Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 344

Nagi would have some thinking to do.

In the last chapter, Kayura proved herself to be an “elite otaku”, so Hayate invited her to advise Nagi on making manga. He hoped that Kayura could act as Nagi’s “high spec adviser”, just like Hina acted as Ruka’s.

Kayura refused. I invited my readers to speculate on Kayura’s reason (or excuse). It turned out that… well, Kayura simply thought that it was not entirely proper to begin advising Nagi after knowing her for only a few hours, and that she was already very busy reading manga. So, we might say that “She thought it was troublesome” is the correct answer.

What kind of an example?

Nagi was very disappointed. We could tell that she also very much wanted to have Kayura help her, but now she could not get it. The only other choice she could think of, was to ask Hina to teach her how to draw manga. Being turned down by an elite and forced to seek help from an amateur was very disheartening.

Kayura could saw that Nagi was depressed, so she suggested cosplaying as a way to cheer her up. Without waiting for a proper answer from Nagi, she began stripping off her clothes – right in front of Hayate.

Once again Hayate behaved like a complete saint or a complete jerk. He actually said that he did not mind a girl stripping in front of him. Well, you might say that it was because he was sexually immune to 13-year-olds, but still it was a girl he was facing…

It looks very good!

Mysteriously, in the end Kayura was wearing her own clothes, while Nagi was the one who cosplayed. She wore a costume which remind me of Robin Hood, and Kayura referred to it as “a hero from older ages”. The true identity of the hero is not important, for Kayura referred to it as “an original hero”, anyway.

Kayura asked Nagi if she could cheer up wearing a hero’s costume and feeling like a hero, but Nagi said she couldn’t. Kayura concluded that Nagi wasn’t that kind of hero who could fight against evil with his own power. In other words, Nagi would need her power.

Special Ones should do special things.

So Kayura offered her advices. She recited Hina’s advices word by word, but then told Nagi to not to adopt such a “common methodology”. According to her, ordinary methodology would not give birth to an extraordinary manga which could sell trillions of copies, so it is not the methodology Nagi should take.

There had never beena manga which had sold a trillion of copies, so Nagi would be making something nobody had ever made before. As such, there is nobody who could guide her, and she would have to find the way by herself. As what she would be making something extraordinary, there is a good chance that only few could understand what she was doing. As such, she shouldn’t be afraid of isolation from the ordinary people.

"If you don't believe yourself then work, for you work because you believe yourself." This is a typical circular argument.

So, what should Nagi do? She should believe in herself, and judge her manga for herself. If she had no confidence in herself, she should just keep on working. Instead of following the rules set by others, she should make the world following her rules. She should be the leader, not the follower.

So… What should we say about Kayura’s advices? Basically, she spoke of what geniuses are doing in the world. We know that the ideas of some geniuses are just so extraordinary that nobody understand them at all. They are isolated, and people think they are “freaks”. However, they never compromise with the ordinary people, and in the end they make the world into obeying them. It seems that Kayura thought Nagi was that kind of genius, so she suggested Nagi to do things like the geniuses: Believe in herself, keep working, and never care what the others say. Such methodology make a lot of geniuses successful, so in a sense it was a great advice to Nagi.

Kayura made it sound like she was proposing...

Yet, it is a very, very risky methodology. It encourages people to be extremely self-centred and stubborn, and anyone who follows this approach would actually isolate himself from the world. Of course, many geniuses push the world below them, but even more talented people destroy themselves through self-isolation. Even Nagi sensed that something was wrong in Kayura’s words, and protested that she did not want nobody reading her manga.

However, Kayura gave Nagi her word that she would read whatever Nagi wrote. So, even if the whole world turned against Nagi, at least she would never be alone. Kayura promised that she would be Nagi’s fan, no matter what. That, above all, gave Nagi the courage to start working again. This time, she would not ask anyone for advices, but do whatever she thought was right.

Second rise from the second fall.

Actually, I can’t help but thinking that the plot is doing a back-flip, and we are starting all over again. Nagi realized that her manga was bad through Ashibashi-sensei, and later she understood that she could only make good manga with passion. She used her passion in the wrong way and had a sour defeat in Comisun, and now she was told that her only way to succeed was to trust herself and do whatever she thought was right. Now we are back to square one: Nagi thought that she was good, and she drew manga in the way she liked but nobody would understand, and there is no practical suggestion available to make things better for her.

The thing here is that, after going through two emotional roller-coasters, had Nagi learnt anything positive from this? Or, just like a roller-coaster, we come back to where we had started, after several minutes of entertainment? In any case, I do not feel like Kayura’s words would be of great help to Nagi at all, other than giving her a powerful emotional lift.

A bit too early for that compliment, I would say.

Would Nagi be able to bring the world under her feet with her own powers? Or would Nagi, in the end, need the so-called Hina methodology? Hata himself wrote something quite interesting on his BS:

“What Hinagiku had taught Ruka was the methodology on skills and how to sell. What Kayura had taught Nagi was the philosophy, without thinking at all of selling.

Hinagiku’s methodology and Kayura’s philosophy – you would need both to make a good manga. With only one of them, you still cannot master the skills.”

It means that, if Nagi was to make the ultimate manga, she would need advices from both Hina and Kayura. In other words, Kayura is not offering advices to replace, but to complete, Hina’s. Yet, it remains to be seen if these two advisers would meet and co-operate. But, if Hina would turn to help Nagi in the end, then what about Ruka…?

I intended to discuss more about whether Kayura’s advices were good, but then I have changed my mind, and decide to set up a poll asking for your opinions. It is always better to have more voices, so please vote and comment!

7 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 344

  1. So if Ruka’s, with Hinagiku’s advice, manga is a normal manga that appeals to normal people of all ages, then Nagi should make a manga with some kind of “pazzaz” that would have a sort of impact on anyone reading it. Wouldn’t it be interesting if she made a manga based on Hayate’s life?

  2. a piece of additional spoiler: Kayura just casually changed in front of Hayate when doing cosplay with Nagi…

  3. good chapter i liked it hey dough are you going to put something here this friday well since its hayate birthday(the character not the manga)

  4. yep, waiting for Hayate’s birthday here as well, though it has already started if you go with Tokyo’s time zone…

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