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It is announced on July 4, 2012 that there would be a new – in search of a better word – season of Hayate no Gotoku! anime. This post would gather all as much information I could as possible, and would keep updating and coming up on top until the anime is aired, so please keep reading.

September 22, 2012

New PV clip, a.k.a. PV 2.

  • I guess we have already seen some scenes before…
  • Ruka looks more and more frightening.
  • While we complain about the character design, Chiharu looks okay to me. Does this make her the girl to watch in this season?
  • No Tsugumiruri, Tsugumiruri, Tsugumiruri, Tsugu – ooch!!!
  • Safe sail, Hayate-Nagi ship. Typical Hata.

September 13, 2012

  • Today we find another lovely (?) magazine crosspage. Perhaps it is time for us to get used to this artwork.

  • A friendly source captures the above tweet. There will be a new character, Tsugumiruri (What the…), in this new anime. He or she will be voiced by Iguchi Yuka.
  • Try to say Tsugumiruri 10 times very quickly without biting or tripping your tongue.
  • Guessing game:

And no, I will not include answers like bi-sexual or trans-sexual.

September 9, 2012

One month since the last update and one month prior to the airing of the first episode, here are some news and pictures!

  • Hinagiku makes her first appearance in promotion materials, a lot more skinnier than her manga version. She looks like a Nagi with long pink hair, by the way. Still, a bit less horrible than I first assumed.
  • Director Kudo suggests in the interview that there are different kinds of “love”, such as romantic love and family love. He further points out that Hayate would be showing these different kinds of love – presumably to different people.
  • As you all know, the first episode would be aired on October 3 at 2:05 am in Japan (GMT+9). There will be no live coverage from Doughnut Gunso because he will definitely be in bed.

  • The above is the official preview (?!) of the first episode. The first episode will have the title “The First Night”.
  • “Nagi receives a surprise call which claims to be an invitation from outer space. As such, Nagi would want to go to Area 51. Maria stops her while Hayate laughs.”
  • I repeat: There will be no live coverage from Doughnut Gunso because he will definitely be in bed.

August 10, 2012

The first (Well, I guess so…) promotional video comes on YouTube!

  • This is not likely to be removed because of violation of copyrights, because as far as I am concern, this is an official upload.
  • The characters do look better in animation, and the art style closely resembles that of the movie.

Meanwhile, the OP and ED will be on sale as CDs. The latter is actually a mini-album of Ruka, recording two songs: the ED “Love Trap” and another song called “Precious Nativity”. It will come out on November 26, at 1260 yen.

August 1, 2012

Over the past few days we have been bombarded with links, pictures and news, and things have become quite a mess. That’s where I come in, I suppose, to re-organize the links and pictures and news into something more… readable. So…

  • Have a better look at the promotional picture mentioned yesterday. Nagi’s design is marginally acceptable, but Hayate… Well, who cares about Hayate anyway?
  • The OP and ED have been confirmed. OP will be “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” by eyelis, and ED is “Love Trap” by Suirenji Ruka.
  • Those who do not like Doughnut Gunso bluffing could read this article instead.
  • Those who do not like words at all could check out the so-called “updated” official website. The cast list and a Twitter corner are up, but the tweets keep blocking Hayate’s face…

July 31, 2012

You might have noticed that this article is renamed, and you’ll know why in a minute.

Today (or yesterday?) we have some more news on the New Anime. Thanks to Crunchyroll for this article. Thanks also to blueserdragon for keeping me informed while I am dying fighting at the Diamond Gates…

To summarize things into point form for people who don’t like long articles who would certainly not like my lengthy reviews and articles either, and then I am left to guess why they would come to my blog in the first place:

  • The full title of the New Anime is “Hayate no Gotoku! the Combat Butler! Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.” If shipping is forbidden then let’s just say the “you” in the title refers to our television set. Well…?
  • Remember that anything on director, character designer, and singer of OP and ED are “buzz” and “talk”. In other words, rumours. It has been rumoured that Manchester United would sign Robin van Persie, and…

Meanwhile, the title page of Ch. 372, which is not yet released in Japan, suggests that in the Comic Market (Comiket) starting on August 10, the Shonen Sunday booth would be showing the Promotion Video of the New Anime, as well as selling commemorate clear files. If any of you are going to this Comiket, make sure you get something for us to report!

