Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 301

Alice in the Wonderland.

So, the little girl who, according to Hayate, looked so alike Athena pointed at Hina and said she was “Mama”.

The girl looked like she was at least 6 or 7 years old, and given that Hina was only 16, it was quite impossible for her to give birth to this child. Anyone with the slightest bit of common sense should know this, and would look for alternate explanations rather than to take the girl’s words very seriously.

The fools...

Unfortunately, Hina was surrounded by fools. So, we could see that both Risa and Izumi got all excited by this piece of “news”, and they began to make fun of Hina. Hina intended to declare her virginity, but the other two girls made fun of her even harder by saying that she was a pervert.

Well, well, your words were a bit out of bounds, Hina. What’s with that, anyway? “I’ve never had a kid or even done the things that lead to having a kid”? You might have been making your declaration a little too directly. But then, considering that she was in a state of desperation, this might simply be a slip of the tongue. Anyway, it was very funny.

Everyone else was looking ahead, but Hina was looking at Hayate.

Hayate then asked the little girl who her “Papa” was, and – as many of you had expected – she pointed at Hayate. With the third fool finally joining the discussion, the whole “Papa, Mama and the child” thing began to go out of control…

Well, Hayate, next time you better mind your own business. Whom Hina goes out with, or with whom she gives birth to a child, has absolutely nothing to do with you, am I right or am I not right?

It was actually very amusing that Hayate believed what the little girl had said, and seriously thought that he and Hina had a child. When Risa asked him when did the two of them had a child, he went into deep thoughts, and came to an answer: “Could it have been when…?”

Why do I have the feeling that they were having fun...?

That was enough. No matter what Hayate was going to say, his “confession” would mean that he did that sort of things with Hina, and no girl would want to be thought that they had done those things if in fact they had not. This is not about love or hate, but about a girl’s reputation and dignity. So, Hina decided that the big mouth of Hayate must be shut, and she drew the Shirosakura out of thin air and strike at Hayate.

Honestly, I am very interested in what Hayate would say. Surely, when? What kind of interaction between him and Hina did he think was capable of giving birth to a child? Holding her hands? Or grabbing her from behind? If so, you are truly hopeless, man.

To be fair, though, his line was the funniest thing in this chapter.

Coolness in the highest.

Aika watched as Hayate struggled for his life under the Shirosakura, and she immediately recognized the sword. The little girl then ran to her, and the two talked in undertone. The Shirosakura was referred to as what was needed for the girl to regain power. It also seemed that an outer source told them that Hina was the current wielder of the sword. Aika asked if the little girl would want to show her “that thing”, and the little girl pulled out a tag with a drying battery on it, while Aika doubted whether it would be enough as an explanation…

In short, the girl needed the Shirosakura, and for that she would have to approach Hina. So far this is all that we know, and I think the plans of the girl should be revealed in future chapters. In any case, Hina and her sword had been targeted, and it is more probable than not that Hina would (finally) be in non-romantic troubles. Let’s see if anyone would be there to help or save her, or else she would have to fight through her problems on her own.

She was giving the ring back to him...

Their discussion was interrupted by Hayate, who asked Aika about the child. Aika said that the little girl was a princess of a certain country – just which country was it exactly, nobody cared – who had to leave her Royal Family for 3 months for training. Aika suggested that the little princess had to stay in a normal house, but for her safety there must be someone to take care of her, and it would be best if someone like Hayate could be her butler.

Sounds like the feeblest excuse in the entire series to me…

The little girl spoke of the difficulties that come with “Royalty”, and that if Hayate became her butler, she would reward him with her “sign of love” – the ring so much alike the one Hayate had given Athena in the past. All of these confirmed Hayate’s intuition that the little girl was indeed Athena. That would be the main reason for him to accept the task to look after the little girl. He then offered her, and probably Aika too, to live in the Violet Mansion, so that he could be her (or their) butler.

This is hardly the sort of language I expect when a daughter is addressing her mother.

