Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 328

Let's get started, Nagi!

After a long, long “Hayate’s identity crisis” arc, finally we could see Nagi working on her doujinshi again!

I have already lost track of the date, but presumably it was still one or two weeks before June 12, so there was still enough time for Nagi to draw…

Wait a minutes, not quite so. Those who suggest that Nagi still had enough time to draw might have forgotten one thing: Nagi intended to print offset books, and it was 1000 copies she was talking about. Surely it takes time, and based on the working rate of the printing shops in my place, I would say it takes at least 3 days. That is to say, Nagi had to give her script to the printing house on or before June 9. Given that it was already early June in the story, Nagi could have slightly more than one week to finish her script!

The Part-Time Warrior.

This is hardly enough. Although Nagi worked really hard, she knew that she was not gonna make it. It was about time for her to look for some advice again, this time on how to speed up her work. Therefore, she went to Akiba. No, she wasn’t simply fooling around in the city. She was not only looking for games either. What she needed was some advice from the “part-time warrior”, who was working in Akiba. Of course, she was talking about Chiharu.

Let’s not ask why she couldn’t simply make a phone call, or why she couldn’t wait for Chiharu to come home…

The advice from Chiharu was pretty straightforward. All Nagi needed was to do things like the pros. The pros have assistants, so Nagi could hire herself an assistant. If you wonder what an assistant could do, please go back to Koutarou’s lectures in Ch. 289 and 290. In short, an assistant could save you much time.

… Have I said anything with substance?

From a certain point of view, this is not bad.

Chiharu suggested that whether one could find an assistant depends on his or her popularity and connections, so Nagi went and look through her “connections”.

  1. Chiharu herself was busy, so she couldn’t help.
  2. Ayumu was very eager to help, but her drawing skills were – she didn’t know it herself – not up to the task.
  3. Alice could draw oil paintings, but it was totally different from drawing manga. You can’t ask help from someone whose media of drawing was totally different from yours.
  4. Hina had never drawn one before (To be honest, that’s not an excuse…), and she might be even busier than Chiharu.
  5. Sakuya couldn’t draw.
  6. Maria looked as if she had the skills, but she told Nagi off with a smile. In fact, by telling Nagi to “do things like that with your own ability”, she was actually voicing her disapproval of hiring an assistant.
  7. Isumi… Well, it depends on whether you think  her “Cat Engine DVD” could be of any help.

Sometimes she looked just so like Yozora.

So, Nagi went and asked seven people – all girls – but none of them could offer help. Of course, Hayate would always be available, but looking for help from a better artist was an insult to Nagi’s pride. As an alternative, Nagi asked for a “fellow artist”. She might not need them to be her assistant, but she wanted them to draw with her and talk to her. In other words, she wanted “company”. Of course, there was one.

Luca was still very busy with her idol business, and barely started on her own book. It was therefore very easy for Hayate to bring Luca and Nagi together, as “fellow artists”. So, Luca was there at the Violet Mansion again, and Hayate left her and Nagi alone in the same room.


Nagi was clearly very nervous, since she had not known Luca very well yet. An ice-breaking activity was needed, so Luca pulled out her PSP, and the two of them began on Monster Hunter.

It was proven to be very effective, as the two girls began opening their hearts to each other. Nagi knew that Luca shared the same dream as hers, and she took up on Luca’s offer to help her with the art – on a very high charge. With that, a bonding between them was created, and it was settled that the two fellow artists would work together for the coming week(s).

Hear, hear.

The funny thing is that, rather than having “Side: Nagi” and “Side: Luca” on head-to-head combat, Hata now plans to have these two sides working together. Does it mean that the poll I have been conducting for weeks has become pointless? Whatever, I am still conducting it.

In any case, Nagi and Luca finally began to work. Let’s look forward to what they would draw, wouldn’t we?

24 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 328

    • Well, Hayate remains the most popular male character in this series, and obviously he has a good enough social network when it comes to girls…

  1. I think they merging together is the first prediction many people made when nagi accept the challenge. never thought about there will be two sides (three with maizumi) at that time :3

    • Yes, but the recent arcs, as well as Hata’s BS, hint of a “Side: Nagi” and “Side: Luca”, with 3 people on each side. That’s why I really don’t expect them to merge together, after these recent arcs. I mean, what’s the point of choosing sides, if the 6 people would work together?

