Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 305

The third maid in the series.

Come to think of it, although the Violet Mansion was an old building, the current residents were all very young: Hayate (16), Nagi (13), Maria (17), Hina (16), Chiharu (16) and Alice – most probably Athena (16). In other words, none of them were legally adults.

The fact that there was no grown-ups living with them was somehow… bizarre, and it might justify the stupidity of the four girls attempting to repair the boiler by themselves in the last chapter. That was only one of the moments when everybody failed to act with enough maturity.

A talk between the grown-ups.

This chapter, by contrast, began with 3 of the more senior members in the series having a drink together, and talking about world economy. Yukiji (28), Makimura-sensei (22) and Saki (20) had a combined age of 70 and were all legally adults, so… welcome to the world of the adults!

As Yukiji and Makimura-sensei were both teachers at Hakuo Academy, it was very natural that they would come out together. The question was why Saki, who was neither studying nor teaching at Hakuo, and barely seen befriending Yukiji and Makimura-sensei, would join them at all. Ah well, it doesn’t really matter.

Women of their age would inevitably talk about marriage, because women commonly expect themselves to be married at around 20 to 25. It means that, although there was still some time left for Makimura-sensei (22) and Saki (20), Yukiji (28) was already on the wrong side of things…

That stupid image sank into her mind...

But, not to worry, as Makimura-sensei suggested them to try on “marriage hunting”. To be honest I don’t quite understand Makimura-sensei’s explanation. All I could figure out is that, in this practice, men would be referred to as “objects”, and those who earn over 10 million yen annually would be regarded as “high-quality”.

When asked whether she had a “high-quality” object, Yukiji came to think of Kaoru. Although it means that Yukiji really had serious thoughts for Kaoru, she was wrong with one thing: We knew from Ch. 165 that the annual income of Kaoru was 5.4 million yen, so unfortunately he was not a “high-quality” object.

But then, Saki was even worse than her. Wataru might be a business boy, but with all due respect I don’t see him earning over 10 million yen a year. Well, if he did, why would she complain that the video store “hasn’t been doing too well”?

Yukiji! Your skirt!! Your skirt!!!

The gathering ended, and Yukiji wandered alone on the streets. She thought to herself that it indeed was about time for her to think about marriage, but she lacked a partner. Then she thought again about Kaoru. Obviously she did consider him as a possibility, but em…

Right at that moment she came into the Yakuza and Ashibashi-sensei. It seemed that Ashibashi-sensei was taking pictures of the Yakuza, and Yakuza being Yakuza was not impressed by this. It looked like Ashibashi-sensei was going to lose a tooth, or two…


Yukiji stepped into the fight, and defeated all the Yakuza gangsters with her Drunken Fist. Let us not forget that she was the older sister of Hina, and although she might not be as strong as her sister, Yukiji was far too good for the Yakuza.

For some reason Hata wanted to note that Ashibashi-sensei “had a fateful meeting”. Yet, as Hata’s “Destiny Plans” take ages to come into working I would put this issue on hold. Anyway, Ashibashi-sensei asked for her name, and she replied in a pretty cool fashion. God, if only she can always be so cool…

Miki looked more like the teacher.

On the next day, Miki asked Kaoru fairly straightly the progress between him and Yukiji. Combined with the fact that she had also asked Yukiji twice about her and Kaoru, it is very obvious that, after the Athena saga, Miki has been extremely active in pushing Kaoru and Yukiji together.

Kaoru acted as if he was not interested at all, and even asked Miki what she was talking about. Miki, who was pretty sure that he was only acting ignorance, sent him a warning: If you keep ignoring her, even someone like her will get taken by someone else.

Nice car!

Kaoru snorted at her suggestion. He did not believe that any bloke in his right mind would fall for Yukiji. This might be true, but is it really okay for you to look so down on your love interest? But then, there he was, the one bloke without the right mind, and it is always risky to think that you are the only one.

A car arrived at school, and Ashibashi-sensei emerged from it. He saw Yukiji and claimed that he had been looking for her. Perhaps he simply Googled “Katsura Yukiji” and “teacher” and he found out Yukiji was teaching at Hakuo.

Surely, a mangaka as busy as he was wouldn’t have too much time for a person he met only once? I sense Koutarou screaming yet again just how little time they had before the next deadline. But then, there he was, and he asked Yukiji out.

Hata: "We can't have a blushing Hina this week. Let's have her sister instead."