The little girl then turned to Hina, and although she called Hina “Hinagiku-san” instead of “Mama”, she said that she “recognized” Hina as her mother, so Hina would have to come along with her. With absolutely no idea what was happening, Hina obeyed. She didn’t even ask why, as Aika was already looking after her, the little girl did not “recognize” Aika as her mother. Well, a simple answer was at the ready, so it would make no difference whether she asked or not.

Hayate introduced the little girl to Maria as “Alice-chan”. This little girl shall hereby be referred to as “Alice” in my blog, until she introduced herself again by any other name. Maria did not seem too reluctant to let another tenant in, but simply asked if it was really alright. Hayate said it would not be a problem because Alice would have him as butler, and that Hina would also be moving in. Well, he was quite sure Hina would be helpful instead of causing more trouble, wasn’t he?

Domestic crisis.

Hina was not impressed by this suggestion. She thought that she only needed to accompany Alice to the Violet Mansion, but now Hayate said without her consent that she would be moving in. She began to argue with Hayate, but she couldn’t really explain why she was so reluctant to move in. In the end, she simply blushed and ran away.

As we know that Alice would need Hina’s help, she would not let Hina go this easily. She clearly told Hayate that she would have to live with Hina in this place, and he must get Hina back here. So does it mean that there is nowhere for Hina to escape this time…?

Hina's mental images are always funny.

There might be a lot of reasons for Hina to be so reluctant to move in. She was a person who loved her family very much, so she might not want to leave the Katsura Household. She might not have the money to move in, and asking her family to pay the rent would be very irresponsible. She might not be happy with the facilities in the Violet Mansion. But in the end, none of these were relevant, as she was preoccupied with one single reason: It would be too embarrassing to live with Hayate, because if she was to move in, Hayate and her might start playing the “happy couple” game (again). She thought she should be calling Hayate “honey”, and she just could not bring herself to do so. Well, actually, nobody expected you to do that…

With this we could actually know more about Hina’s love philosophy. She often pictured what it would be like to be romantically involved with Hayate, but these mental images were all too embarrassing for her to do in real life. She couldn’t do what she thought she ought to be doing, so she got all frustrated because there has been no progress in line with her imaginations.

It might not always be the case, but her ridiculous mental images were actually hindering her progress. So, just think a little bit less, Hina.

Mama ran away from home and Papa went chasing after her... Now I am having a headache.

Hayate went after Hina, but then he asked himself a very valid question: What am I supposed to do? Indeed, he would need to think of how to persuade Hina to move in, and… does anyone have any good idea? I had been thinking for hours, but I couldn’t come with any good arguments to get Hina into the Mansion.

Personally I look forward to a meaningful and serious discussion between Hayate and Hina, for I have said more than once that these two needed to talk. However, as this is Hayate no Gotoku! and the author being Hata, this might be a wishful thinking.

Nagi would sleep over the year...

Let’s see what Hayate would do in the next chapter! It would again be another two-week wait, for New Year is coming. The next issue of Shonen Sunday would be published on 4 January 2011, so let’s look forward to that!

Merry Christmas!

39 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 301

    • This reminds me of one thing. I made some predictions on who would be moving into the Violet Mansion back in the Ch. 277 report, and now it seems that three of those whom I predicted as least likely to move in are moving in…

      This might be yet another piece of evidence that I am poor at predictions, but doesn’t it, to a certain extent, show just how awkward the situation is?

  1. Woah this would be so awesome with hayate’s misunderstandings imagine stuff going on with him and hina in the violet mansion *nosebleed* Should be awesome…. A very good christmas present and thanks for sharing the text spoilers

  2. Little Athena’s reunion with her butler.
    Aika at the Violet Mansion. Geh, who I’m want to read this shit? Most likely, every person there is already dead…through nosebleed. And I’m gonna follow you.

