Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 320

Only Hayate and Nagi are fully coloured, the others are in a shade of purple.

On a certain day in the Student Council Room, Hayate told Hina (more or less) the full story of all his past meetings with Luca. Hina told Hayate to tell Luca the truth the next time the met, while Hayate told her that he had always wanted to do so. Just then, Hayate received a text message from Luca, and then he asked Hina to lend him her clothes.

As he explained to Hina the necessity to borrow her clothes, we could see that Hayate was extremely protective of Luca. He went as far as suggesting that the “ugly truth” would be too shocking for Luca that she would hang herself, or at least would affect her work.

Hina couldn’t really argue against the latter. It wasn’t Luca’s fault that she thought Hayate was a girl, and it was not fair to her if her work was affected. But then, she had to know the truth, and better sooner than later.

"No self-awareness" again, huh?

After some thoughts, Hina made a decision: She would lend Hayate her uniform, and began taking it off right in front of Hayate…

It wasn’t really that she gave in to Hayate’s request, because she demanded an exchange: She had to go with Hayate and meet Luca. She wanted to see if her own eyes whether Hayate could tell Luca the truth without giving her a big shock. In other words, she demanded Hayate to solve his “gender crisis” in this meeting.

That might explain why Hina chose to lend her uniform, instead of her casual wear, to Hayate. She wanted Hayate to promise to take her to meeting Luca, and to tell her the truth, immediately. After all, she had already begun taking off her uniform, what room has been left for Hayate to say no?

Blushing, but with full determination.

I don’t really know whether Hina acknowledged it or not, but she was stepping into another risky business. Of course it would be trully wonderful if she helped Hayate resolving his “gender problem” with Luca, but if anything went wrong – resulting in that Hayate remained unable to tell Luca the truth, Hina would be seen as Hayate’s accomplice in such a lie. This is no doubt an unfair accusation, as other characters who had met Luca said nothing to clear up the misunderstanding as well, but since when had the world been fair…?

On the brighter side of things, Hina has had a very good track record when it comes to solving Hayate’s problems. Whenever she helped, to whatever extent, Hayate’s trouble would be finished. If Hata isn’t so keen as to destroying Hina’s reputation as an excellent problem-solver, we could trust her this time, just as much as before.

Seriously, Hayate could have no more complaints against Hina. She promised to help him, and she kept her words, even when his request was clearly against her will. Nobody in the world who hates you would help you this much, man.

This is a good show. No doubt about it.

This day, Luca was on a radio show. You might say that she was being rude to the host (and perhaps her fans as well), but the fact is that her way was motivating. Audience (including me) enjoyed the small bickerings between their idol and the host, and her fans were certainly amused by her order to buy presents for her. What’s more, she apologized to the host after the show for confronting her. With that, she eusured good relationships both with the fans and her workmates. If you want to know what makes a popular idol, just look at Luca.

Luca looked extremely exhausted in Atsumari’s car, but it was not all because of working. She has been thinking quite a lot on her manga, and as we can see from Nagi, it requires much devotion and energy. Living a double life as idol and mangaka was extremely exhausting.

Atsumari could see that Luca was tired, but she did not know why. It was because Luca did not tell her that she was drawing manga at night. This was something she had decided not to tell even her closest workmate. You could see why she valued her friendship with Chiharu and Hayate, and her “rivalry” with Nagi, so much. Without them, she would be all alone.

Hina looks bigger than Hayate.

Outside her apartment, Luca met Hayate, who was now in Hina’s uniform, and Hina, who was in casual wear. Courtesy ditates that it was Hayate’s obligation to introduce Hina to Luca. And so he did.

Surprisingly, however, Hayate failed to do such a simple job properly. He could have told Luca very easily that Hina was his classmate or friend (Both are facts.), but somehow he looked as if unable to describe his relationship with Hina properly, saying things as vague as “She is something of a chaperon I guess“, and in the end Hina had to step up and introduce herself. Seriously, what made you so incapable to name your relationship with Hina, Hayate?

Anyway, Hina gave Hayate one final warning, that he had to tell Luca the truth. So, be careful Hayate, she was watching you…

Luca had Hina's sympathy.

To Hina’s surprise, Luca already heard of her from no other than Chiharu. Luca quoted Chiharu’s words that Hina was even stronger than the G*nd*m, which Hina found it difficult to take as a compliment. Given that Hayate had been said to be the G*nd*m incarnate, and that he has always been beaten by Hina, Chiharu might have told the truth without realizing.

Hayate asked Luca which high school she atteneded, but Luca told them that she didn’t. She told a very difficult story of hers, and the most surprising bit was that she had been a Student Council President herself. She then decided to stop, because her story was getting too dark.

