The Fascinating Silver Red – Chapter 12

This is a fanfiction by Doughnut Gunso.

She might have survived the Vote of No Confidence, but Hinagiku knew that it was barely the end. Rather, as Aika had suggested, “this is only the beginning”. Hinagiku realised that she must be more well-prepared for the challenges ahead if she were to survive again.

The next day, Hinagiku returned to the Student Council Room after class – more or less a second home for her. She called Chiharu for a meeting but to her surprise, two other people had come along with her.

“Hayate-kun, Nagi!” exclaimed Hinagiku as she stood up. Although entrance to the Clock Tower was supposedly restricted to members of the Student Council only, Hayate had been a frequent visitor, and even Hinagiku began to think that there was no problem with that. Nagi, on the other hand, was the most unlikely of visitors.

“We wanted to see how you are doing, Hinagiku-san,” said Hayate, beaming. “We have not talked for some time, and we are really worried about you.”

Hinagiku blushed. “T – thanks for your care,” she said.

Nagi raised her eyebrow and cleared her throat. “So, Chiharu told us that you wanted a meeting with her. What’s so urgent?”

“Well, I have just been informed this morning,” said Hinagiku as she passed Nagi a piece of paper, “that both Aika-san and Yukimura-kun are resigning from the Student Council, and they have applied as candidate cabinet to the coming Student Council election.”

“I do not understand,” said Hayate. ” Why would Aika-san want to enter the election after she has lost in the Vote of No Confidence?”

“She lost only by a single vote in a two-thirds majority vote,” said Hinagiku. “The Student Council election, on the other hand, is a simple majority vote. 666 votes would therefore be more than enough to secure her Presidency.”

“But in that case, why did she call for a Vote of No Confidence against you?” asked Hayate. “Why didn’t she wait until the Student Council election to knock you out?”

Hinagiku took a moment to consider before answering the question. “I guess it was a two-fold plan,” she said finally. “If the Vote of No Confidence succeeded, I would be out of the office immediately and have lost the right to the election, so it is a worthy shot if she is so confident of securing enough votes. Even if the Vote of No Confidence failed through, she would know just how many people are supporting her, and her supporters would be more determined to vote for her in the election just to make sure that I am gone.”

“That… surely was a master plan,” said Hayate, suddenly being frightened by the complexity of Aika’s plans.

“It surely was,” said Hinagiku with a nod. “Especially as she has turned another member of the Student Council against us.”

Chiharu cursed. “Well, Yukimura-kun did look odd during the vote,” she said, “but I never thought he would betray us and join Aika-san’s cabinet. Why would he do that?”

“There is the rumour that Yukimura-kun has a crush on Aika-san,” said Hinagiku.

“Yes, I know,” said Chiharu, “but surely he knows that he would stand no chance against Aika-san’s fiancé?”

“That really would be stupid of him,” said Nagi. “I mean, he is not that bad-looking really, and with the status of the Auditor of the Student Council, he could attract a lot of girls who respect him.”

“Boys would do anything for a girl they like even if they know that they would never get the girl’s heart,” said Hayate. “It would be totally worth it even if the girl only return as little as a smile.”

Hinagiku, Chiharu and Nagi all stared at Hayate, who had just committed the cardinal sin of joining a girls’ talk.

“Boys,” said Hinagiku coldly.

W – what did I say?” Hayate asked himself, but of course he wouldn’t know the answer.

“Anyway,” began Hinagiku, “according to the regulations of the Student Council election, it takes a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and an Auditor to form an effective cabinet. In other words, we are now a Vice-President and an Auditor short.”

“Could any of our existing members fill the void?” asked Chiharu. “I mean, we still have Miki, Izumi and Risa…”

She stopped herself as she realised what she had just said.

“I am sorry,” she killed off her suggestion with an apology.

“Let’s just see who would want to join our cabinet now,” said Hinagiku as she stood up. “The cabinet of a Student Council President who barely managed to stay in office.”