  3. first of all thanks and I hope it’s true. I think this arc is going to be interesting. and I say the love triangle! jejej thanks ^_^

  4. “Hayate asked the little girl who the father was, and the little girl pointed at him. Hayate tried to recall something happened between him and Hina “at that time” that led to them having a child, and for that stupidity he was given a Shirosakura strike.”

    ROFL I called that. And you said it wouldn’t happen!

    “And I think Chibi-Athena would not be calling Hayate papa. Even if she would do so, both Hayate and Hina would deny it, so that piece of scandal would not be sinking into anyone’s mind. ”

    I feel good lol.

  5. The text spoilers are confirmed true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve got some pictures here,maybe you can upload them here doughnut gunso 😀

  6. I just read the Chinese scans, really hilarious chapter (came out about 2-3 hours ago xD)


    Spoilers pretty much sum up everything, but reading the chapter really makes you feel that something weird is going on.


    “Alice” is truly suspicious. From what I can tell, she does have a motive for approaching Hinagiku and the rest. Assuming that Alice really is Athena (pretty much confirmed, but we’re talking about Hata…), I can come up with some possible “motives”; but before that, some important facts.

    Alice mentions that Shirosakura is necessary to obtain the “power”. By this, I assume that it is the power of royalty.
    It is also mentioned that a certain source of information has notified Aika/Alice of the change in possession of the Shirosakura.
    Alice heavily emphasises the need to get Hinagiku’s cooperation, her story of needing Hina as the “mother” is probably just a lie to convince Hinagiku to work with her.
    Alice wanted to explain the situation to Hinagiku by showing her a certain object.

    From that, the most probable motive would be:
    To retrieve the Power of Royalty, which was apparently taken from the Royal Garden. This much I can predict; but there are many pieces of the puzzle that are missing, one of it being the object that Alice wanted to show Hinagiku.

    If that is the case, another question pops up- Why does Alice/Athena want the Power of Royalty?

    1) Mikado. The two worked together in the past and may still be working together to obain the Power of Royalty. This is rather unlikely, in my opinion.

    2) Ikusa. This one gets rather complicated… The limits and possibilities of the Power of Royalty has yet to be disclosed; we do not know what it is capable of and whether it can really help Hayate find his long lost brother. What Athena said in Chp. 300 may hinting at this possibility.

    3) Something else, probably related to the picture of the 28th (is that the number?)

    Really want to know what happens next, but it’ll be another 2 weeks till the next chapter…

    • Very nice summary.

      My guess is that Alice wanted Hina to re-open the Royal Garden with the Shirosakura. Isumi read something like “Holding the sword, declaring justice, and the road should be opened” from the mural in the undergrounds of Nagi’s house on Mykonos Island, and I always think that it refers to the Shirosakura.

    • I read them. But then I think I would still capture the English pics released by xNothingx. 😉

    • Back in Ch. 258, when Hina volunteered to go and save “Tennosu-san and the others” (That’s her own words, so in a sense Hayate has also been regarded by Hina as “others” as well. :P), Ginka simply pulled the Shirosakura out of Machina’s head and gave it to Hina.

      It just happened that Hina never returned the sword to Machina. To be fair to her though, just how…? 😀

    • It has powerful strikes, and it can take you flying – something that the current wielder would not appreciate a lot. XD

  7. Just read a chapter. Hilarious, how Athena and Aika framed Hina, and then
    >will you be my butler?
    I snapped. Thanks God, there were no “…again?”, but whatever, touching as it already is.

  8. It is indeed a hilarious chapter.

    Still, when I read it over and over again, I felt a bit uneasy. I can’t put it into words clearly, like, this kind of development usually makes us Hina-chan fans expect something between Hayate and Hina-chan, but in the end, it turns out to be all ship-teasing.

    Hina-chan is totally oblivious of Aika and A-tan’s plot, and Hayate shows signs of recognizing that little Alice girl, and seems to “obey” her absolutely.

    The most noticeable thing in this chapter, in my opinion, is when Alice shows Hayate the ring, saying it is the proof of love. This, once again, stirs up Hayate’s inner feeling.

