Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 318

We don't have a cover page this week, huh?

Armageddon arrived at the Violet Mansion with the briefcase. The briefcase was empty, and the money was nowhere to be found…

While Hayate (and Alice) still had no idea what to do next, Fumi arrived. As she yelled about the 100M yen she sounded like she was worried about the money, but then she pulled out a cloth and started wiping the briefcase inside out. You know what she was doing: She was destroying the criminal evidence by wiping out her fingerprints, so to make sure even the CSIs – be it New York, Miami or Las Vegas – couldn’t find anything against her. After that, she decided that she and Armageddon had to flee from the scene.

You won't be able to prosecute me!

Well, you never know about the CSIs. They can dig out tiny pieces of evidence out of places you can hardly imagine.

Destroying the evidence and fleeing from the scene failed to impress Sharna. Instead, she was clearly unimpressed, and she punched Fumi with a wooden hammer. Indeed, it was Armageddon’s fault that made the money gone lost track, and Fumi would have to be responsible for this. Being responsible did not mean to get out of trouble, but to undo the harm done by the fault. What Fumi should do now, therefore, was to help finding the 100M yen, and return it to Wataru.

Dogs understand humans, but humans don't understand dogs.

And so they helped. Sharna suggested to think of the last time they saw the money, and of course the last one with the money was Armageddon. So, to a certain extent, it made sense for Fumi to start firing questions at her dog, since if he could talk to them, then everything would become a lot simpler.

The thing, though, is that Armageddon did not speak Japanese. The only language he spoke was dogish, and that means “woof”. Nobody was able to understand him, and Alice stated that they just needed the someone – someone who could talk to both animals and humans. Hayate quickly thought of the someone. Yes, it was Tama.

"Who looks most like the suspect?" "You!"

It is widely presumed that animals could understand languages of other species. One good example was 101 Dalmatians, in which dogish, catish, horsish, pigish, sheepish, birdish and other languages came together in a lot of discussions. It is therefore understandable for Hayate to expect Tama, who spoke catish and tigerish, to understand dogish. So Tama , in a very mysterious yet suspicious outfit, took on Armageddon.

We know at once that Tama indeed understood dogish, but what Armageddon told him was something – I think – he would have prayed that he did not understand. Armageddon accused Tama of being “a useless piece of garbage raised by humans”, and refused to talk to him. He also suggested that he was free, and that his spirit could roam freely. Tama was deeply offended, and was about to fight the dog.

It hurts!

To be honest, I have absolutely no idea what he was talking about. He was, after all, another dog which was raised by humans. On the facts that he seeked praises from Fumi and Alice for bringing the briefcase to them, you could hardly say that he had a free spirit. But then, he was Fumi’s dog, and perhaps he made just as much sense as his mistress.

In the end, Tama managed to get the truth from Armageddon. It turned out that two people overheard their conversation in the park, especially the bit when Wataru yelled at Saki to get the briefcase with the 100M yen. By whatever means, the two people then managed to take the money from Armageddon’s mouth, leaving the dog to seek praise from Alice with only the briefcase.


Hayate informed Wataru of this piece of news and went to find the two guys. Meanwhile, Wataru, while reassuring Saki that it wasn’t her fault that the money was lost, did not really know what to do.

Then Isumi appeared. She said that it was Sakuya who told her to come to Wataru, as she predicted that it was almost time for Wataru to have lost the money and without any idea what to do. Most unfortunately, Sakuya was completely correct. Now that Isumi was here, and she knew the whereabouts of the guys, she could show Wataru the way to the money, so that Wataru could take back the money with his own hands.

Wataru was overjoyed, and as he ran off with Isumi he couldn’t help but exclaiming that she was so reliable. Saki heard him and was saddened. She thought that Wataru liked Isumi so much because she was of Wataru’s age and was so reliable, and when compared to Isumi, she was simply nothing. She thought Wataru could not count on her, and she was a completely useless person who was not needed by anyone…

YOUR 100M yen?

Meanwhile, Isumi led Wataru to an apartment tower, where the two guys who stole the money were supposed to be. Just why a person with no sense of direction could lead him to the right place was well beyond me. In any case, Wataru decided not to wait for Hayate or the police, but to give it a go and try to take back the money on his own, because he had to set a good example for Saki. He might be reckless, but you have to say this boy had some guts.

It turned out that he did not have to confront the two guys, however, as Yukiji was there, already taking them down. We were given a closer look at the two guys, and shibababa had already suggested that they looked like the guys who attempted to kidnap Nagi in Vol. 1. To me, the one with black hair and sunglasses looked like one, while the other one… no, he did not.

She met the person she wanted to see least.

Yukiji knocked out the two guys, checked for the money in the bag (So the two guys moved the money to the bag, hadn’t they?) and was ready to go. Yes, she was about to take the money for herself, no doubt about it.

