and invited Nagi to go to its place, where it could listen to Nagi comfortably – you can see that it was making itself ready to enjoy Nagi’s story. It was Nagi who said that her story did not worth the trouble of visiting the “alien” at its place. But then, the “alien” showed Nagi a tent nearby, and somehow Nagi decided that she was okay visiting it.

The “alien” suggested that it would be okay for it to set up a tent in the park, as long as nobody called the police, so it would not be okay if somebody called the police. On what charge could the police arrest it? Intrusion, I think. A public park is the property of the government, after all.

Good girls skip class, top class characters get arrested.

The “alien” then took off the costume, and revealed itself to be a girl. We know that the girl’s name was Tsurugino Kayura, a new character first introduced in the movie. Many of us have not seen the movie yet, and therefore do not have a proper first impression on Kayura. Without the movie, what do we know about her?

Well, Hata suggested on his most recent BS that he intends to make Kayura a very important character. He describes her as “top class” among all characters in the series, and that she would have a pivotal role in the series. Well, we will see.

At the moment, Kayura was in trouble. She was arrested by the police, on the charge of being a suspicious person (What’s so wrong with being strange?!). Would – or rather, could – Nagi save her from this crisis? Let’s look forward to the next chapter!

16 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 342

  1. Hmm… It’s hard to admit, but I think my favorite part of the whole chapter/doujin back to back release was… Luca’s doujinshi. It was hilarious. Plus the Fly Dolphin logo just made it even better.

  2. So Nagi made another doujinshi which also involved a HayatexMaria or should I say De GaullexCecilia moment. Seriously, who would be dumb enough to leave their fiance with their twin brother? When Igor came back my reaction was “Oh, Igor your ba……-flips the page- (In Japanese) TE, DARE KOREEEEEEEEE!!!!! (WHO THE HELL IS THAAAAT!!!). Still, Nagi’s doujinshi is showing some improvement since there wasn’t a twist ending with Isumi’s drawing.

    Kayura being arrested was most likely a joke. I guess she set camp there because she wanted to be closer to Akihabara and her outfit was because her fear of crowds was worse than Nagi.

  3. info update: the new group is out, since their extra-early raw source has been caught (no surprise though)…

  4. Kayura a “top class” character? As in Athena “top class”?

    Lately, the manga is coming close to becoming surprisingly similar to Bakuman in some ways. I wouldn’t be surprised if they parodied Bakuman sometime during the second half of the Mangaka saga. At the end of the chapter with the police officer makes me begin to think that the adults in Hayate no Gotoku are all idiots…..then again so is most of the adults in other Shonen manga (Youth Power FTW). As for Nagi’s manga, I have to say it was so far her best. I actually thought that Ikusa would be Igor but that wouldn’t make sense.

    • I don’t know how “top class” Kayura would be, or if Hata’s definition of “top class” is the same as mine at all. Anyway, let’s see…

      Ikusa being Igor… well, he wasn’t Hayate’s twin brother. 😛

    • >top class

      Do not trust Hata.
      If he says “top class character”, it means, that Kayura-related gags won’t be retarded. Probably. Because of the current pale story state, of course. Because what can such a definition(t”op class character”) mean in context of current point of the story? Another buffoon, but since she’s top-class, probably funny buffoon.

      Oh, I was close to droppin’ HnG so many times, but I still hope for something. Heh.

    • Currently there are almost no Hinagiku, lol. She’s more like supporting character for Luka now… and what’s worse, Athena is not really around. Even Alice barely participates in story.
      But yeah, you are right. When they ARE there are no reason to drop. Problem is, now they aren’t and Hata creates new spotlight-taking heroines, so…

    • I think it is just not the time for Athena to shine again yet. She will definitely be back, in no longer than 2 months in the story, so I think you simply have to be patient.

      As for Hina, she shone enough in the Comisun arc. The thing is, if Hata and Nagi are both that reluctant to let Hina help her, then Hina’s role couldn’t get any bigger in the Mangaka saga.

      And ONLY in the Mangaka saga.

    • Which lasts already long enough. Nooooo, it’s way TOO LONG. And yeah, she couldn’t get any bigger roles, sure, but we had MANY just-for-moe chapters, and I’d rather prefer them to be Hina-centered. Yeah, there were moments, yet good-ol’ “night in coffeeshop” much better and funnier than “massage dilemma”.

      And now, Kayura. She’ll steal another 10 chapters…for starters.
      Okay, patience and…patience.

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