A few hours later we managed to find this promotional picture.

Here we go again with point form:

  • The character design… is much more horrible than the movie! I am secretly praying that my favourite character is not a part of this anime. The brighter side of things is that the characters in the movie do look better than on the posters, so…
  • No comment as to whether Nagi has returned to her luxurious lifestyle. That said, as she is the win-it-all character of the series, I won’t be surprised… (So what’s with the sacrifice?)
  • The characters mentioned on the cast list include Hayate, Nagi, Maria, Hinagiku, Ayumu, Chiharu and Ruka. Athena and Kayura, the other two residents at the Violet Mansion, go missing…

July 5, 2012

I have received very mixed comments about the new anime. Well, let’s vote, won’t we?

Links! Links! Links!

July 4, 2012

What we have today are two coloured pages from Vol. 31 of Shonen Sunday, both announcing the production of the new anime. What we should pay attention to is that it is not referred to as the “Third Season Anime” – it is only the “new anime”. Hata confirmed on his most recent BS that this is the case.

Some might argue that it could simply be a small matter of naming – the third generation iPad is called “the New iPad” instead of iPad3 – but it does ring a bell against continuity: it is not guaranteed that the “new anime” would start from where we stopped at Season Two. Most significantly, animation of the Athena saga is not guaranteed.

One piece of evidence comes from the “sketch page” above. The upper half, featuring Hayate, Nagi, Chiharu and Kayura, belongs to the Mangaka saga. The lower half, with Hayate and Hinagiku, closely resembles the Date arc. What is missing here, obviously, is a scene from the Athena saga – in fact, the main heroine of the saga, Athena, doesn’t appear on the “sketch page”. This is hardly the sort of promotion you would expect if the new anime has anything to do with the Athena saga.

So if the new anime has little or nothing to do with the Athena saga, then it really could be a new and independent story, focusing on the Mangaka saga and (hopefully) Hayate-Hinagiku romantic story. Given that the above two plot lines are very rich in content, this could already be a very good anime – at least, it is more promising than the second half of Season One.

So, what happens to the Athena saga? I would say that the length of the saga is not a problem – with some careful pacing, the saga could be made into 40 episodes, and then we have 12 to spare for the rest of the plot. If the saga doesn’t make into the plot, there must be some other reasons. It is hard to tell what these reasons are, but it might not be wise to do all these guesswork when we can’t even be sure that the Athena saga would be absent.

The production studio is said to be Manglobe, which made the Heaven is a Place on Earth movie. The art style of the “sketch page” strongly suggests this claim, but should I be happy with a Hayate-kun who looks just so ugly? Ah well, he doesn’t concern me, so…

98 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Can’t Take My Eyes off You – News Centre

  1. Manglobe? I think I want to look at a HnG anime with Samurai Champloo style, hahaha.

    and of course:

    >Hayate-Hinagiku romantic story


    • Let us hope that those won’t be pointless ship-teases. The Date arc was lovable because Hata showed an intention that the date meant *something*.

    • >Meant something

      Can you explain about it? since I didn’t see any meaning behind it 😛

    • The Date arc, as I interpret, was a major step-up of the relationship because both Hayate and Hina tried to put an effort on the other: Hayate thought that Hina was angry with him, so he wanted to make her happy; Hina thought that Hayate was afraid of her, so she tried to be nicer to him.

      The result of the date was a minor success. Hayate had Hina’s words that she was happy to be with him, and he was sensitive enough to take her hand and explain himself when she was disappointed with his motive of the invitation; Hina held her temper till the very end, and made up for her outburst with a confession-that-is-not-allowed-to-be-heard.