That struck Kaoru like a lightning bolt. No way! There could be no one who would fall for my Yukiji, and my Yukiji would not fall for someone like him! In his monologue he already showed a hostile prejudice towards Ashibashi-sensei, didn’t he?

But then, he asked, she answered. Yukiji blushed (although not as fiercely as her sister) because of Ashibashi-sensei’s invitation, and the next thing we knew was that Yukiji jumped into the car and they were off!

Poor guy...

Kaoru collapsed. Miki was right, Yukiji had been taken away. Hayate, who happened to be passing by, did not understand his reaction, and so he asked why. Chiharu, who also happened to be passing by, pointed out that Kaoru had a crush on Yukiji. Hayate could not believe it, and he asked Kaoru whether this was true. Perhaps Hayate wasn’t only oblivious about his own love issues…

Kaoru replied that he had been loving Yukiji since elementary school, but then everything was over. Yukiji would not love a PE teacher who could only make figurines. Chiharu offered him some encouragement: “You need to believe that the days you spent together with her were not in vain. If you can get that across…”

No, that did not foreshadow anything for Hayate, for if we talk about “the days Hayate spent together with her”, this sentence could apply to 80% of the girls in the series, and I doubt if anyone can point out with confidence who the girl was. Indeed, if we are not sure which girl we are talking about, then we can say nothing about foreshadowing.

You got the wrong currency.

In the restaurant, Yukiji was firing questions at Ashibashi-sensei, but most of them were about money. She noticed the difference in economic power between the two kinds of “sensei”, and then she made up her mind… to become a managka.

Back at home, Hayate and Nagi were thinking what happened that afternoon. It was just so difficult to understand “this falling in love thing”. It was really so difficult…

She was stiil thinking about Kaoru.

So far, Yukiji had not shown any observable interest in Ashibashi-sensei. Upon knowing that Ashibashi-sensei was rich, she did not ask him to marry her, but asked how to become a mangaka herself. It seemed that Kaoru could relax a bit for now.

Still, Yukiji expressed the wish to become a mangaka, and the one sitting in front of her was arguably the best mangaka on Earth. If she was really serious about being a mangaka, it was all too natural that she would ask Ashibashi-sensei to teach her.

In other words, if what happened in this chapter was not an one-off event, we could actually look forward to a Ashibashi-Yukiji “master and apprentice” relationship. Then, the next Doujinshi Sale would be 3 weeks later. Could Yukiji also enter the “Doujinshi competition”?

Let us see you bouncebackability, Kaoru!!!

As for Kaoru, gone were the days when he could ignore his love issue with Yukiji. Now that he realized there was a possibility – no matter how small it was – that Yukiji could fall for another man, he really should act more aggressively!

So, how would things turn out? Would Yukiji really join the Doujinshi competiton? Could Kaoru take a courageous step forward to pursue Yukiji? Let’s look forward to future chapters!

And let’s not forget that Hayate would make the cover page of the next issue of Shonen Sunday!

49 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 305

  1. Now the spotlight has turned to Yukiji and Ashibashi-sensei…
    “whatever means” Whatever would that be? Is it romance-or-something similar-related? I’m so curious…@_@

    And isn’t it clear that Ashibashi-sensei is a lolicon? He likes elementary school students, huh?;))

    And wow… we all know how fearful Yukiji’s little sister is with her kendo skill and all, but I didn’t expect Yukiji was a master herself…^_^”

    • I think, the “whatever means” would at least be perceived by the others as romantic, otherwise Kaoru would not get so down. Poor guy…

      Nagi once commented that Yukiji’s physical abilities were similiar to Hina, although Nagi might not know that Hina never lost a fight with Yukiji.

  2. think the one who talked he likes elementary school students is Ashibashi-sensei, because you all know he is a lolicon..
    btw, now the story move to Yukiji one, I think Hata make sure all characters share one or two story so they won’t become a figurine characters:D

    • Well, if that’s the case then we would have a Sakuya or Wataru (or both) chapter pretty soon. 😉

  3. (Re-read the spoilers)

    Wow… This chapter (or arc) might actually result in a step forward between Yukiji and Kaoru.

    I’ve alway thought those two are cute together.XD

    • A bit surprisingly Yukiji has got a lot of shipping after the Athena saga. Maybe she could reach the “famous happy end” before anyone else does!

