Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 345

Happy Birthday, Saki!

Wataru had decided to leave Hakuou at the end of May, and focus on his business. In Ch. 345 we have reached June 19, so it has been almost 3 weeks since Wataru’s grand decision. Time flies, doesn’t it?

As we could see, he was working hard on his new business, and has already come to an agreement over a new store. So, would he keep his video store? And what business would he do in his new store? Unfortunately, it is unlikely that we will have an answer before mid-August in the story, so let’s forget it for now.

He really is hopeless...

As he checked his schedule on the calendar, he came across a date which was marked: June 17. However, he could not remember what was so special about that day. He was about to ask Saki about it, but speaking of Saki… Wait, he suddenly had a feeling that it has something to do with Saki. He sensed that it was a bad idea to speak of June 17 in front of Saki, so when Saki responded to his call, he spoke of a completely different subject and sent her away. He needed to be alone, and figure out what that strange feeling was.

Just then, Hayate arrived, and answered Wataru’s question as though he read his mind – remember that Wataru never spoke out loud of “June 17”. Hayate answered with something Wataru should never have forgotten: June 17 was Saki’s birthday! In other words, two days ago, Saki had reached 21 years old!

It would be quite hard for younger readers to understand how I feel as I consider that, at the age of 21, Saki is quite young…

"Young fool... Only now, at the end, do you understand..." - Palpatine.

Anyway, Wataru now fully understood that he was in great trouble. While Hayate could remember (and know in the first place) Saki’s birthday, he could not. Of course, he did not give her a present, a cake or even a word. If he never remembered it was Saki’s birthday in the first place, how could we expect him to celebrate it in any way?

Wataru was hopeless, there is no doubt about it. He shouldn’t have forgotten something so important of a girl who was so close to her. Sakuya arrived, and told Wataru exactly how terrible he was: He had feelings for Saki, but he did not behave like so. He did not care about Saki’s birthday enough as to even remembering it, showing that he only cared about himself. Above all, he did not seem to bother making Saki happy on a day so important to her.

Sometimes it is better if you simply shut up.

It was bad enough that he did not do anything for her, but it was worse that he did something bad for her. Hayate revealed that he (alone) gave Saki a present. Instead of biscuits, he made cupcakes this time. Wataru then remembered that, when they were having the cakes, he made a joke about having Hayate make them a giant cake the next time he or Saki had a birthday. That was it, he stepped on a landmine: He was actually telling Saki that he had forgotten about her birthday. There was no excuse for him, and Saki was clearly depressed.

Wataru knew that he had done everything wrong, so he went out trying to make up for his mistakes.

Saki was on the streets, looking for a present for herself. However, she couldn’t allow herself to act so “uninhibitedly”, as she had to save money for Wataru’s business. Wataru arrived, and was clearly trying to make up for his mistakes two days ago. He was clumsy, but finally Saki understood what he was trying to do.

Saki had the heart of gold.

Saki told him that it was alright, and that although he made the serious mistake of forgetting her birthday, she appreciated his efforts once he remembered it. Yet, a small “punishment” would be unavoidable – He had to buy the skirt for Saki.

Men are always busy at work, but the whole point of working would lose if they forget the important dates of those they love. After all, we earn money through working in order to make the lives of our beloved better, don’t we?

2 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 345

  1. Another small chuckle chapter…

    In a way, I find this instructive. If you ever lift a slice-of-life comedy show to high drama, it feels “empty” when you reduce it to slice-of-life again.

  2. Hmm, this chapter reminds me of a certain line said in a certain video game.”Tell me something, why are men always so busy looking up?”, “I’m sorry?”, “They work themselves to death for that one big break, and they end up forgetting the girl by their side.”. The responding line, “Whether it’s family or the one you love, it’s tough to make anyone happy without money. Us men tend to take that responsibility seriously. That’s why we’re all desperate to claw our way up to some place stable. At least that’s my theory.”. Wataru and Saki are slowly acting like a couple now, huh.

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