      A minor success for a major step-up signifies development, and when a writer devotes 3 chapters to the development of a relationship, he certainly wants it to be developed. It in turns means that he is rather serious about this romantic relationship – the *something* I suggested in the above.

  2. It is indeed a bit strange for Athena not to appear on that (hint) page, but Kayura, who debuts much later in the story, does. Nevertheless, it is a whole season, and I don’t think that page represents all of it. Maybe it’s just a way to create surprises and curiosity, especially for those who haven’t read the manga. Should Athena and her saga are not focused on, we’ll be sure to hear desperate screams from her fans, who have been babbling non-stop about them since even before the new season was officially confirmed. :))

    Or maybe they decided to do the Mangaka arc before the Athena saga? After all, that arc doesn’t have much to do with Athena, so her involvement may be limited or excluded in the anime, saving the saga for another season or movie.

    As for Manglobe, they took Hata’s new art style (which tends to make all the characters more shota-like and loli-like) to a whole new level, and their color choices are much more flashy than those of the two previous studios. I remember being shocked by their art and color choices in the movie. Well, to be honest, I like J.C.Staff’s art and color choices better than what Manglobe did in the movie, but well, Manglobe is already in charge of this season, so let’s hope they won’t screw it up so bad. 😛

    • Athena has become a very interesting case recently. It is clear that she has a huge role in the manga, but she is absent from the movie but for a one-shot. And while readers (I, arguably, am not one) have been expecting the animation of the Athena saga, earliest evidence show that it would not. So what’s the position for her in the world of animation?

      Or does it have anything to do with Kawasumi Ayako, Athena’s CV in Season Two?

  3. This shouldn’t be too bad since Hata himself is writing the story. I’m not particularly interested in the Athena Saga being included but it will appease the fans if it was. As for the art, though I preferred J.C. Staff’s art style in Season 2, Manglobe’s animation is OK too (still better than Season 1). The story being newly written implies that there might be original stories in the anime. Not a problem to me since Hata seems to like mixing both the anime and manga realities together i.e. Kayura, The Chancellor and her butler. Ruka however, will most likely make her anime debut. Due to Kayura’s appearance in Season 3, it’s unsure whether the “Home Base” of the Sanzenin Trio will be the old Sanzenin Mansion or the Violet Mansion, but the latter is most likely. The story I’m looking forward too is the Mountain Trekking arc. One thing I’m completely sure about, without a doubt (Hey, that rhymed!), is that the Idiot Trio will make their unnecessary appearances in the anime. I highly doubt that Yozora will make an appearance but it does help to have new villains once in a while instead of stupid assassins that the Sanzenin’s tend to attract.

    • One thing I am worried about Manglobe’s animation is the budget. It is common that, because of difference in budget, movie animation would look much better than TV animation. So what we have seen in the movie are likely to be the best Manglobe could give, and if the quality drops significantly on TV…

      My guess is that the new anime would be a hybrid: a clear plot line (like Season Two) plus lighthearted comedy (like Season One). This would bring better balance between formality and creativity.

    • One problem, though, is that I can’t imagine how they would move to the Violet Mansion without the “Golden Week” arc, since it’s that certain event in Greece that made them have to move out of the Sanzenin Mansion to begin with. In other words, It would be a mess.

      Another thing is that I’m not sure if it will be a 52 episodes season. Chances are that there will be only 25 of them.

    • What to expect from this? It seems like we went from “anything is possible” to “Is there even anything that can go right?”

      Or maybe I’m overreacting?

      I don’t even know what to think anymore…

    • That bad? well… Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.
      But it doesn’t look “that good” either.

      The chances of seeing Athena here are just getting slimmer and slimmer.
      I’m a Hina fan myself, obviously, but that arc is simply the strongest moment for all the characters, especially for her. It’s so frustrating.

      WHY, I ask, there is the need to emphasis that this will not be the Third Season? This is confusing as hell.

