Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 349

Come on! Don't think, just GET FAT!

Maria decided to grow corn in her garden. Everybody likes it – everybody, including humans and pigeons. So, soon after Maria planted the corn seeds, pigeons came feeding on them. At this rate, it is very unlikely that any corn would grow out of the soil. It might be more fruitful to simply hunt for the pigeon meat instead.

Having nothing to do, Nagi checked the mailbox, and found some fliers from Ramen Russia. There was a new menu – a certain Sapporo Borscht Ramen – and it looked so delicious on the flyer, that Nagi was tempted to try it. The flyer was an instant success.

Sometimes this guy acts almost like a robot.

Nagi went to Hayate and talked about ramen. Hayate automatically turned to the kitchen to make some. However, this time Nagi did not want his ramen. She wanted the – What is it again? – Sapporo Borscht Ramen from Ramen Russia. It is quite possible that Nagi would remain determined to try that particular ramen, even if better options came up at a later time.

Hayate was of the opinion that ramen shops don’t sell good ramen. They are full of enhancers, too much meat and too little vegetable. Hayate was worried that such unhealthy food would do no good to Nagi’s body, and that she would never grow tall – typical parental care. Yet, as Nagi persisted, Hayate gave in and went for Maria’s permission – typical parental child-spoiling.

Nagi was in poverty, but her meals were better than mine!

Going out for ramen means not having dinner at home, so it also means that Maria did not have to cook dinner. So, if Maria had already started cooking dinner, Nagi would not be allowed to have ramen for dinner. This train of logic makes little sense, but this is the exact case Hayate was facing. To make things worse, Maria was preparing an extremely luxurious dinner, so Hayate couldn’t even try asking Maria to abort cooking.

You have to wonder what kind of “poverty” Nagi was living in, having this sort of dinner. It is absolutely not the kind of poverty which could qualify as “the biggest trial in Nagi’s life”, to say the very least. As such, I would suggest in my next Featured Article that the said trial is never about Nagi’s living standard.

As there was no way to stop Maria cooking dinner, Hayate had to look for a Plan B. As Ramen Russia stays open until morning, Nagi could go there later at night. A few hours after dinner would be enough for Nagi to go a little hungry again, so they could have ramen by then. This plan sounded pretty good, and Nagi gladly accepted it.

Mark her words and then turn 6 pages later.

If you are going to have a very good dinner, surely you would restrain yourself at lunch. So, in order to have a good night snack, Nagi restrained herself at dinner. Maria, having no idea about Nagi’s plan, was worried. Just like Hayate, she would want Nagi to have proper meals rather than things like ramen… Now wait, so Maria disapproved of ramen! That would be the real trouble. It had nothing to do with Maria’s cooked dinner any more, because no matter whether she had already prepared dinner or not, she would never allow Nagi to have such unhealthy food as ramen.

So, in order to go out to the ramen shop, the first thing Nagi and Hayate had to do was to persuade Maria that ramen was actually good. Their first attempt was to ask some charismatic person to talk about ramen, and Hayate thought of Hina. His “trick” was actually simple: he just asked Hina whether she liked ramen or not, and after she said yes, allow her to go on elaborating everything herself. Girls love talking, after all.

Nobody knows what Hayate would do if Hina said that she didn’t like ramen…

Hina accepted those improper manners were part of her life.

Luckily, Hina did like ramen, and that had much to do with her childhood. Back when they were living a hard life after being abandoned by their biological parents, Yukiji used to make bagged ramen. The food was simple, and the table manner was bad (Honestly, what kind of table manner do you call this?). Everything looked so embarrassing, but it was good old memory for Hina – so good that she shared it with her friends. It showed that Hina did not try to deny her shameful (sort of) days now that she was a rich and elegant girl, and that is something to be appreciated. A lot of people choose to deny their old and ugly self.

The main problem with Hina’s story is that she mentioned a specific kind of ramen which probably only she (and her sister) would enjoy. An egg on bagged ramen was not a good recipe, so it wouldn’t motivate people to try ramen. “Yea, an egg on bagged ramen – so what?” It might actually be what Maria was thinking. Clearly, Hayate’s attempt and Hina’s story did not convince Maria.

From what I could see, she only cared about the one trillion copies.

Kayura criticized Hayate as being “indirect”, and she had a point. Hayate and Nagi needed to tell Maria exactly why ramen was worth a try, but Hayate ran the risk of beating around the bush by asking a third party to make a comment. After all, the third party – Hina – did not know what he wanted from her, and he did not know what she thought about ramen. As a result, Hina said what she honestly thought, but which was clearly not helpful.

To do it more directly, Kayura asked Nagi to think about things in terms of manga. If there were anything Nagi wanted to tell, she also had to do it via manga. Somehow, Kayura gives me the impression that she was not missing any chance in training Nagi as a trillion-selling mangaka.

Nagi gave her shot, and drew a page of manga about Britney eating ramen with both her hands. Unfortunately, as Nagi showed no growth as a mangaka, her manga remained hard to understand, so her thought could not get through to Maria.

6 pages later.

Just as Hayate and Nagi went out of idea, they found that their previous attempts had managed to “brainwash” Maria. All of a sudden, she had forgotten how unhealthy ramen was, and she wanted to try some. As she would go to the ramen shop herself, everybody would be allowed to go as well.

We could see how everyone enjoyed their ramen. Alice said that it was the first time she had ramen – as the memories of Tennonsu Athena were lost, we wouldn’t know if Athena had had ramen before. Hina showed that she had a strong appetite by ordering ramen and gyoza for two, and she actually have the answer to the dilemma in the chapter title: If you don’t want to get fat, go jogging every day. Chiharu was not having anything, although she might share some with Hina. Nagi finally got to try the ramen she wanted, and obviously she enjoyed it. Kayura exclaimed that ramen was culture, and Maria – who disapproved of ramen a few hours ago – agreed.

Maria's pigeon garden.

Maria then mentioned that when the corn in her garden finally grew, she would make some ramen full of corn. Yet, as we had suggested at the beginning of this Review, it might be easier to get pigeon meat from the garden. So, is it possible that they would have ramen full of pigeon meat in the end?

15 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 349

  1. Alright, a chapter about Ramen. I happen to like Ramen though the ones I eat are imported instead of the ones directly from a Ramen stall or shop in Japan, -sigh-.

    In the picture, is Maria wearing the summer version of her maid outfit and is that little Hinagiku? Can’t tell since her head looks the same.

    • Yes, I think that would be Maria’s summer maid outfit. As for Hina, I have been wondering that too, and given the context I am of the opinion that it was a younger Hina, about 8 or 9 years old.

    • not sure about the age, it could be any after Hina was 6 years old since thats the time onward she is with her older sister and they are left with the 80 million yen debt. Possibly a flashback memory

  2. Wow, been a while since the last time I commented on your blog, sarge.

    So her favorite food was Burgers, curry, and now Ramen is revealed? Interesting.

    As for that Hina on that panel, I think it’s the youunger her; since I doubt you would wear a coat(?) Like that in the summer; it’s hot, you know. Well, maybe.

    • That was the addition of the Chinese scanlators. Some people do notice it, but they are not discussing it.

  3. This is not the first manga to make me wanna try ramen from Japan. Though it wasn’t shown, I somehow got the feeling that the owner of that Ramen shop could be the same mustached muscle-man who owned a Ramen shop in the middle of the forest that Nagi got lost in.

    Hopefully the later chapters will show how Maria eventually deals with the pigeon problem. Funny how the previous chapter also had ramen in it but it was the instant-type and it was covered by a large mosaic.

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