Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 343

So what had Kayura's costume tell us?

At the end of the last chapter, Kayura had been arrested by the police, on the charge of suspiciously wandering around. It certainly wasn’t a happy ending to her official maiden appearance in the manga.

Nagi did not agree with the police action, so she protested to the officer. The officer explained his action, and asked if Nagi had anything to do with Kayura. The thing is, if Nagi answered “yes”, then the officer would have to arrest Nagi as well, for being Kayura’s accomplice. I know this is a common practice for the police, but sometimes I think that their “common practice” might be going too far…

Social Rule No. 1: The police is always bigger than you.

Obviously, Nagi did not want to be arrested (Who wants?), but she was touched by the officer’s suggestion that she was friends with Kayura. Indeed, Kayura showed interests in Nagi’s manga, and she was eagerly awaiting the rest of the story. She was a precious reader to Nagi, someone other than Isumi whom Nagi could discuss her manga with. If it was up to Nagi, she would want Kayura to be her friend.

So, Nagi stood up and declared to the officer that Kayura was her friend. She further claimed that Kayura was currently staying at her apartment, and hence Kayura was not a homeless person wandering on the streets. It is up to you to decide whether Nagi was wrong telling lies to a police officer, in order to save a girl she did not really know from an arrest.

Of course, no police officer would be stupid enough to simply take Nagi’s words and let Kayura go. Instead, he was ready to arrest Nagi as well. As he pulled out another pair of handcuffs (I really doubt if an officer would carry more than one pair of handcuffs with him while patrolling.), Nagi knew that trouble was coming for her…

Let us not forget that Hayate was a borderline criminal.

Just then, Hayate arrived and took over the trouble. But then, Hayate was also under 18, so his legal position was also a minor, and it would mean he had no legal advantage over Nagi, despite 3 years older than her. So, how could Hayate handle the situation better than Nagi?

Well, despite also being a minor, Hayate was 3 years older than Nagi after all. More importantly, Hayate had such a miserable childhood that, he actually had been a homeless himself. He already knew from his own experience how to handle officers who attempted to arrest him for being a homeless.

His strategy was to repeatedly tell the officer to “calm down”. Whatever the officer asked him, he would only answer with “calm down”. This would effectively wear down the officer, and hopefully he would give up arresting kids who were clearing fooling him around and wasting his time. Of course, if they met a more persisting officer, or if Hayate and co. were more dangerous criminals, the results might be different, but at least Hayate’s strategy worked this time.

Nagi said no to Yozora, so she was kicked out. Nagi said yes to Kayura, so she was a tenant.

Kayura was saved this time, but if she remained a homeless, troubles would surely come back to her someday. So, Nagi picked her from the streets, and made her a tenant of the Violet Mansion. Now, being home to two homeless people (Chiharu and Kayura) and one parent-less little girl (Alice), the apartment looked more and more like a charity house…

Maria didn’t look like ready to take a new tenant, and she managed to ask about Kayura’s parents. Kayura did not answer the question, but simply said that she could live anywhere. She intended to prove this by setting up her tent in the yard of the Violet Mansion, even though there were still rooms in the apartment.

You might think this is already a lot of manga...

Nagi found that Kayura was absolutely amazing, as Kayura did not take the air-conditioned room in the apartment, and chose to stand the high temperature in the summer inside a tent. However, Nagi’s praise was a little too quick. Upon hearing the words “air-conditioned room”, Kayura suddenly decided that she did not want to live in her tent anymore. Heat in the summer is quite unbearable, after all…

So we could see Kayura stocking books on her bookshelf in her room. She already brought many manga books with her, but then a delivery arrived with many more. So, Kayura would have a HELL lot of manga books stocked in her room. According to Kayura, this is exactly the reason why she had lived on the streets in Akihabara – to gain access to manga and other stuff easily.

... but in her head there is much more.

Do note that her collection costs a fortune. It means that either Kayura and her family was very rich, or that they sacrificed their living expenses so to buy manga. On the evidence, the latter is more likely the case…

Speaking of family, it was revealed that Kayura was named after the heroine of Ronin Warriors (a.k.a. Yoroiden Samurai Troopers), as both of her parents were big fan of the anime. It was further revealed that Kayura came to like manga so much because of her parents. In her 13 years of life, she had already read 100,000 manga – somehow I doubt whether there are so many manga for her to read in the first place. Very often parents complain that their children refuse to follow their footsteps, and they must envy the achievement of Kayura’s parents… or do they?

