Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 329

Ironically, I stayed very late writing the Review.

As you all know, there are only 12 pages in this chapter. As many of us don’t have a copy of Shonen Sunday in hand, we can only guess what happened. Maybe it’s because Hata or the magazine is too preoccupied with the movie, or that Hata simply cannot give this chapter (or arc) enough… substance.

So, Hayate brought Luca to Nagi, so that the two could draw together. However, it is debatable whether it was a good idea. For one thing, they wasted too much time on ice-breaking (or Monster Hunting). For another, it failed to bring enough boost in morale, unless you think that mourning to each other is a good thing. There was definitely some progress on Nagi’s manga, but it seemed that Luca remained helpless looking for her own story.

Why had Asuka become so FAT?

Finally, Luca lost her concentration and lied down. Then she saw the DVD-box of Cyber Formula. Hata explained that quite a few broadcasters aired this anime at 5 a.m., so that people – Hata included – had to wake up very early only to watch this anime. Apparently Hata loves this anime so much, that he commented that the last two episodes (The final race, of course.) were one of the best in anime history. I think the last episode of Zero (one of the OVAs) was even better, though.

Nagi and Luca then debated over their favourite character. Just like any other fan-war, it turned out to be a brawl, fueled with praises of one’s favourite character and the criticisms of the others – well, no hater would admit that he is criticizing any character. Still, the most common tactic to support one character is to criticize the others, and most of us use this tactic consciously or subconsciously.

It might be interesting to examine the favourite character of Nagi, Luca and Chiharu respectively.

Nagi – Kazami Hayato

The main character of the series. He joined Cyber Formula at the age of 14, and became the youngest Cyber Formula champion in history. He kept becoming stronger with each year, and was crowned 4 times in 8 years. Of course, Kazami himself suffered a lot in these years, especially since the serious accident he suffered after he reached the “zero realm”. He was no doubt a hard worker, but to many he remained a genius driver who won titles with ease.

Luca – Shinjyo Naoki

At the beginning of the story, Shinjyo was a much better driver than Kazami, and was one of the young stars in the race. However, as the story went, he become less of a top and more of a flop. There was too much arrogance and mental instability in him, that made him making the wrong decisions at critical moments. That, combined with the fact that he really was not as good as Kazami, was the reason why he earned only one champion title to himself – when Kazami temporarily retired from the race because of serious injury. At different stages of the story, he did reflect on his failures, and worked hard to make improvements. He might not be a winner, but he was a hard worker.

Chiharu – Karl Lichter von Randoll

For your information, he was an Austrian. His long and hard-to-remember name has been a running gag among fans. Well, if Shinjyo was a “hard working flop”, then Randoll was a “prodigy flop”. He was regarded by many as the elegant genius on the race course, but while he had always been in top 3,  the fact remained that he has never won a champion title. Well, he was still very popular, for he was funny, he was elegant, and he was blonde.

Hata himself suggested on his Twitter that he was a Kaga fan. As for me, I am a Knight Schumacher fan.

This is perhaps the most scary Hina we have seen thus far...

The fan-war between Nagi and Luca could not be settled, and they decided to watch all 37 episodes to decide who was right. As it would take almost 19 hours to do this, it would significantly hinder their progress. Chiharu tried to stop them, but ended up joining their discussion. Hayate and Maria simply stood there and enjoyed the circus. In the end, it was Hina who took up the hated task: turning off the TV and lectured the mangakas.

We can’t be sure why Hina looked so pissed off. Perhaps she was annoyed seeing Nagi and Luca playing around without purpose. She was a very serious person, after all. To her, even when you are playing around, you’ve got to be more serious. It’s just that… how do we fool around seriously, Hina?

"You are MINE, Hayate! Don't you dare think of anything else!"

In any case, Hina successfully got Nagi and Luca back to work, and they were working very late – so late that Luca had to seriously consider whether to stay overnight at the Violet Mansion. Chiharu questioned that whether there was any futon for her. Did that suggest there was no more futon for new-comers…?

