Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 326

Maybe Sakuya was looking for ideas for Nagi's doujinshi as well?

The chapter title for this week is “After Having Done It”. So, what had Hayate done this time?

To put it very, very simply, he went into the bath in the Clock Tower in Hakuo Academy, and saw both Luca (half) and Izumi (completely) naked. We certainly understand that he should not be held responsible – it was the girls who came into him instead of the other way round. Yet, he saw them naked, and the general view is that a boy who sees a girl naked is at fault. “Life is not fair, is it?”, said Scar.

This guy knew nothing else but making apologies.

The immediate aftermath of the incident in the bath is that Luca passed out because of the shock, and that is why the three of them were all in the infirmary. Luca was unconscious in the bed, while Hayate knelt in front of Izumi, making apologies. Perhaps not surprisingly Izumi forgave him, but surely very surprisingly Izumi apologized for not being able to show Hayate anything too great. Seriously, what were you thinking, Izumi?

Hayate then gave her the full story of what had happened, which she now had the right to know.

Meanwhile, Luca had a dream that Hayate was actually a boy. As we all know, she was dreaming about what she had just seen with her very own eyes. The thing is, she dreamt about it again very shortly afterwards, so she mixed up her dream world with the real world. In other words, she thought that “Hayate was a boy” was something only in her dream, but never in the real world. After all, she thought that Hayate could never be a boy.

"Please say 'yes'" was what she thought.

Yet, she wanted to confirm that Hayate was a girl. Deep down in her heart, she was actually afraid that her dream was true. Perhaps she didn’t want to fear for the possibility that she was seen naked by a boy a bunch. Perhaps she didn’t want to fear for the possibility that Hayate lied to her – and for quite a few times. Therefore, she asked: “You’re a girl, right?”

Hayate faced a dilemma. The easy option for him would be to say “Yes”, and keep on fooling her. However, the guilty feeling, which had been in his heart ever since Ch. 321, kept suggesting to him that he had to tell her the truth. He had an immense internal battle, and he decided to…

Whatever he had decided, he could not take action properly, since Miki and Risa had joined the conversation. They began by saying very loudly that Hayate was a boy, and then entered a heated argument with Hayate on the subject of cross-dressing. The argument finally went out of control, as Miki and Risa asked him (And I think they meant it…) whether he was in fact a girl. Really annoyed, Hayate responded very loudly: “I am a genuine boy!” He might have forgotten that Luca was present, but of course Luca heard him, so this is it: Hayate finally told Luca the truth.

He was not confessing to the right person.

It might be the worst possible way for Luca to hear the truth from Hayate. Luca wasn’t ready in any way. Hayate spoke not to her, but to Miki and Risa. There was no apologies before or after the truth was revealed. All Luca had received was a big shock, without anyone offering help to her. It was the exact manner Hayate did not want to show Luca while telling her the truth: the blunt way.

The funny thing is, he has been using “I don’t think it is a time I can tell her the truth tactfully!” as an excuse for quite some chapters, yet he ended up exposing the truth to her most tactlessly. Honestly, you deserved it, Hayate.

"Stay away from me, jerk!"

The shock was too much for Luca to take, and she turned into cat form. She quickly jumped away from him, and made it clear that she didn’t want him to come any closer. She received a phone call telling her to go to work, and she answered it in a lifeless monotone. She decided to leave Hayate and the others without saying anything more than a farewell, and turned down Hayate’s offer to see her off…

This was so very strange, and even Risa (an idiot) and Hayate (the heartless gigolo) could see that Luca might be mad at him. He decided to do what he (seemingly) always had to do: to catch up with a girl and apologize. He then bumped into Kotetsu, who arrived at the infirmary, possibly looking for Izumi. I repeat, possibly

The true end of the series. Everybody's happy.

But then, as Hayate bumped into him, nothing else on Earth was important to Kotetsu any more. He gave Hayate a big hug, and was absolutely delighted. Hayate, on the other hand, was most displeased. He gave Kotetsu yet another big punch, and blamed him for all the mess that came along with his first cross-dressing. Well, of course if Kotetsu never asked him to wear the maid dress in the first place, Luca would never have met Maid Star. But then, Hayate contributed a lot on his own initiative in this mess, so… was he really in the position to blame Kotetsu?

So, Hayate spent at least one minute on Kotetsu, and when he resumed the task of chasing after Luca, she was already gone. Then, he met Nagi and Chiharu.

"Same as usual, huh, Hayate?"

Hayate did not really know how to explain, but Nagi read his mind (or the situation) and came to a conclusion. Although she only said “You have done it again, haven’t you?”, Hayate knew exactly what she was talking about, and he answered her properly. Nagi then told Hayate to not to worry about her, and just keep doing what he was supposed to do. Hayate thanked her and went off again.

Other girls in this series must be very jealous of Nagi, for she could understand Hayate without words. She knew that Hayate was incapable of expressing himself properly with words, so she developed her own way to communicate with him, and that has been very successful. After all, they had faced so many things together, and in Athens he once again vowed to protect Nagi forever. She understood him and he understood her. Romantically or not, the understanding between them was the  most effective and efficient.

On a side note, we could see that if Hata intended to highlight a relationship between two characters, he could do it in one or two pages. He certainly had the ability to send messages to readers. The only thing is whether we like the message he sends or not…

The whole thing was really embarrassing...

Meanwhile, Luca was alone on the street, beginning to absorb the fact that “Hayate-san was in fact Hayate-kun”. She then blushed and thought that it would be too embarrassing to see him again. So there comes another problem: If Luca could not face Hayate again, the Luca-Hayate-Hina trio would not function well in the Doujinshi Showdown. If Hayate would remain on Luca’s side – at least until the June 12 Doujinshi Showdown, the two of them had to see each other again. How could that be done?

In any case, Hata promised on his BS that the next chapter would see the end of the “Hayate’s identity crisis”. Whether any other new problems would arise, though, is another matter. How would Hayate apologize to Luca? What would make Luca to face Hayate again? How would both Nagi and Luca work on their doujinshis? Let’s look forward to the next chapter!

14 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 326

  1. Well I say it’s about time this hole trap-arc thing is about to be finished. Sure I feel sorry for Hayate but I feel more sorry for Luca. Hayate’s been through worse anyway. Never expected the truth to be revealed in such an….interesting way…oh wait yes I did.

  2. Kotetsu may be one to blame, but these shenanigans won’t happen if Hayate didn’t comply to his request on the first place, right?

  3. Ah yes, the ”boy who sees a girl naked, no matter who came in first, is at fault” rule. A rule that has pervaded the anime/manga world for many, many years and has caused untold suffering to many male anime characters especially the innocent and least perverted boys. A very unfair rule it is and one day it must be broken. Now that you mention it, Hayate and Nagi’s relationship still remains the strongest in the series despite many others supporting HayatexHina, HayatexAyumu and others. On another note, Luca’s reaction to the truth turned out just as imagined by Hayate, a very funny reaction. Does this mean that Luca is more embarrased than angry at Hayate?

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