Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 322

Nagi would be ambitious!

Two weeks ago I said this: “Living a double life as idol and mangaka was extremely exhausting.” Although we know that Luca was rather strong and tough, it was only a matter of time such an exhausting life finally caught up with her.

And that time arrived soon enough, and Luca collapsed. Luckily for her, Hayate was on his way back to her apartment, to tell her the truth that he was actually a boy. He found Luca collapsed at her doorstep, and sent her to the hospital.

This is certainly not House.

The doctor (A rather handsome one, on a side note.) said that Luca was overworked. He mentioned nothing about hidden disease or whatsoever, so for now, let us not assume that Luca would die in the near future.

Atsumari, Luca’s manager (or agent), admitted that she had not expected Luca to collapse. She decided to hire someone to live with Luca and manage her health. In other words, she wanted to hire a care-taker for Luca. It might be a luxury for many of us, but for someone like Luca, it is a sensible decision.

Luca woke up just in time to name the person she wanted to be her care-taker. Of course, it was Hayate.

How do you reject her?

For various reasons, Hayate was her only choice. Firstly, she had already introduced Hayate to Atsumari as her relative, and the manager already witnessed Hayate helping Luca and the crew, so she could trust Hayate a little easier than anyone else. Secondly, Hayate knew that she was drawing manga, so she knew that while any responsible care-taker would stop her from drawing manga, Hayate would not (Hayate: “Meaning that I am irresponsible?”). Thirdly, Luca had very few friends she could trust, and she thought Hayate to be trustworthy.

In the end, Luca asked Hayate to help her with begging eyes. She called him “Maid Star”, recalling what had happened when they first met. Just like back then, she had a wish for “Maid Star” to grant, and she thought she could trust him to help her. Hayate clearly understood the importance behind Luca’s words, so he decided to take the extra burden to look after her.

Hayate hated losing as well.

Atsumari, on the other hand, was not convinced. She did not know that Hayate was an excellent butler, and although she saw how handy Hayate was during the concert, she was rather reserved about his abilities. She called him “an amateur”, and he was clearly offended. After all, he was serving at a Mansion with four girls of different characters to take care of, and now Atsumari called him “an amateur”?

And so Hayate retorted. His words “I am better at looking after girls than anything else!!!” more or less contradicted with his character setting of “cannot handle girls”, but then, it is now more than 300 chapters, and half a year in the story, after the initial setting. If Katsura Hinagiku could become more feminine, then Ayasaki Hayate could become more capable of handling girls.

Atsumari still did not understand the “odd confidence” of Hayate, but then she changed her mind. There was a girl in front of her who agreed to look after Luca, without mentioning to charge any fee on Luca or her company. If things could go well, then a lot of money could be saved, for hiring a care-taking specialist would be rather expensive. We don’t really know why Atsumari became aware of moeny all of a sudden, but then she decided to leave Luca to Hayate.

So, in addition to serving 4 girls living in the Violet Mansion, Hayate became the health manager of Luca.

Maria: "What about me...?"

The first thing that comes to our mind is, of course, whether Luca would move into the Violet Mansion. Atsumari suggested clearly that she needed someone “to live with Luca”. As Hayate still had butler duties, it was not practical to ask him to move out and live with Luca. That would mean she had to move to Hayate’s place. A long, long time ago when Nagi first suggested to lease the rooms out, we all expected Luca to be one of the tenants, so would it finally come true?

The second thing is whether Hayate could finally tell Luca that he was a boy. If he decided to keep his sex a secret, and if Luca really moved in, it would mean that Hayate had to cross-dress whenever Luca was present. In Ch. 319, though, we saw Hayate in his butler uniform. It could mean only two things: either Luca did not move in, or that she moved in and Hayate told her the truth. So, which one would be the case?

The third thing is that, Hayate finally had a clear idea on how to cheer Luca on with her manga. Hina would cheer her on by trying to give her more concrete advices, and although Hayate said that they would cheer Luca on together, he did not have a specific role. By being Luca’s health manager, Hayate cheered Luca on by making her healthy for her double life. The roles and duties of Luca’s side are finally clearly defined.

Just how would these all turn out to be? It is something I am eagerly looking forward to.

It's Chiharu's turn to play.

A little while ago, Nagi’s side had moved to another topic: printing. From what Hata had suggested in this chapter, Nagi would have two choices. She could either print “copy books” with a low cost in a convenience store, or to print “offset books” at a higher cost through a print shop. Nagi was inclined to print “offset books”, possibly because of the better quality, and that there was no need to fold and stample the books on her own. There were some concern, though. Printing “offset books” costs quite a bit of money, and Nagi did not have much money to begin with. Moreover, it took time for the print shops to do the job, and there was only 2 weeks – or even less – left before the Doujinshi Showdown. Anyway, as Nagi suggested herself, she had to work hard.

It was presumed from the beginning that Nagi would make 50 copies (The “100 copies” competition with the Maizumi guy was yet again forgotten…), but suddenly Ayumu voiced out her disapproval. She thought that “50 copies” was simply too small a figure, and it was nothing compared to the “millions of copies” sold by Ashibashi-sensei…

This path leads to the top of Sunshine 60...

I don’t think Ayumu really meant it, but she provoked Nagi. She wanted to become the world’s leading mangaka, after all, and losing that much to Ashibashi-sensei would be too bitter for her to take. She then decided to print 1000 copies, and said that she had to make a manga good enough to sell 1000 copies.