    I don’t know what Hata-sensei is thinking, but I just can’t shake the feeling of the advent of another “Silky Heart,” except it would be even a much worse one for Hina-chan. If you think about it carefully, isn’t the appearance of A-tan a sign that there would be some lovey-dovey scene between her and Hayate at the end of the current arc? What would Hina-chan do at that time except looking at those two and crying secretly?

    I know what I said above was weird, but you see, I can’t help it after reading this chapter.

    I HOPE I was WRONG… I really do…

    • I can understand your concern as a fan of Hinagiku, but I hunch that Athena is merely a “tool” of sort to advance the plot.

      The main interaction within this arc is very likely to be between Hinagiku/Hayate; Athena is very likely to adopt a rather cold attitude this time around. Check out that page:
      Notice Athena’s expression, she looks really serious about getting Hinagiku to help her find uncover the power. Its plain speculation, but I strongly feel that Athena really desperately wants to find and perhaps harness this power.

      ” If you think about it carefully, isn’t the appearance of A-tan a sign that there would be some lovey-dovey scene between her and Hayate at the end of the current arc?”
      Unlilkely. I have a strong feeling that this arc aims to provide information about the Ikusa/Power of Royalty arc. Remember how the End of the World arc led up to the Athena arc? Remember how Aika picked up the King’s Jewel at the end of that arc?
      The focus of the story is very likely to change after the manga clears the doujinshi arc, what I’m thinking is:
      Athena Arc- Ends with Aika picking up King’s Jewel, foreshadows her involvement with Athena/Power of Royalty

      Alice Arc (Predictions)- Ends with Athena/Alice leaving silently before Hayate can ask anymore questions. Leaves behind some hint of the next arc
      Doujinshi Arc pt. 2- ???

      Power of Royalty Arc (predicted)- Some stuff happens

      Between the current arc and the Power of Royalty Arc (predicted), I doubt that Athena will have much interactions with the other casts in HnG. Athena will probably be the one that will be pushing the plot and answering all the questions we have.

      Also, since Nagi/Maria/Chiharu/Athena are out of the picture for now (probably), Hayate is likely to interact more with Hinagiku. However if Hinagiku does confess her feelings at this point, it may lead to an undesirable end (Hayate has a lot of things to be worried about ATM).

      To make a long story short:
      1) Athena is probably way too focused on her mission
      2) Athena will be interacting with the plot more than with the characters
      3) Most female characters are out of picture, more HayateXHina

      However, their (Hina/Hayate) relationship will probably be at a standstill for a bit, even if Hinagiku gets a chance to confess; knowing Hayate, he’ll apologise and talk about Nagi again.
      Heck, as long as Nagi is around, its unlikely that Hayate will get into any relationship at all.

      BTW, I foresee IkusaXAthena, would be pretty amazing 😛

    • @ Stormbringer

      “Silky Heart” was a really big blow for Hina because it took her totally by surprise. She suddenly came to realize that Hayate had loved someone else for 10 years. She had been late from the beginning, and there was almost nothing she could do about it.

      In the current arc, Hina could witness all the things coming with her own eyes: The appearance of Alice, possibly a.k.a. the return of Athena, the interaction between Alice and Hayate and Nagi, and the plan Alice and Aika had on her and her sword. She could observe and have her own ideas about the situation, so even if the news would again be bad for her, at least it wouldn’t be too much a shock.

      The whole “she dumped me” thing back in Ch. 266 turned out to be untrue, and – as far as we know – Hina was the only one presented with this piece of false information. If Hina had to be given the truth, better sooner than later.

      Provided that Hina did not become as stupid as her subordinates all of a sudden, I think this arc could do her some good, no matter it is a ship-builder or a ship-crusher.

      Other than the ship, actually I am more worried about Hina’s own life. We do not know how Hina could help Alice, in what ways she had to be involved, and what she would have to give up. In the worst case, she might have to be killed…

      And, let’s face it, if Hayate were asked to choose between the life of Athena or Hina, we ALL know which one would be the safer bet.