      Well… Maybe it’s “Season 4” instead, then? *ba dum tssshh*
      I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case though. The Movie being set after the Comiket is alredy confusing enough. Hinagiku-san with the Shirosakura there is such a damn teasing… Not to mention it’s a frigging spoiler. Seriously… What are they planning to do?

    • a new different plot in the anime is not such a bad thing. you can expect something unexpected. I mean, if it’s the athena saga, then we already know the ending, but if it’s something else, then we can wait the next episode with curiosity questioning what will happen. especially when hata himself writes the storyline. it can’t be that bad

    • True that. Right now I only hope that, even if it’s an original story, they don’t contradict the original plot so much. As long as they can find a perfect balance between those, I’m okay with it. I’m still pretty excited nevertheless, so I voted “4” on the poll.

      I guess I’ll have to just swallow my pride and trust Hata now. =)

  4. According to the new chapter of HnG (172), a preview of the new anime will be shown at the (so called) Comic Market beginning on August 8th (wednesday). Now, THAT will be interesting. Let’s see if any feedback will be put into the internet. Looks like they will be giving commemortive flies as well. 🙂

    • Wow, the title’s quite a mouthful. I could call it “HnG!CTMEOY” or “Can’t Take My Eyes Of You” but “HnG3” is so much easier for me XD. Oh and the ED song will be sung by Ruka. Either Ruka will appear in the anime or only the ED songs.

    • Same for The New iPad a.k.a iPad3. Honestly nobody likes such long names and would refer to it with chronology anyway. Let’s just pray that the next HnG anime (I mean, after CTMEOY) won’t be officially titled Season 3…

  5. By the way, does anyone know what “the new anime will follow the methodology of the movie” means? I’ve seen this sentence everywhere (as spoken by Hata) and it doesn’t really say much… Does it mean that: 1. we are getting a story “out of chronological order”? 2. We are getting a story that is totally random? 3. It will follow the same style as the movie, as in a more “serious yet with a few hints of comedy” season? (maybe a warm up for something even more serious?) or 3. All of these together?

    • Yes. I know… There are two “3”s there. I’m a bit sloppy lately, so sorry about that. And sorry about all these posts, sgt. Doughnut… You may be thinking: “Heck… This guy is crazy”. 😛
      Well.. maybe I am xD

    • I actually should thank your close attention to the news and everything. To be honest I am not always available to find things from the internet.

    • Well. That was quick! xD

      And… wow… Now I realize me username is featured on the post about three times! I feel honored! (sort of, at least… oh well… I mean… I appreciate it) 😛
      Thank you too, for all the work in this site. It’s a humble thing to say, but it’s really a lot of fun to browse around here. 🙂


    Is it just me or does it bring a certain… familiar feeling???? 😛

    • I do not really understand what you are referring to (Sorry!). Could you talk more about your theory?

    • Well… I may be wrong… But when I look at the logo, the image that comes to my head is… well…. Look for yourself:

      The most striking thing is the clock-theme, as well as the checkered floor.
      The floor could be anything…. But the clock is rather suspicious. Now, the two together…

      And not only there, but also here:

      It seems like a recurring reference…

    • Ah, now I see. To be honest I was wondering if you were referring to the colour page of Ch. 250, or the movie title.

      An interesting observation indeed, though I think things would get clearer if we manage to have the full version of the – what – poster or colour page.

    • Well… If I manage to find the page in my browsing history…. haha

      It was a friend who pointed this pic out to me.
      The other image on the site was a separate one. I don’t know what it was, but featured Nagi and Hayate. Will try to locate it!

    • Two things:

      1. Where are they?
      2. The character design looks a bit… eh…. Well… not sure if THAT will be IT.

    • WAIT… Yeah. you’re right.
      But that thing on the middle still looks like a clock…

    • Well… to be fair… with things going like they are… I just don’t care anymore. I’m prepared for the worst. I hope it will be good, but the back of my mind keeps telling me not to expect too much. I’ll wait to see how it will be, but… If it is THAT bad, then I’d rather have a season full of fillers about Hayate and Nagi (uh… scrap that. Just full of fillers…. But I’m a bit worried about… How SHE will look like…) that is somewhat successful enough so we can move on from this… what seems to be becoming a bigger and bigger bomb.