  2. this will probably lead to the scene where Nagi runs up to the top of the building, mad at Ruka… Nagi’ll probably be happy to have Ruka’s help, but unaware that Ruka also makes her own manga when she’s alone. Then Nagi feels betrayed when Ruka’s doujinshi achieves greater sales than hers at the next convention/expo…

  3. and I’m not entirely sure about one of the sentences… elsewhere, I saw it being translated as Hayate responding to Nagi “you still got me/I’m still here” instead of “me neither”…

  4. It’s not merge, they seem to simply work at the same place at the same time, so that both of them can get motivation for not working alone.
    But both still have their own projects to work on 🙂

  5. i used google translator on hata BS and i’m not sure how reliable google translator is but it made me very interested about the oneshot story of hinagiku and yukiji.
    original text:
    @dan_yuuji: 美希がヒナギクに特別な感情を持つに至ったエピソードはあるのでしょうか?
    →@hatakenjiro: あります。昔、たぶん連載二年目くらいに載せる予定で描いたのですが、若干暗い話だったので、その時は漫画の雰囲気にそぐわない気がして結局採用しませんでした。でも今なら大丈夫かな?
    google translate:
    ◇ @ dan_yuuji: episode came to have a special feeling to stem what there are daisies?
    → @ hatakenjiro: There. Old, I drew in the series will probably put in about two years, it was somewhat dark story, was not adopted at that time and eventually defeat the atmosphere of the cartoon feel. But now if you are okay?

    • I would translate it this way:

      Q: Is there an event which led Miki to have special feelings for Hinagiku?

      A: There is. I intended to draw it in the 2nd year of publishing, but as it was a somewhat dark story, it didn’t fit into the atmosphere of the manga, and therefore I did not draw it. Now it seems it’s okay to draw it?

    • Well, if Google is very trust-worthy, then translators all over the would lose jobs. XD

    • The dark side might not come from Miki, but Hina. When they first met, Hina was abandoned by her biological parents, and we don’t know if she had already opened her heart to her foster parents.

      Perhaps it was the sad story of Hina, plus her heroic actions to save Miki from the boys who spat gums on her hair, that made Miki crush on Hina. It might even be that Miki was the one who introduced Hina to a more… elegant lifestyle.

      God, I could write a doujin novel from the above myself. I can’t wait to see what Hata would give us.

    • Great observation! As expected from Gunso. Now that I think about it Hinagiku being abandoned by her parents seems more serious than Hayate’s abandonment which was treated lightheartedly since his parents were too retarded to be taken seriously…for now. I almost forgot about that somewhat insignificantly short flashback that showed Hinagiku beating up the boys who spat gum at a girl’s hair (revealed to be Miki). Never thought it could be so significant after hearing your opinion. If you ask me since the manga had already done a flashback of Hayate’s pitiful yet not surprisingly romantic childhood (it’s probably too late for him to make his childhood a better one) Hata should make a Hinagiku childhood flashback. The flashback would of course include Hinagiku’s short time with her parents who she still thinks is nice since she was only 6 at the time (Yukiji probably knew how they were really like but never saw their abandonment coming), her infant time with Yukiji, how she became so skilled at Kendo, how she began to accept her new parents and other things we never expected to see. Her popularity ranking is more than enough for her to get a story arc that is all about her past.

  6. Well i devised an arcinmine, ( I Spelt it wrong, whateves) for any time info is found in the earlier chapters “TACO” Taking Arc Contents Out. Now that i got that out, ive been hearing thats there is a trailer for the Hayate movie, but i cannot find it for how busy i am, so if someone could find it, i would greatly appreciate it, of course if or when ill find it ill post the link. Thx for your time XD

  7. Working together or not, Nagi will still got angry at Luca at 12th of June for whatever reason.Regarding the movie trailer, maybe someone could try checking Niconico (Japanese Youtube) who knows….

  8. You know what I found funny about Nagi’s reaction to the price Luca gave for her assistance (200 mil)? Back then Nagi would’ve considered 200 mil as something you use to wipe the floor. Now she actually considers that as overpriced which means that her sense in the value of money has finally improved considerably. -sniff- Nagi is finally growing up -sniff-. Now as for other things about her that needs to grow….nah ”growing up” doesn’t have to be rushed.

    • Good point. “200M is a big sum” is common sense to us, not to the very rich Nagi. It is pleasing to see Nagi has developed such common sense.

      Her “poverty” (Her quality of living is still too good for “a girl in poverty”.) is actually doing her a lot of good, after all.

    • Her NEET/Hikkikimori lifestyle should also be in the process of being cured seeing as how she is not in danger of being kidnapped or killed since she doesn’t have the inheritance which technically means, from a financial perspective, her life means nothing. I wonder if Maria’s common sense in money has improved? Nah her level of common sense is enough to give her the role of a Tsukkomi and that’s a lot of common sense so she should have improved already.

      Alice being able to do oil painting sounds like something Athena could do. Guess some of her ”powers” are still intact.

  9. Way late comment regarding post time but I have to say.. Part-time warrior? Assistant? Lab member? Hahahaha, Steins;Gate reference ftw!

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