Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 316

The thing is that we seldom see her running...

With almost 90% of the votes agree that Hina would offer help to Hayate in his future dealings with Luca, and perhaps also a few more things, it seems that readers are more than ready to see Hina offering her clothes to Hayate in the new chapter.

However, we are not going to see that at least for a while, for we enter a new adventure in Ch. 316, which features Hayate, Wataru and Saki.

Q: How much money was there in one stack?

It all begins with the last Wataru chapter, in which he pawned his video store to Sakuya for 100 million yen. To make it all real, Sakuya transfered the money to Wataru – in cash.

Whether you get the reference behind Sakuya’s words or not, one thing she said made sense: You have to see what you have taken with your own eyes, and handle them with your own hands. Otherwise, you wouldn’t really understand the meaning of the item to you. To Wataru, the 100 million yen should have much more meaning than a change in the number on his bank book. He had to feel the weight of the cash – which really was quite heavy materially.

What do we do?

Well, it might be easy and quick for Sakuya to transfer the money to Wataru, but it would take much longer for Wataru to decide on what to do with it. Establishing a business, like drawing doujinshi, needs inspiration. You need to turn a good business idea into reality at the right moment, or you would suffer serious consequences. If you fail in drawing a doujinshi it wouldn’t really mean you are finished, but if you fail in your business… well, at least you go bankrupt.

Speaking of business and doujinshi… what are the odds of Wataru becoming the financial backer of Nagi on her doujinshi?


Ah… we have gone a bit too far, for – repeat – it would take much longer for Wataru to decide on what to do with it (the money). The only thing he knew was that, as the money was so important to him, he must keep it safe. He could not afford to lose it.

Then there came the unwelcomed one. Ayasaki Hayate, the bad luck incarnate, who had an impressive record of losing money and valuable possession, came to the shop to return a DVD. What’s worse, as Wataru decided to bank the 100 million yen, Hayate volunteered to go with them.

Nice one, Captain Obvious!

This was something which Wataru didn’t dare to let it happen. He could almost foresee that if Hayate really came with them, the money would be lost in no time. And the thing is, if Hayate lost the money for them, there was absolutely no way he could compensate for his fault. Hayate would get away safe only with a slight feeling of guilt, while Wataru would have lost everything and his life was finished. The prime victim of Hayate’s bad luck would, therefore, be Wataru himself. With that in mind, you can’t fault Wataru for shouting out loud that he did not want Hayate to come, and the reason behind it.

Hayate felt offended. Well, of course he (by default) was an indebted butler, but it didn’t really mean he would make others suffer, right? But then, his parents disappeared because of their own debt, while his brother Ikusa was nowhere to be found. Athena suffered a lot since a big brawl with Hayate. Nagi had lost her inheritance and was living in an old mansion because of him. Even someone as dumb as he was could not be blind to the fact that he really made a lot of people suffer…

So he came to the conclusion that he was bad luck incarnate, and he became so blue because of this discovery. Saki couldn’t bear to watch, and decided to offer Hayate a chance to prove himself.

Defend him, won't you?

Of course, this was only part of the reason, for there had to be someone to look after the shop, and she – the only adult – must go. As they couldn’t ask Hayate to take care of the shop, Hayate could only go to the bank with Saki. Like she said, this was the only choice.

Hayate pulled himself together and began to help. However, the way he and Saki handled the money was far from safe. Putting the money in shopping bags and backpack, with much of the money exposed, looked so worrying to Wataru. In the end, he decided to go with Hayate and Saki.

Well, at least he handled the money much more carefully, by putting it into a briefcase.

... by putting it into a briefcase, huh?

It was some distance from the video store to the bank, even if they took the shortcut by going through the park. Wataru could only pray that nothing would happen, and Hayate reassured him – again, with the confidence out of absolutely nowhere – that nothing would happen.

And then, things happened. First, Wataru – the most reliable one and who happened to be carrying the briefcase, was knocked out by Armageddon. Second, the briefcase dropped to the ground and was picked up by Yukiji, who just heard that there was 100 million yen inside the briefcase. Third, although Yukiji decided to give the briefcase back to Saki, Armageddon grabbed the briefcase with his mouth and ran away…

So, the three (or four, if Yukiji would be coming along) would have to go after a big dog which obviously could run fast. This adventure is likely to go on in the next chapter, and we could only guess what and whom would be waiting for Hayate and co. Given that it was Armageddon, he would probably go back to Fumi, so perhaps we would see her again!

One more thing, this was yet another incident in which money was lost in the presence of Hayate, and he thought to himself that he really was the God of Poverty…

37 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 316

  1. Even if someone have a good luck about money, when Hayate is around that money will disappear.

    One thing to note that Nagi never has her money disappear when Hayate around. She lost her inheritance through her own will and didn’t Linn says that Nagi’s luck in money is *maybe* really high?

    • The extreme luck with money meets the extreme bad luck with money… Hmm, this might be interesting Featured Article material.

    • Interesting! And, not to sound un-Hinaist, but I’d enjoy a featured article on someone else than Hina (not counting the 3rd char. poll).


    • LOL. Wanting to see articles on other characters doesn’t make you an un-Hinaist! 😀

      Although, in a lot of places, loving one character means hating other characters, this is certainly not the case in this blog. You can see I write Reviews on Hina-less chapters with the same devotion as Hina chapters, instead of simply skipping them. 😉

      Oh, by the way, I got your hints.

  2. Wait, how come Wataru is able to make that much money so fast? 100M yen is not a joke, right?@_@

    Did I miss something?@_@

    Btw, is that another Hayate’s “tsuntsun mode” I’m seeing?@_@

  3. Poor, poor Hayate… 😦
    He tries so hard to help, on to lose out once again…

    ごめんね,軍曹さん… (=w=;; ココしか言えね~わ. (;;^__^A

  4. Q: How much money was there in one pack?

    A: 1 Million Yen, if he uses 10,000 Yen bank notes, it would be 100 per pack, not unusual 🙂

    And yes, I have to much time xD

    • Ah. Both of you got something wrong in your calculation, I am afraid.


      1. Anxiety got it right, there are 20 packs/stacks.
      2. It is given that there was 100,000,000 yen in total.
      3. Read my question carefully.

      Try again. 😉

    • I think the pack/stack thing is confusing here
      I assuming 1 pack is 100 sheet of 10.000 yen bill
      5 packs is stacked on each level. on level 1 there’re 12 stacks,
      on level 2 there’re 6 stacks
      and on level three, there’re 2 stacks.
      so there’s a total of 20 stacks = 100 packs = 10.000 sheets of 10.000 yen bill = 100M yen

    • Ah, thanks! Good to have the terms clarified! (Proof that English is not my first language – I simply got the stack/pack thing confused!)

      Okay, I have refined my question. I am asking how much money is there in one STACK.


    • Now you mention this, I have a feeling that it might well be true!

      Or, perhaps that’s exactly why they abandoned Hayate in the first place. 😛

    • Even so they are still doing a better job than Hayate himself, who was still not entirely sure that he was the God of Poverty! XD

    • Oh well… I have not been following Taiwan TV programmes for a while, but I think such things do happen sometimes.

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