Well, that could be bought, but this was not the time. Hayate, therefore, suggested Luca to use his futon. Two facts would justify his suggestion. One, he slept for one or two hours everyday, so it was true that he barely used his futon. Two, he was a boy after all, so – if he did not care about manner – he could lie flat on the floor without the futon.

However, he did not explain it clear enough before Nagi gave him a punch in the head. Well, words fail and cause misunderstandings. The best way for Hayate to communicate with anyone would therefore be – to shut up.

The fact is, you really can't imagine him serving any other girl like this.

With Nagi’s punch, the issue was dropped and they went back to work. At nearly 3 a.m., Nagi could not take it any more, and fell into deep sleep. Hayate took care of her – very good care, mind you – and Luca saw to that. She then asked Hayate a question: If she rented a room and lived in the Violet Mansion, would he treat her as good as that? Hayate answered that he would try his best, but Nagi was “a bit of a special case”.

“What kind of special case?” you might ask. The most “straightforward” answer would be that Nagi was his one true love, so of course she was a special case. Yet, there are some alternative explanations as well.

  1. Nagi gave him a new life by hiring him as her butler, so she was a special case.
  2. Nagi gave up her inheritance to help Hayate save Athena, so she was a special case.
  3. Hayate vowed to serve and protect Nagi with his life, so she was a special case.
  4. ……

"Milady is my life in itself! (Sparkling)"

Yet, he did not elaborate, so we could not know whether the “special case” is romantic or not. Yet, one thing remained the same in all the above explanations: “Milady is my life in itself! (Sparkling)

To whatever extent, Luca knew that Hayate treated Nagi in a very unique manner – a manner she envied, but she could never have it. She looked crestfallen because of it. Chiharu, who was half asleep, “witnessed” this small incident, and foresaw something which might be… unpleasant.

With that, we could almost be sure that the Hayate-Nagi-Luca triangle was formed, and that the two girls would become rivals-friends. Where would that lead to? It remains to be seen in future chapters!

16 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 329

  1. Cyber Formula. It’s all about formula racing….IN THE FUTURE -crowd goes ”ooooooh”-.

    Although Hayate’s thickheaded when it comes to love it is ultimately the reason why most women fall for him, that and the fact that he’s very kind. Ironically it’s his ”kindness” that makes the girls in love with him get into akward situations, get hurt emotionally or hit him very hard and he’ll just end up wondering why. His parents are usually to blame (I doubt they thought him where babies come from) but even Hayate has to take the blame sometimes. If he hung out with boys more often (Kotetsu’s the exception) his girl problems wouldn’t be so bad. A decent father figure or at least an adult that won’t abandon him would do. Now Luca seems to be falling for him. Oh how are you going to deal with this Hayate?

    An idol falling for a ”normal” guy, hasn’t that been done before?

    • I am a big fan of Cyber Formula myself, so I might devote some time talking about it in the Review.

  2. ….It’s official: we got another one in the harem.

    Really, I wish there are more male character here. I’ve seen too much population imbalance in terms of gender in anime these days…..

    • She will have it. She is a main character of this “Mangaka saga”, to say the least.

  3. Speaking of Nagi and Hayate, I always liked it more when it is non-romantic. Not because I have other pairing preference, though, but it’s just better when it’s platonic…kinda like brother and sister relationship, I think.

    • For me, if the relationship between Hayate and Nagi is not romantic, it would be very precious. It is so rare to see people whose platonic bond being so strong. If their relationship is romantic, “Is that ALL?” would be my question to Hata.

  4. 5. Nagi has a special needs that are difficult to fulfill.

    If I recall correctly, Hayate still thinks of Nagi as a child which is why he could do things like carrying her to bed like a princess, accidentally see her naked but doesn’t react and other things. And yes I agree about Hayate-Nagi bond to remain platonic, yet why do I feel unsatisfied with that?

