Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 334

It is so hard to live under the spotlight.

It is the 67th chapter since Ch. 268, and finally we reach June 12, the day in the FlashForward.

Over the past year, Hata has done much work setting up everything for this day:

  • Hata introduced Ruka, a completely new character to the series. Set as a friend to Chiharu, Hata allowed Ruka to build up relationships with several characters while feeding us her back story from time to time. We might think differently about her, but we have to agree that yet another lively character is born.
  • Hata gave a new challenge to Nagi, his main heroine, by inviting her to join the June 12 Comisun, thus giving new meanings and purposes to her already very big ambition.
  • Hata set up a “conflict of manga theories” between Nagi’s side and Ruka’s side. The two girls now represent two different ideologies: Nagi concentrated on marketing and the number of sales, while Ruka focused on improving the quality – or at least readability – of her manga.

But it already is the n-th time we see this building.

Slowly it might be, but Hata really has been working all the way to this promised day, and now we catch up with the day of the FlashForward. The past now connects with the present, and we head towards the future.

As suggested since the first day of it, the poll at my blog comes to an end, now the story has reached June 12, 2005. There is a total of 290 votes, 80 go to Nagi’s side, 202 go to Ruka’s side, and 8 go to Maizumi. In other words, the majority of you support Ruka. Thank you for voting!

"This is embarrassing!"

On June 12, Nagi had her 1000 offset books ready. As she suggested in the last chapter, it wouldn’t just be her doujinshi, but also a Maria photo book. How Nagi managed to take these photos without Maria noticing is a mystery, but what was done was done, and there was nothing Maria could do to stop selling these books – or at least to stop herself from being exposed to the public. Thanks to Nagi’s websites, over 1 million people must have known Maria.

Seeing 1000 offset books, Nagi was in awe of how many they were. With her own eyes, she could see that “1000” doesn’t only mean a one followed by 3 zeros. It is hard enough for Nagi to sell all 1000 books, and let’s not forget that she had another competition…

I love this panel so much!

If we are talking about her competition with Maizumi, then she had forgotten it already. It should have been obvious, since Nagi originally planned to print 50 offset books, only half the number she agreed to compete with Maizumi. If she went with her original plan, then the competition could not take place at all – unless, for some reason, Maizumi agreed to change the rules.

Fortunately, Maizumi turned out to be even worse than Nagi, since he did not even get his book out in time. We might laugh at him, but such things happen all the time. Doughnut Gunso always doesn’t get the Chapter Reviews out in time, so…

One confused, one pissed off. Nobody knew what's going on.

In any case, as he challenged Nagi to a competition but failed to put up his fight, Maizumi embarrassed himself. He must have expected himself to be teased mercilessly by Chiharu and Nagi, and it might be why he put up that drama. It was a diversion to draw Nagi and Chiharu’s attention away from the competition.

Personally I do not have anything to say on his drama, but his confession that he failed to make his new book in time makes me laugh. Boy, I am beginning to like him.

Ruka's side assembled!

Maizumi was gone, and Nagi could face her real rival – Ruka. Where exactly did the rivalry lie? It might be Nagi’s desire to be as special as – or even more special than – Ruka. Nagi had always viewed Ruka as a girl very close to God, and if she could be on par with – or better than – Ruka, she could raise herself to the same level as – or a level above – her. To some people, an idol is a target for them to surpass, and it certainly was the case for Nagi.

Ruka herself arrived at Comisun in a Kyuubey costume, accompanied by Hayate and Hina, looking very unsure. Nobody questioned why Hina was there, so it might be safe to assume that Hayate had told Nagi and Chiharu about Hina’s involvement in Ruka’s manga.

Finally, Comisun began, and both Nagi and Hina said that their theory would hold true. Sometimes, you could just see that they were very, very similar. It was just that their opinion on what makes a good manga differ. In other words, this Comisun could also be seen as a clash of manga ideologies between Nagi and Hina.

It was all about Maria.

Nagi’s circle made a very strong start. Her marketing was definitely working, and with Maria herself as the salesgirl, the circle attracted many customers – many of them Chiharu didn’t expect to turn up this early. A “doujinshi + photo book” set was sold at 500 yen, so if Nagi managed to sell all 1000 copies, she would have earned 500,000 yen, and thus make a handsome 290,000 yen profit.