It really was a hard time trying to look for suitable candidates. To begin with, Hinagiku had only about 330 students to choose from – with her exceptional memory and understanding of the students, she knew exactly who voted against the Motion of No Confidence. Many of these students were not as intellectual as Aika, or as sensitive to numbers as Takumi. Most of the more “capable” students had already had taken up roles in other clubs or committees. Choices, therefore, were very limited.

For three straight days, Hinagiku and Chiharu had tried recruiting their new cabinet members without success. Hayate and Nagi had not been contacted, as every party knew full well that they would not want to join the Student Council.

Meanwhile, there were no serious crimes which could drive Hinagiku to take action as Silver Red. Consequently discussions on the hero/villain had died down considerably. Hinagiku could not explain the inconsistency in the intensity of crimes, although she was secretly pleased that the burden on her shoulders had not increase further – she was having a tough enough time on the recruitment.


“Maybe we should lower our expectations, Hina,” said Chiharu as she slumped into a chair at one of the school cafes. She sounded exhausted – three days of fruitless headhunting really was hard to take. “This isn’t working,” she added.

Hinagiku did not speak. Masumi had already told her that a well-trained auditor was not necessary (“I could help with writing the reports. Anyone could do the job as long as they are able to tell if I have done my calculations wrong.”), but Hinagiku had been spoilt by Takumi’s reliable performance, so she honestly could not accept anyone who was worse than him…

“Ah! Sharna-chan! Sharna-chan! How many times have I told you not to buy snacks from that convenient store? Shop at the school’s store instead!”

Both Hinagiku and Chiharu turned and saw that two girls were sitting at another table, which was piled with a lot of snacks. The two girls were both looking at a very long bill, presumably for all the snacks.

“They are…” began Chiharu uncertainly.

“Hibino Fumi-san and Sharna-san,” answered Hinagiku. “Both from Class 1-3. Both voted against the Motion of No Confidence. Fumi was the one who casted the final vote, remember?”

“Oh yes, now that you mentioned,” said Chiharu. She frowned as she recalled how Fumi behaved at the vote. Surely a student like her would not be helpful to the Student Council…

“I do not understand, Fumi-chan,” they heard Sharna talking. “The store always offers 10% off for all the snack, while the school’s store charges for full price. Why should we shop at the school’s store?”

“It is because you have to take a taxi to and from that store!” exclaimed Fumi. “Take the taxi fare into account and you would see it is more expensive than shopping at the school’s store by 134 yen!”

Sharna made a few taps on her calculator in silence. “You are right, Fumi-chan,” she said.

“Also, the school’s store is offering ‘buy one get one free’ on these items!” said Fumi as she pressed her finger on the bill. “This, this, this and this! In total you would have saved 858 yen, so in total it would be 992 yen cheaper to shop at the school’s store today!”

Hinagiku watched Fumi in awe. Surely it was only a simple everyday audition, but if the girl had the potential…

“Hi, Fumi,” Hinagiku approached Fumi, beaming. It was a long time ago since they last talked, so she wasn’t entirely sure if the girl remembered her.

“Ah! Sharna-chan! Sharna-chan! Here comes the Student Council President!” said Fumi excitedly, pointing at Hinagiku. “The Student Council President who fainted on the plane we were on, and I saw her underwear as she climbed a tree!”

Hinagiku felt her veins popping up in anger, but she was determined to stay calm. She had something to ask for this girl, after all…

“I tell you what, Fumi,” she said as she pulled out a piece of paper. And then she began writing very rapidly.

Chiharu walked towards Hinagiku to see what she was writing. It was a lengthy expenses breakdown, but Chiharu did not recall the Student Council spending so much money at any time, so she could only assume that it was made up by Hinagiku.

“Here,” said Hinagiku as she finally passed the paper to Fumi. “Tell me, is the calculation correct?”

“No,” said Fumi almost at once. “You have done it wrong.