In any case, Kayura proved herself to be an “elite otaku” – I am still uncertain if it is something to be proud of. But then, she had never heard of anyone who wanted to make a manga which would sell a trillion copies. In other words, Nagi’s ambition was something Kayura had never seen before. She wanted to see what kind of manga Nagi would make to sell a trillion copies.

In this book Maria did have a lot of careless moments.

Nagi was ashamed of herself. She said that she wanted to sell a trillion copies, but her most recent doujinshi did not even sell 10 – I think she got her math wrong here, since the “doujinshi + photo book” package sold at least 30. She was nowhere near her dream. She was only talking, and dreaming.

Yet, Nagi was serious about her dream, and she was working towards it. It was just that her truly wonderful ideas were not able to get through to the others. Her readers either cannot understand her (Hayate, Maria, Chiharu, Sakuya… etc.), thought her manga was rubbish (the customers at Comisun), or completely missed the point (Ayumu, and arguably Isumi). She began to realize that nobody really understood her manga, no matter how she drew it.

Hayate was rejected by a girl!

This is why she valued Kayura’s appreciation so much. Kayura was seemingly the only person who could understand her manga in a sane manner. She did not throw in even crazier ideas like Isumi did, but read and discussed Nagi’s manga in a natural and “normal” way – the way most people would treat professional manga. Through Kayura, Nagi saw that her manga could be understood by sane people after all, and that was great encouragement to her.

Hayate thought of something more. Kayura had read over 100,000 manga, so she would have deep understanding and profound insight into manga. This would make her a great adviser for Nagi, who needed “excellent advises” to guide her in the right direction. So he asked.  To his surprise, Kayura said “no”.

We are left to guess why she said so, and there are quite a few possibilities. She might have personal reasons that did not allow her to advise Nagi, or that she did not know manga as deeply as Hayate thought, or that she thought Nagi’s manga was already good enough that advices were not needed. So, which would be the case? Let’s look forward to the next chapter!

15 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 343

    • Come to think of it, fanservice is a good way to keep the popularity of a character when she is not (yet) important in the current plot.

  1. An “Otaku Elite”? I wonder if that’s a title to be proud of?

    How convenient it is that Kayura happens to be a Maid Maniac. She would make good friends with Wataru.

    • Whether you like the title of “Otaku Elite” depends on whether you like being addressed as an Otaku. If you are proud of being called an Otaku, then you would like the title of “Otaku Elite”.

  2. Well, at least the story seems to progress some. Still – a maid manga? Sounds like trillion-sales material. >_<

    *patiently waits for the arc to end*

  3. I believe that the reason she refuses to be the advisor is because she went to the Comisun (was that what it was called?) and she read both Nagi’s and Ruka’s manga….and was a supporter of Ruka’s manga.

    • I think she refuse to be nagi’s adviser because she look forward for the continuation of nagi’s manga. And being her adviser means… You know, spoilers!XD she hate spoilers 😛

    • Or simply, as Kayura wanted to witness the birth of a best-selling manga, it loses the point if she contributed to it, as the surprise element would be gone.

  4. Kayura is rich, the fact she attends hakuo is the proof.
    Now I was wondering, other than chiharu, did the other tenants pay the rent?
    Basically except for chiharu, the rest is living at the apartment because they were asked to by nagi/hayate.

    • I have the same question, but it is never answered. This is why I said “the apartment looked more and more like a charity house…” XD

      Well, at least Alice demanded to move in, so it would be natural to charge her the rent. The question is, who is to pay for Alice…?

  5. My previous comment “ An “Otaku Elite”? I wonder if that’s a title to be proud of?”. Paragraph 15 of Hayate Report “Kayura proved herself to be an “elite otaku” – I am still uncertain if it is something to be proud of.”. What the hell….. Nah, I actually feel honored, LOL.

    Why do I get the feeling that Kayura is, once again, another child abandoned by her parents? I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case since child abandonment seems to be the recurring theme in this manga considering the incredible stupidity of the adults in the manga like the police officer.

    “Let us not forget that Hayate was a borderline criminal.”. More like smooth criminal if you catch my drift.

    • Whether you like that status is something very personal, so don’t pay too much attention to my comment. 😉

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