If there is a lesson Nagi hadn’t learnt yet, it is to be more realistic. The June 12 Doujinshi Showdown would be her first time to sell her manga, and she couldn’t be sure whether her manga would be popular at all. Chiharu already told her that only 50% of the circles could sell 50 copies, let alone 1000. Nagi saw the difference between herself and Ashibashi-sensei, and she should be wiser than to compare herself with him again in only one week…

Now Nagi assigned herself a “Mission: Impossible”. She decided to print 1000 copies of her manga, and she would have to suffer the bad consequences if things did not turn out well for her. She made things a lot harder for herself, only because Ayumu said something – let’s face it – stupid.

Well… Chiharu, as well as you and I, are having a bad feeling about this. Nagi was walking down a path… perhaps with no way back…

29 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 322

    • Ah, I just saw it…

      Well, well… what do I do? No, I am not going to write a Review until Thursday.

  1. lol, my friend said that shibababa do a joint with RHS, so Shibababa’s release will be faster XD
    well, I guess I will take’em first, then re-dl DKT’s version :p

  2. HnG will be released by RedHawk (www.redhawkscans.com) every Sunday from now on.

    I want to say that the doctor looks pretty badass. Just sayin’.

    • Also, Hayate’s comment about making a movie about his ability to look after girls may be a foreshadow of what the movie will be about.

    • I don’t know if it is a good thing to release the whole chapter this early. It might be funny for me – someone who writes Spoilers posts – to say this, but I think such early releases are going a bit too far…

  3. hmm, just check RHS’s site, the translator is js06(the one that become [C]han’s E-translator), hmm, this might make me to change to RHS 😀
    by the way, what is the proper release date of the scanlation of this chapter(if the release of RHS is too early)? just wanna know.

    • Well, as this chapter is to be included in the Shonen Sunday which will be on sale on this Wednesday, so I think any kind of release should not be earlier than Wednesday.

  4. Although im not complaining, but it was kinda early. Besides, just saying it outloud, wouldn’t this mean the manga could potentialy be found at a faster rate by the copyright laws…. then again is there any copyright laws in Japan? Im just saying this because i dont want to see this manga permantly come off the internet. It is the best series ive seen in a while.

    • Yes, there are certainly copyright laws in Japan.

      I am of the opinion that we at least have to give Shogakukan the minimum respect of not to release the full chapter before it is on sale.

    • If it’s going to be this fast,it’ll get suspicious and the publishers are going to start an onslaught against online manga scan like what they did with onemanga

    • and we have to say goodbye to another online manga scan, okay, that will be a nightmare <_<
      anyone want to contact RHS?

  5. No, I am not going to write a Review until Thursday.

    Written by Doughnut Gunso
    June 2, 2011 at 00:00

    I bet you wrote the review at least at wednesday and then just waited for the time to become thursday before you posted it xD

    And I wonder why you didn’t mentioned the line about the movie from hayate… too obvious for you?

    • Ah, I should have used words like “post” or “release” instead of “write”. Yes, I wrote this up last night, so that I can have some game time tonight.

      I did try to write on Hayate’s line about the movie, but as I couldn’t think of anything to write other than recapping his words, I decided to skip it.

  6. I can’t decide on which team (Team Nagi vs. Team Luca) I wish to win. Anyways looking forwards to June 12…

    • Okay, I think Nagi’s team might fail due to the history of ahem.. some difficulties with manga drawing.

    • I think the main problem is that she had not yet learnt enough to overcome the difficulties, so I doubt whether her new manga would be a significant improvement.

  7. Well chapter 268 if you recall made it obvious that Luca would win(this arc lasted for 54 chapters so far but manga’s like Vagabond had longer arcs) and if that’s not enough proof just look at how Nagi’s doing so far,her resolve can’t possibly match Luca who’s resolve is clearly stronger and it’s only by losing to Luca can Nagi become a better mangaka. On another note,why did Hata bother making the doctor look handsome it’s not like he’ll appear again might as well make him look like Black Jack.

  8. We still can’t be sure what led to the Flashforward in Ch. 268. I doubt if merely losing to Luca would make Nagi reacted this badly. My guess is that something even more serious happened.

    • May be Nagi found out about Hayate being Luca’s health manager and about him “seeing her naked a bunch”

    • nagi would know hayate being Luca’s health manager before the showdown. hayate would not leave the mansion,so most likely it’s Luca moving in. or if Luca not moving in, that means hayate won’t be Luca’s health manager since he can’t be at 2 place at a time.
      i agree with gunso, it’s something more serious.
      now, even if hayate have told luca that he’s a guy, won’t he still need to crossdress while he’s with atsumari X3.

  9. What a terrible poll you posted! Making me choose sides… Wish there was that option to support both. Love Luca, yet can’t hate Nagi either haha!

    Off topic, I love your blog Doughnut and hope you’ll keep the good work. Keep it real!

    • The point of this poll is to make you guys choose only one. I am not giving you the easy option of supporting both sides! XD

      The thing, though is that loving one doesn’t really mean hating the other. It can be just that you love one side more.

      And finally, thank you! 😀

  10. I guess it’s safe to assume that mostly everyone agrees that Luca’s chances of winning is much better than Nagi’s chances and I don’t even need to ask if anyone is not going to vote for Maizumi’s side. You guys have a point by the way about there being something other than Luca winning that led to Nagi screaming.

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