“Please tell me,” said Hinagiku, trying hard to hide her pleasure of her initial victory, “how many calculation errors are there?”

“Five in total,” replied Fumi. “With those errors amended, the total expenses should be 8,336,263,647,102,324 yen. You have spent a lot of money, Student Council President!”

Hinagiku nodded and turned to Chiharu. “I got an Auditor,” she said brightly.

“What are you talking about? I am not joining the Student Council if Sharna-chan is not with me!” exclaimed Fumi.

“That’s exactly my plan,” said Hinagiku sweetly.

“Hina,” began Chiharu, who was not sure if the President had gone insane, “even if Hibino-san could be the Auditor, asking Sharna-san to be the Vice Student Council President could be too much a burden! No offence, Sharna-san.” She added the last sentence as an afterthought.

“It’s fine, Ms. Secretary,” said Sharna.

“No, I am not asking Sharna to be Vice,” said Hinagiku, her eyes shining brightly as she turned to Chiharu. “I am nominating you as Vice, Chiharu, and Sharna will take your original place as Secretary.”

Chiharu felt like she had been hit by a thunderbolt.

“B – but Hina, that’s asking too much…”

“Why? I know her grades. She has done well enough to be Secretary.”

“No,” said Chiharu weakly, “I am not talking about her, but… me! I am absolutely not qualified to be…”

“Yes, you are!” said Hinagiku firmly, interrupting Chiharu.

“Think of all those few months when we lived together at the apartment,” said Hinagiku as she took Chiharu’s hand. “You have been my closest ally in the Council, Chiharu. I – I should have asked you to take Aika-san’s place three days ago, but I was so stupid that I didn’t! It took me three days, but now I have figured it out: The Vice Student Council President has to be you!”

Chiharu could feel that Hinagiku’s hand trembling in hers. She could feel the passion from her President, and what else could she say at the moment?

Chiharu smiled. “Alright, Hina,” she said. “I accept your offer.”

4 comments on “The Fascinating Silver Red – Chapter 12

  1. Wow! Great chapter! ^^
    I had initially thought Fumi would’ve taken vice-pres position. But chiharu? I didn’t thought of it it’s certainly makes this interesting 🙂
    ~ keep writing ^^ ~

  2. Fumi strikes again! A great chapter with a great twist.

    Hayate is so used to hanging out with girls that he had almost forgotten his place XD. I would say that he should start making more guy friends but as a long-time HnG reader, I wouldn’t want that part of his lifestyle to change.

    Nice way of using Fumi and Sharna in the plot. I can see Fumi becoming the SC Auditor for real in the manga and eventually, the next SC President. I almost forgot about her mad math skillz. You know, I think the reason for Fumi’s short attention span and hyper activeness is because she’s a math genius. She probably sees the whole world as numbers.

    Its hilarious how Fumi only remembers the embarrassing moments of Hinagiku. After all, embarrassing moments like that are hard to forget especially when your in high school XD.

    I wonder if Yukimura knows about Aika’s fiancee? Moving along, I doubt Aika will get what she wants by betraying what seems to be the only people who liked her as a friend. Sure, Hinagiku might lose her position but she won’t lose anything else. In the end, Aika would be left with an empty victory and no friends while Hinagiku’s life will still remain unchanged.

    Off topic, has Chiharu stopped working as Sakuya’s maid? I kinda forgot and I assume she did cause she now has a part-time job at Akihabara.

    • Interesting observation on Fumi’s mind. The world in Fumi’s eyes could well be the Matrix in Neo’s eyes: all virtual and made up of numbers and digits.

      I assume that Yukimura knows about Aika’s fiance, but you know, sometimes “boy’s romance” involves some hopeless struggles… poor guy.

      I think Cuties Episode 4 has answered your last question. It seems that Chiharu only has to work a few hours a day at Sakuya’s, so there could be much free time for her to work elsewhere.

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