But then she met Wataru, one of her student and the true owner of the money. In a split second, Yukiji made a decision. She dropped the bag, and told Wataru that she had wanted to return the money to him since the beginning. She was not ready to ruin her reputation as Wataru’s teacher for the 100M yen. Hayate said that she was hopeless, but deep down in Yukiji’s heart, there was a code of conduct. Was there a story behind such a code of conduct? Maybe, maybe not.

Of course, Wataru knew what exactly had been on her mind – he heard her yelling to the guys to give HER 100M yen back, after all – but he did not mention that. The key thing was that Yukiji voluntarily surrender the money to him, and that was enough. He (finally) managed to put all the money into his bank account, and for now, everything was fine.

This girl made sense when she had to.

Wataru thanked Isumi for her help, because if they could not get the money back, Saki would cry to the end of the world. Isumi, putting two and two together, came to the conclusion that Wataru liked Saki a lot. She told him to treasure the money for the one he liked most, and then she left.

Wataru returned to the video store and told Saki that: 1) he had got the money back; 2) they were going to be busy; 3) he was leaving Hakuo after May and 4) never leave me, Saki.

This might actually be the most important speech by Wataru in the series so far, as he made a crucial decision: He gave up chasing Isumi by attending Hakuo, and would concentrate on his business from now on, for Saki’s sake.

All in all, this is a very reasonable decision. Wataru wasn’t very brilliant academically, and it took him much time and energy to keep up with high school curriculum, and even so he only managed marginal passes. He needed time to work on his business, so if he wanted to make sure he would not be kicked out of school, the best choice for him was to give up on Hakuo.

The sign of his choice.

Readers may argue that, by giving up on Hakuo, Wataru had also given up on Isumi. If this is true, then we must feel sorry for Isumi. After all, it was the second time a boy had chosen someone ahead of her – Hayate chose Nagi and Wataru chose Saki. For all her cuteness and reliability, she deserved much more than this.

Let’s not forget Sakuya. Many readers think she was a good partner for Wataru, and we could see her helping Wataru over and over again, even giving her place in Hakuo to Wataru. If the Wataru-Isumi ship was sunk, then the Wataru-Sakuya ship would be sunk as well! In other words, by choosing Saki over all other girls, the so-called “Wataru’s Harem” could actually be disbanded! Is Wataru-Saki be the “true end”, as the margin line suggested?

What is your opinion? Please vote!

20 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 318

    • Hard to tell from that one panel, although the one with black hair looked a bit like one of the kidnappers.

    • I dunno… maybe just as Anxiety suggested, the counter counts your IP once a day only?

    • 90,019 hits


      im sorry if it streteches the page again, its my revenge. im really petty you know.

  1. can i ask something what is sunk lol
    i cant vote on the poll

    sorry if i dont know what is the meaning of that 🙂

    • A ship is sunk when it is destroyed and goes down to the bottom of the sea.

      A relation”ship” is sunk when there is no more hope that the two people can be together as a couple.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

  2. I am interested in seeing how a relationship between a 20 years old maid and a 13 years boy would be…in this series.

    And yes, Isumi deserves more than that. Sometimes these few male characters irritates me, haha. I wonder how does she actually feels about him.

    (And I just remembered, I am one of those Sakuya and Wataru shippers, lol)

    • I don’t think it’ll change things that much. It means Wataru will be more serious about Saki instead of chasing other girls, but it’s not like they’re going to start dating now or anything. I kinda doubt Hata will do more then tease the relationship a little harder after this. (At least I hope not…)

      I was an Isumi and Wataru shipper apparently, but this settles that. I don’t see Sakuya and Wataru being possible after this either. It was never more then a tease and Wataru making his choice overrides other relationships even if he doesn’t call them all out specifically. Isumi was the one he was vocal about liking, so she was the one who got the official break-up, so to speak.

  3. Nah, I don’t think any ship would sink right now. Hata is having fun with this enormous ship tease throughout the series. After Athena Saga I think Athena x Hayate ship would sink. But apparently in the next chapter, there is a probability the ship would finally rise again (although with less chance).
    Hata is cruel. We know it. But maybe he wouldn’t let the ship sunk so early (Wataru x Isumi got too little screen time, but I get the feeling that their relationship will never be resolved).
    Sakuya x Wataru may happen too. Since Wataru owe her a great debt (literally). It’s still not impossible to see them again.
    I feel pity for Wataru…

  4. In the previous blog the possibility that Hayate’s parents being the culprit was stated. Since his parents have been brought up is it possible that Hayate despises his parents since he said that he would not give them a second chance ? Also does Yukiji hate her parents as well ?

    • As Hayate said his parents were “less than humans” then I think he really despised his parents. As for Yukiji… I don’t really know, she never showed any negativity towards her parents, so even if she hated her parents, we wouldn’t know.

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