    My current theory about what caused Nagi to run out screaming in the flash forward is this: Luca has always relied on herself as a result of her parents abandoning her but now she met Hayate and deep down inside she wants what Nagi has with Hayate. Hayate became someone important to her and she doesn’t want to lose another important person to her again so no matter how hard she tried to be a fair rival to Nagi her inner self believed that if she beat Nagi in the doujinshi showdown she would (somehow) have Hayate to herself. Luca tries hard to make the right decision but in the end she decided that having someone is better than being alone. She resorts to ‘borrowing’ Nagi’s idea in order to win and deep down she became disgusted with herself by doing so but she still carried on with the plan. What Luca doesn’t know is that whether she wins or not Nagi will still have Hayate. Thus resulting to the flash forward we saw at the beginning of this saga. Kinda dark isn’t it?

    • There is no ending that would satisfy everyone, so not to worry if my suggested ending could not satisfy you.

      I agree that what made Nagi scream could be Luca stealing her ideas or prize. Surely it is dark, but the taste of betrayal would really be “the biggest trial in Nagi’s life”.

      To be honest, living in the Violet Mansion and drawing doujinshi to earn a living could hardly count as “big trials”. She was still very well cared, well fed and well dressed, after all. I need something more serious to take back my “big deal” comment on “the biggest trial in Nagi’s life”.

  5. “And yes I agree about Hayate-Nagi bond to remain platonic, yet why do I feel unsatisfied with that?”

    I think the reason for this is because while the Hayate/Nagi relationship is very sweet and unusual the way it is now, it would leave Nagi unsatisfied or even heartbroken in the end if nothing ever changed. Also it would just seem awkward instead of precious if they had the same relationship when Nagi is an adult. In the long run it’s necessary for Nagi to grow up enough to be standing beside Hayate instead of being pampered by him, I think. Although she is (slowly) making moves in that direction…

    Sorry, just my rambling because the comment struck a chord. I DO like the current Hayate/Nagi relationship as it is, but for it never to evolve just seems out of place unless the manga ends suddenly, and that wouldn’t be satisfying for anyone, I think.

    I won’t hazard a guess as to what Luca will do now, but I’m certainly interested to see what happens next…

    • I agree that there is a need for the relationship to evolve, but it doesn’t mean it must become romantic. In fact, what I expect is that the Hayate-Nagi relationship to BECOME platonic – mind you, their current relationship is NOT platonic, but one-way romantic.

      Who knows? Maybe Nagi simply grows out of her crush on Hayate, while their lady-butler bond remains unchanged or even becomes stronger. They could have their own love life, while Nagi still trusts Hayate and Hayate still remains loyal to Nagi.

      It is not as awkward as you might have imagined as well. Adults do have butlers, but of course if the lady keeps a secret crush on her butler, then it is awkward. This is why I agree that the relationship needs to evolve, either in a romantic way so that Hayate marries Nagi, or in a platonic way so that Nagi grows out of her crush on Hayate. We simply choose sides, man – you choose the former, I choose the latter. Simple as that.

      My reason to choose the latter – apart from the open secret that I ship Hayate-Hina – is that I look for something more special than yet another “male-lead female-lead fall in love” manga. What I look for is a very unique lady-butler relationship between Hayate and Nagi, which would not be harmed by a single bit even if they marry other people.

      If I want a “male-lead female-lead fall in love” story, I don’t need HnG.

  6. This would be my last unrelated-to-the chapter rant:

    Regarding Nagi, I wanted to see if Kazuki could make a progress with her. Maybe that would be unlikely, but I kinda like that pairing (if it was one, haha.) – Even if they only had one chapte3r together, but who knows?

    Unlike her relationship with Hayate, which is full of romantic expectations that he often can’t fulfill, thus giving her disappointment, the interactions between the two seemed more natural. That’s what I think (And someone, whose blog I forgot.)

    Okay, enough with my crazy talk.

  7. I think I got the answer to what Hinagiku said about ‘having fun seriously’. In the chapter, Hinagiku described making a doujinshi an extension or in my own words another form of playing around. However, making a doujinshi takes hard work and effort along with a focused mind thus you must take it seriously. I hope I was able to make sense out of that.

    • It certainly is an explanation.

      So Nagi and Luca could no longer complain “We are only making this for fun, why so serious?” to Hina when she pushes them too hard.

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