    • @ Zack

      I don’t really know if Hayate and Hina could talk properly in the next chapter. Given Hata’s habit to do crazy things, he might just blow up Hina’s house, or have Hayate said something that led to Hina misunderstanding that he loved her and wanted her to live with him.

      In either case I am almost certain that my Year 2011 wouldn’t have a happy start.

  9. So many Hina fans, pitying theirs lady…
    About love side of the story. Hata, in fact, if he’s not plotting something incredibly incredible and unpredictable, is in a trap.
    Hayate with Nagi/Hina/whatever would be lame as hell, I know that it’s hard to admit, especially if you like Nagi/Hina, but it’s true. Such an end would require freaking amounts of asspulls and one more pandering fest for %chosengirl%
    At the same time, “Hayate x Athena end” won’t be especially happy as well, since it’s a synonym for a Walrus Punch for other girls, not mentioning their fans :3.

    IMHO, Hata is going to solve whole love trouble with a time altering, since it’s easiest way possible.
    Like…1)Hayate, who won’t ever say Those Horrible Words to Athena, and
    1a)They are imprisoned at the Royal Garden together forever
    1b)They break out and then HARMONY AND HAPPINESS
    2)Hayate, who won’t even ever meet her and ‘ll live normal and happy life, probably ending up with hamster
    3)(put your fantasies there, dirty fans)

    Well, just my opinion.

    • Well, what’s the problem with Hina fans talking about Hina on the blog of a Hina fan? 😉

      You have your opinion, and I have mine, and other people have theirs. You might think a Hayate-Hina ending is lame like Hell, but so what? I like it.

      So do some other people. 😉

    • I wasn’t trying to offend anyone, seriously.:(
      And there is no problem with Hina fans, I understand them quite good(:

      Still, “lame” is not about my/yours preferences, it’s about unavoidable plot-and-characters butchering. Maybe Hina x Hayate even will be nice, but watch above, it would require Hayate to abandon his love-of-the-whole-life out of the blue(already quite lame…), and then-to abandon his Master(even more lame), not talking about sudden falling in love with someone else.
      You, most likely, won’t like such a characters-butchering development, even if you are die-hard Hina fan.(:

    • You talked about “out of the blue” and “all of a sudden”. Of course I would not like Hayate falling for Hina all of a sudden, forgetting Athena out of the blue, and abandoning Nagi without notice. But then, given that the series is not likely to end soon, Hata could have more than enough time to write his plot so that things don’t happen “all of a sudden”.

      Who knows anything about the future plot? We cannot even tell for now what kind of impact the current arc would have on those who are living in the Violet Mansion. Any long-term development is so far unforeseeable to me. I doubt if you could do a better job on this, so never say never to any kind of development.

      And no, I never thought that Hayate had to abandon his service to Nagi in order to love another girl, unless his service involved marrying his own master. So far, although Nagi clearly stated that she wanted Hayate to stay with her forever, she never asked him to marry her.

      Hayate is currently serving Nagi, not Athena. I don’t really know why Hayate loving Hina would cause the problem of “abandoning his master”, while loving Athena would not.

    • >is not likely to end soon
      Yeah. With such a pace…3 months at the Violet Mansion…Certainly, this manga will never end.

      And then, Hayate serving his Lady and openly loving Hina will be at the very least pathetic looking. Not talkin’ about Nagi’s reaction.

      Well, those predictions are lame as well.
      Hata will judge us (:

  10. I want to ask something….In which chapter Hina met Athena for the first time and she gave her nickname “A-tan”…
    Also is there a forum in this website I can ask questions about hayate series?

    • 1. The mechanism remains unknown, but Athena needs a powerful sword in a powerful place for her restoration.

      2. The uniform was brought by Aika. Ayumu, who figured that Hina was Silver Red, decided to dress her up, so that Hina could tell Ayumu whatever she had to say, because Ayumu can take any words from the hero.

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