  4. The KaoruxYukiji ship has been in construction for about 15 years. Its about time something happened.

    I’m pretty sure Ashibashi-sensei was joking when he said “I love little girls and high school girls” I mean, he did propose to Maria when she was wearing the nurse uniform.
    The other explanation is that Ashibashi-sensei is completely random and proposes to every woman he meets (this has held true so far, I believe ;P)

    BTW, http://www.mangareader.net/203-57481-13/hayate-the-combat-butler/chapter-288.html

    • I think, although Ashibashi-sensei loved little girls and high school girls, he wouldn’t marry them. His “love” was more like an appreciation of an art work.

  5. I’m so happy to found this website, as I could find hayate’s chap review 🙂
    but if I may ask, who’s translation that you use? I choose [C]han’s translation, and what Kaoru-Sensei said(to Miki) is the opposite of the one in this website >.< or, you translate this by yourself?
    And sorry if I'm troubling you.

    • Well, this… is a bit complicated. I can read some Japanese and Chinese, so I write my Review with the Japanese and Chinese versions, and that means I am doing a bit translation myself. Translations by js06 or [C]han are both acceptable for me, so you would see me capturing pictures sometimes from js06 and sometimes from [C]han. In the recent two chapters I received a special favour from Anxiety, so I don’t really know which version s/he picked, but my guess is js06’s.

      So when you ask whose translation I am using, the answer actually depends on which sentence or picture you are referring to. You mentioned the line Kaoru said to Miki. If you were referring to picture no. 6, then it probably is js06’s. If you were referring to the line “there would be no one but him who would fall for Yukiji”, then that’s mine.

      Looks like different versions of translation really make us confused. Maybe I should think of a way to avoid confusion, at least on my blog.

    • Now I double-checked, and found that there is no difference betweent the js06 and [C]han versions, and the version I am currently using is actually by Hidden Detective.

      But then, I checked the Japanese raws (another important step to avoid confusion) and found the original line reads「どうつて別に…なんの事だよ」, and I agree that it should be translated into “What are you talking about?”

      Hmm… very well then, I might have to read the chapter again in the [C]han version, and see if anything else in this Review post has to be rewritten. Then I will also capture pictures again from their version.

      I know this would be huge workload, but in order to avoid confusion I think one of the most important steps is to be consistent in a Chapter Review. It means that if I write the Review according to the [C]han version, I have to use picture from it, and vice versa.

      Admittedly it would take some time, so please visit again one or two days later, and read the updated Review. 😉

    • I know. So maybe let’s crop images from [C]han’s version next time, what do you think? 😉

    • Okay, it’s done. Luckily there was no need for big changes. Indeed it was just the “Kaoru dodging or answering the question” part required clarification, so it’s done! 😀

    • It seems that xNothingx (a.k.a. [C]han) releases on Fridays.

      For better translation and higher quality pictures I don’t mind waiting for another day.

  6. and one more thing if I may suggest, how about if you rewrite your chap review from chap 300-304 by [C]han’s translation(305 already fixed), especially the 303, the first hayate picture. in [C]han’s translation, he’s not studying, but making homework(which mean that he’s not that crazy, since there’s no scene that show he’s doing the homework.

    but still, this is only a suggestion, it’s up to you to do it or not, and I suggest you to to review chap 300-304, that’s because I think it will be more neat to have the new version(by using [C]han’s translation) start from 300 rather than 305. 🙂

    • I may double-check, but if my memory is correct currently only Ch. 303 is not in accordance with [C]han’s version.

      But then again, sure, I will check if any necessary changes are needed, when I have some free time.

    • in the jap raw it say “benkyou” which have closer meaning to study I believe. homework is “tsukudai” if I get it right (I’m not translator, so I can’t say for sure). but doing homework also part of studying, so It doesn’t really matter, is it?

  7. Miki is trying to push Kaoru and Yukiji toegether? cool. By the way, somebody said that miki also tried to push Hina and Hayate together. Is that right…?

    • I don’t think so. While Hina was having troubles with her love issues, Miki was nowhere to be seen. She never advised Hina how to approach Hayate or how to handle her love rivals. The only time we saw her helping Hina out was that she tried to make Hina laugh after the “Silky Heart” incident. That was certainly support, but definitely not shipping.

      Miki did tell Hayate to ask Hina out for movie in the Date arc, but she was only trying to make Hayate a victim of Hina’s wrath, so that she would not be angry with their breaking her precious tea set. That, of course, couldn’t count as shipping.

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