People rushed in, and purposely looked for Maria. It was clear that the customers came only for Maria and her photo book, and it didn’t really matter if Nagi’s manga was there or not. If Nagi had wanted to sell Maria’s photo book, she did not have to draw her manga at all.

Also note that Ayumu, a recognized member of Nagi’s circle, did not turn up. Maybe she would later, for a specific purpose…

Friendship on her left hand, support on her right hand.

Ruka watched as Nagi’s manga sold, and became more and more worried. Unlike Nagi, her methodology of drawing and her marketing strategy (if existed) were not her own idea. She did what Hina had told her, and you can’t blame her for thinking that it might not work at all. Hina, on the other hand, remained calm and confident, and helped Ruka with inviting customers to read.

As she talked to their first customer, Hina took Ruka’s hand. This is an act not only surprised Ruka, but also me. Girls who are very close friends often take each other’s hands, so Hina showed friendship and support to Ruka with such a move. Besides, a teenage girl holding hands with a mascot looks very cute, and it certainly is very pleasant sight. I love this moment very, very much.

Also note that Hayate, a recognized member of Ruka’s circle, had disappeared since the start of Comisun, and only Hina was left to help Ruka.

Why would a Comisun make her look so dark?

Nagi also had disappeared from her counter, but at least we know that she was sitting behind it. She could hear that a lot of people came at her counter, and she was delighted that her manga was selling. The thing is that she quite missed the point: People came asking for the photo book set. The thing which really was selling was the side-product, not the main one.

As customers asked whether they could buy the photo book set only, Nagi suddenly felt that something went wrong. The thing she wanted to sell was her manga, but people did not care about it at all. She was clearly unhappy with it, but she kept telling herself that, as long as it was selling it would be fine, no matter what actually was on sale. You could see that it is the thought of a businessperson instead of a mangaka. Surely, a mangaka would make selling the manga as his or her top priority. The businessperson-mangaka conflict in her mind became her identity crisis: What did she want to become? What did she want to do in this Comisun?

When he smiles, he says stupid things.

Just then, Hayate arrived, and he looked as if he had nothing to do. In fact, he had nothing to do, as Ruka’s doujinshi had already sold out, so their circle could be dismissed. In the last chapter Hina was shown to be planning for something once Ruka achieved her sell out, but if they could dismiss their circle, could that mean that Hina’s plan wasn’t about Ruka? Or had she already taken Ruka to do whatever she wanted to do?

As Hayate told Nagi that Ruka had already sold out, Nagi was “shaken violently”, and we could only wonder why. After all, it was only 30 copies, a much easier goal to achieve than Nagi’s. By then, Nagi should have already sold over 30 copies, so numerically she had already won. If so, why was she shaking so violently?

"So fast, so easily?"

Perhaps, it was the way Ruka achieved her sell out. It was done so quietly, so low-profile, yet very quickly and easily. It didn’t look as if she had to put any effort at all: No big spending, no large-scale marketing campaign, no side-product, but only 30 copy-bons. A special person is someone who makes hard tasks look easy, and maybe it came to Nagi’s mind once again that Ruka was special, and she was ordinary.

Anyway, we are likely to know what Nagi was thinking as she heard Ruka had sold out. How would Nagi do with her own doujinshi? Would she be able to sell out? People came for the photo book rather than Nagi’s manga, but what would be their feedback on the manga? Let’s look forward to answers in the coming chapters!

37 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 334

    • Actually I still doubt if such a mere defeat to Ruka would cause Nagi to react that way… Perhaps something more serious triggered that scene.

    • Agreed. Even if Hata does not want to give Hina the victory, at least he has to show her some respect. After all, in the most recent Character Poll, she alone has more votes than the Sanzen’in trio put together.

  1. There would be an epic Hina battle scene with the Shirosakura

    I really like the sound of this. Glad to know that manglobe didn’t skip on flexing some of their sakuga muscle on this movie (I would laugh if Hina’s battle was better looking than any of the Negima battles had it not been so sad that Shaft continues to screw up :/)

    There would be something about Kaoru, Yukiji and a magical stone.