Hina was touched, though. She didn’t hear much (Not any more than we did.), but she could see that it must have been tough for Luca. Maybe, as in the case of Hayate, Hina sensed that Luca suffered from a past similar to hers: Abandoned by parents, took up a huge debt, and worked hard in school and became Student Council President. Since her appearance, we have been suggesting that Luca was very similar to Hayate, but it became more and more clear that Luca was very similar to Hina as well.

In any case, Hina got to know Luca more, and knew that she had a difficult life. Whether this would make Hina stop trying to reveal the “ugly truth” (that Hayate was a boy) to Luca remains unknown.

See? He didn't even turn a page.

Luca invited Hayate and Hina into her apartment, and she went straight into business. She wanted to be a mangaka who sells, while 2 copies from the first sale and 9 from the second was a bit far away from her goal. She wanted to know what was wrong with her manga, and for this purpose she wanted honest opinions.

With that, you would understand why she asked Hayate out. To her, Hayate was one of the very few people who would be honest to her. She wanted him to be honest to her, even if that means he had to show her the sensitivity of a blunt axe. Well, not to worry, he had that sort of sensitivity.

She didn't read from page 1.

It is rather clear that Hayate did not want to give Luca his honest opinion. He said that her works was “wonderfully original”, but then he never turned a single page! If a person offers comment after looking at the cover page alone, you could almost be sure that his opinion wouldn’t be really helpful – unless you are asking for his opinion on the cover design. Besides, “wonderfully original” was far too vague to be comprehensive. It was rather understandable that Luca complained at once.

Then, Hina grabbed the doujinshi from Hayate’s hands, and began reading. Her expression suddenly became very serious, and when she opened her mouth, she was in fact cautioning Luca: What I am going to say wouldn’t be pleasing. Are you sure you want to hear it?

Don't you ever think Hina would be easy on Luca...

So, how helpful could Hina’s honest opinions be to Luca, for – she said it herself – she knew nothing about manga? To begin with, Luca would probably listen to her. She wanted honest opinions, and Hina said she would give them. We couldn’t be sure how valuable Hina’s comments would be to Luca, but at this moment, honest opinions from a dummy would be much better than silence or lies from a pro.

Let’s look foward to the next chapter, in which Hina would be offering her honest opinions!

13 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 320

  1. Nice to see some spoiler text after all this waiting time. The next Chapter looks to be nice, if the text spoilers happen to be true 🙂

  2. So Hayate wanted her clothes RIGHT AWAY, as in “the ones Hina is currently wearing”. My goodness…

    And again, the old automatisms kick in. If it weren’t important, she would have punched his lights out. Since it obviously is, she’s gonna help him out. Hata, however you plan to end this show, make SURE she is rewarded.

    • He actually asked Hina to take off her uniform right away, yes.

      It’s funny, actually. While Nagi is still struggling with her own doujinshi, her butler and her friend went helping her rival…

  3. I read the translation and I don’t think the part about Hina taking off her uniform is logical.She could have gone home and lend Hayate some other outfit
    Helping Hayate is one thing but accepting such a perverted request is just too much

    • Yes, it looks a little stupid actually. Perhaps Hina was too preoccupied with Hayate’s original request, that she forgot to use her intelligence to think of a better solution.

      Or maybe Hata is pushing a little too hard to impress the readers that “Hayate is in Hina’s clothes”, because when talking about Hina’s clothes, the first thing we would think about is her uniform. Well, when the author tries something too hard, it would look a bit stupid.

    • or may be he was doing some fanservice
      Thank god she just took off the shirt and not the dress ^^!

    • Emmm… no. As Hayate wore the whole uniform, Hina definitely took it off. It’s just that we couldn’t see it.

    • Or we can conclude that Hinagiku treats Hayate as a girl now, he has been in female clothes an awful lot lately.

  4. “…somehow he looked as if unable to describe his relationship with Hina properly”

    Geez, I wonder why….?!

  5. I know Hata’s drawing style has been changing recently, but this chapter is a bit of a shock to me.

    The characters’ faces, their expressions, gestures, movements… etc, I find them all so… strange… (and in some frames the proportion, especially between the head and body, seems a bit off.)

    I wonder if it’s just me…

    • Noticed that too. The art in this chapter is just somewhat displeasing on the eye; many of the characters appeared somewhat sketchy and poorly drawn in some of the panels.

      I do love the art on that Izumi chapter. Best chapter this year and will remain my favourite for a long while. The colored pages just makes it even more amazing.

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