    That … sounds kinda important …

    The green-head ghost could be Hayate’s grand-mother, and for some reason Hayate had to get rid of her…

    Hmm …

    Since Hayate’s parents are nothing but blocks of gray mush, we can speculate that the reason why he has blue hair is due to recessive (anime) genes, and thanks to the anime hair colour theory, we can say with a degree of certainty that Hayate’s grandfather had red hair, because insane logic.

    There would be a lot of flirting between Hayate and Nagi, and some say that this movie indicates “Nagi’s complete victory (over the “harem”)”

    That’s nice to know, but I find it hard to believe that Hayate is actually flirting with anyone in the first place ._.

    BTW, who turned out to be the VA for Ruka?

    • Knowing Hayate, he might be flirting without really knowing, but some say it is quite romantic in nature, so… it is what it is.

      The VA of Ruka is Yamasaki Haruka, a pretty unfamiliar name to me.

  2. Well, good. The heart of the manga and anime is the relationship between Nagi and Hayate, and Hata is smart enough to know it. That’s what makes Hayate different from all the other harem manga, which are mostly obnoxious as hell (I lost interest in Negima after he got about 1000 probationary contract partners. Too many ditzy girls with the hots for a 10 year old. GAHHH!!!)

    A lot of girls like Hina because they project themselves onto her – pretty, smart, capable, popular etc. blah blah blah BORING. Nagi’s got personality and guts. That’s the kind of girl I admire. Plus, unlike Hina, she’s funny.

    Hope the movie will become available somehow to us Yanks. I def want to see it.

    • Well, Hata suggested that Hina is a “grown-up Nagi”, and through Hayate and Ayumu we know that Nagi and Hina share some personality traits, so if you like Nagi’s personality and guts then you shouldn’t hate Hina that much.

      If you think that Hina is merely a Mary Sue then you are hugely misunderstanding – and underestimating – Hina, but I guess you won’t care at all. Well, if you don’t care at all, it might actually be better for us all.

      Just concentrate on loving Nagi and leave Hina alone, you don’t have to express your love for Nagi by criticizing Hina. A lot of your fellow Nagi fans do so, though, and I don’t think that you are giving the others a very good impression.

      I just don’t want to hold anything against Nagi because of her fans.

    • (I’ve dropped Negima just…five minutes ago, after reading 335. Instant /resurrectall was too much for me.)

      Now, about Hina. She is more like PARODY Sue(there are a huge TvTropes article on the archetype, why won’t you read it?), and her perfectness is played rather for comic relief, than for the plot purposes. Her traits that actually important for the story are not so deliberately “Sue”-ish.

      And then, guys, what about this fuss around movie? It’s more likely non-canon, so why MANGA followers should actually care for the ups and downs?

      Besides, Hayate x Nagi relations are not the main point of manga. You may like them, but they still are not the point.

      There are other girls. At least two of them are FAR ahead of Nagi, in terms of character development . Even more-they are closer to Hayate…Those cute and touching Nagi moments(nutcracker, for example) are cute and touching, okay, but they are kind of shallow. Does Nagi know anything about REAL Hayate? No. Does she want to know? It seems, no. She cares about his well-being, okay, but that’s all.

      (And after all, she still may be his daughter. Implied by some crazy, but well-fitting theory about Stone owners. Not so crazy, after you check Wataru’s mother memories one more time.)

    • I read that Parody Sue page and, to be honest, I couldn’t get a clue out of it, so I gave up. Thanks for explaining in simpler terms.

      The man who married Yukariko in Mikoto’s memory was NOT Hayate, said Hata. It could be Ikusa, though…

    • Even so, there is room for a theory:)

      Simpliest explanation:Hata lies.
      A bit more complicated:Hayate is the same that Alice, youger and brainwashed version of actual himself.

      Not likely, but still possible. Maybe, we won’t ever learn truth, since Hata can keep story going forever. Heh.

    • Hina is definitely not a “Mary Sue” as she does posess flaws which are “fear of height”, “problem in stating her feelings to Hayate” etc. She is just someone who has found good methods to achive a little more skills than normal. People like that are not rare

  3. You know what I find funny? In one of the episodes of the first season of the anime (though it was filler and Nagi was in a hypnotic trance) Nagi got into a challenge where Nagi would sell her doujinshi and try to earn more money than the butler cafe run by the SC Rangers. However, she lost interest when she realizes that people only bought her doujinshi as a result of heavy advertising, cute sales girls and prizes instead of how good her doujinshi is. In the Mangaka saga (haven’t said “saga” since DBZ) Nagi completely gave up on focusing on the quality of her manga and decided to focus on the quantity. I get the feeling that Maizumi guy will end up berating Nagi at how bad her doujinshi is and that he couldn’t care how much she sold since he knows for a fact that his manga was better. Then he saw Luca’s manga and got pwned….big time.

    • In that anime arc Nagi was possessed for Kuzuha’s personal gain, and the arc turned out to be “Saving Nagi” instead of “Learning Manga”. In terms of Nagi’s growth as a mangaka, that arc did almost nothing…

  4. “Nagi flirting with Hayate” – oh lord. Just what I wanted to hear/see. Hata, no matter how stubbornly you try, you’re sailing a sunk ship.

    • Simply put, it’s author’s favouritism. You can’t fault him, but the irony is that while Hata keeps asking for popularity, in the story he seems to suggest that he doesn’t care about it at all. “Who cares who’s most popular? I do what I want!”

      Well, so be it.

  5. I remember in a previous chapter where Nagi has a dream about everyone, especially Hayate, congratulating Nagi on her doujinshi until in the dream Hayate tells her that her doujinshi is trash and so is she. I can’t help but feel that her doujinshi will literally become trash since the spoilers state that people only cared about the Maria photo album. Who knows, Nagi might see, to her shock, that her doujinshis were found in trash cans.

    • It depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a ship other than Hayate-Nagi, then yea, maybe you are looking at the wrong place.

      I will still look forward to the battle scenes, though. They say these scenes are good…

  6. Yay Luca! Congratulations on selling out!! *clapclapclap* ^.^

    But the saddened part is that Hayate has to leave Hina’s side. That’s the true sad point. ='(
    Well, hopefully they grew close during this event… I hope Fly Dolphin splashes higher than…urgh, nevermind..bad metaphor…or is it a simile…always getting those two confused..

    Well, I have to say that hearing about this who HxN flirting thing, it absolutely grosses me out. I mean, I love HxH, but there’s more logical girls for Hayate to be with, HayatexLuca, HayatexIzumi, HayatexAyumu, HayatexAthena (though it makes me shudder) , hell…Even HayatexMaria has more canon than HxN…urgh…oh well. I’ll probably still watch it..

    • Well, if Hina’s job with Ruka was done, she might leave Ruka to work on her own as well, although this development would make the Hayate-Hina-Ruka similarity goes to waste…

      In the last chapter Hina looked as if she was planning for something. Maybe that has something to do with Nagi…

  7. Well, to be honest, I’m a huge Hayate x Nagi fan, so I am so anxious to watch this movie, and I hope it does very well in Japan! I know i might get flamed, but seeing how this movie is all about Hayate and Nagi “flirting” just kinda made me smile. I’m not hating any other characters, though. I love them, too. 🙂

  8. About the movie, when reading the feedback which talks about Hayate having to get rid of his ghost grandmother (Lets admit it, Hayate has a lousy family and his brother is just too suspicious) I realized that all the threatening and dangerous events that occur in the series have something to do with ancient magic. For example, King Midas and Athena who are the Greek-type magic along with Isumi and the evil ghosts she defeats who are Japanese-type magic. Then there’s Mikado (the so far legitimate recurring villain of the series) who tries to harness the mysterious powers of the Midas stones (If it turns out that there are seven of them and it needs to be gathered together I would be disappointed with Hata for doing something so cliched). I’m not sure what made Hata go with this idea of using magic as the recurring threat but there doesn’t seem to be anything else appropriate for the series. If it tried using things like a powerful Yakuza Boss skilled with a sword as a villain then the series would be too dark and if it tried to use Powerful rogue android created by Makimura then the series can’t be taken seriously. The use of magic also makes certain story elements complex…..surprisingly. I never really expected the series to take this direction but it appears to be the only thing that works with the story. Hopefully, the story remains simple and easy to understand and doesn’t go overboard like using the Power of God to bring someone back to life because nothing will go wrong and more importantly screw the rules, I have money…..and lots of it.

    • Apparently, Mikado tried to harness Power of God EXACTLY for resurrection, so it’s still possible twist of story. Even major point, maybe.
      And cliched idea of “gathering stones together” cannot be rejected as well…especially, if you remember their second name-“Stones of Bonds”. This may be a simple naming, but… foreshadowing, hidden in seemingly unimportant details is one of Hata’s favorite tools, and it’s VERY NOTABLY that it’s not simple using of random pieces from previous chapters, but rather well weaved and planned plot. Let’s see where it will lead…

  9. So Nagi, do you still believe that “numbers are justice”? Do you think this will make you special? Is making a good manga and selling more manga the same thing? Don’t ask me, the answer is right in front of you.

    I can see why Hata said that Maizumi would be likeable. It’s not his personality but his stupidity that makes him likeable. In fact, the only reason he made his debut appearance was so that Nagi would indirectly give more confidence to Luca. The true focus has always been between Nagi and Luca.

    I thought Luca’s costume looked like Terriermon from the Digimon series but what exactly is a Kyuubey? Maria is all embarrassed about her pictures despite the fact that it looks as though she was aware that Nagi was taking her pictures. More importantly, she seemed to have subconciously or conciously posed, and a perfect pose at that, for it. I remember a previous chapter which was way long ago which involves Nagi gaining a new camera and she tried to take Maria’s picture while she was busy cleaning. When Nagi took the picture, Maria quickly made a good pose with Shiranui (the Maria picture with Shiranui in it was probably from that same chapter albeit with improved drawings) and acted as though she didn’t know her picture was taken. So basically, it’s Maria’s fault for those provocative pictures. Either the camera just loves her or she may have modelling……no SUPER-modelling powers. It’s too bad that all Hata can do for Maria now is use her good looks for humor.

  10. It can be argued that Nagi never had the aim of becoming a great mangaka in mind the moment she realised her place; she just wanted to use something she liked to provide her with income. After the period of depression, Nagi may be using this tactic to tell herself “You’re still capable of something”; she refuses to believe that she cannot make it big as a mangaka. In short, she is lying to herself to make herself feel better.

    With regards to Maizumi, I find him rather amusing. He presented himself at the right time to bring up the right challenge to motivated Nagi and Luca. He removed himself from the scenario (intentionally or unintentionally) to allow the two to fight at a level they are comfortable with. He also feels slightly tsundere-ish and I really like male tsunderes for some reason.

    Furthermore, if you read into it a little more closely, there is a possible suggested relationship between Chiharu and Maizumi/Maizumi was aware of their situation. Notice how Chiharu thinks “Did he set up that fake blood just for this?”. This suggests two possible things:
    Chiharu was aware that Maizumi was preparing fake blood. She referred to it as “that fake blood”, possibly referring to something she has once seen.
    Maizumi had planned to not publish the doujinshi. He made preparations for telling Nagi and Chiharu about the issue, as if he wanted it to work out this way.

    I’m not sure about the degree of accuracy of my analysis, so I’d love to hear some responses.

  11. even though with the movie, i can’t imagine hayate and nagi have a romantic relationship. i would prefer hayate to end up with athena or hina , or maybe harem ending but who knows.. it might be the usual just like in any manga : the protag always fall for the main heroine.. seriously i’m so sick of that..

  12. i think that nagi donsnt win “over the harem” in the movie(the movie is an EPIC ORIGINAL PRODUCTION so its out of the plot)and about why nagi was angry about ruka i think(maybe its just me i dont know if somebody through the same thing as me)well lets remember that hayate promised ruka to make a wish of her becomes truth and ruka may be so happy that she may tell him to give her a kiss of congratulations(yeah we ALL know that hayate is an idiot when it comes to girls but A PROMISE IS A PROMISE)and if nagi sees that well i think that plus the fact to have sell out because her doujinshi is good would make her angry enough to scream like in 268 well thats all i got to say

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