    • So whole the cast is part of Hayate’s harem? Funny.

      The art looks terrible. I’m not really eager to watch this.

  7. that smile looks creepy…. but the character design is okay. and the color seems to resemble season 2 type.

  8. 50th comment of this post! yay!
    hmm… yeah… so what? xD

    New “digital” version of the promotional pic on the Crunchyroll link above, as well as one version without the texts.

  9. Looked at the new promo pic, and gotta say I do not like the new art style. pointy chins, smooshed faces and crazy large closed-lipped smiles. Best not to dwell on this until i see the animation, I guess.

  10. Based on the preview, I have a few things to say.
    1. The animation and character design looks pretty good. Can’t say it’s “great”, but it’s better than expected.
    2. Still no clues about what’s actually going to happen with the plot.
    3. Hinagiku-san?
    4. Why does Ruka appears to have this strange… “evil” aura in this preview? O.o That’s off-putting…
    5. Character design is okay, but Hayate still looks a bit weird.
    5. Nagi still filthy rich = no idea from where the story will start…
    6. I have a feeling the series will be very HayatexNagi heavy. No idea in what sense though.

    But, overall… I think it will be pretty cool.

  11. The animation in the preview actually helped eased my worries on the new character designs. Ruka does look sinister but it could be just Ruka acting. The music used for the preview was quite good and it gives a feeling that the story will be taken more seriously while still containing the light-hearted humor of the series.

    It’d be a good thing if the story focuses on Hayate and Nagi more since that story element has been neglected for quite a while now. Of course, the other girls can’t be neglected either.

    • Yeah. Ruka just acting seemed more plausible. 🙂

      Rather… couldn’t that be a fragment of the ED instead?
      “Love Trap”…

  12. Attention! We have a date!

    First episode will air on October 3rd on TV Tokyo

    It’s what the poster on the thread says, at least. I don’t know how to read Japanese, so I can’t confirm it.

  13. “Nagi receives a surprise call which claims to be an invitation from outer space. As such, Nagi would want to go to Area 51. Maria stops her while Hayate laughs.”


  14. hinagiku hair made her head looks big and long like an egghead …literally 😐
    and I don’t know HnG is a past midnight anime.

    “Director Kudo suggests in the interview that there are different kinds of “love”, such as romantic love and family love. He further points out that Hayate would be showing these different kinds of love – presumably to different people.”
    is it too much to expect this HnG have hina x hayate ending :>

  15. Hmm… Just to make sure… Doesn’t the manga say the first epiosde airs on Oct. 3rd, at 26:05?
    so… wouldn’t that actually be 2:05 AM on the following day (Oct. 4th)? This is a bit confusing…

    • To be honest, I haven’t sort this mystery out yet.

      Now it says “after mid-night at 2:05 on 3/10” on the episode preview page, and my interpretation is that it means 2:05 on 3/10… Still, I could be wrong. 😛

  16. Hinagiku used to be described as similar to Nagi but with a stronger determination to not lose so I’m OK with the her character design as well as the others. My interest is in the story and I quite like the concept, described by the director, of Familial Love and Romantic Love displayed by Hayate and hopefully, other characters will display this too.

    Also, it looks like Maria is back in her blue/white maid outfit. I actually prefer the black/white one. Even though the new pic has Maria further behind the other three, I’m sure she’ll get as much screen time as the rest. I still hope that pic of Ruka is just her acting and not her being the villain of the anime.

  17. Now that I’m calm and returned from college (lol) I can look at the new scam with more attention.

    I must say I’m starting to get used to it. I guess the pointy chins, skinny bodies (maybe a bit overdone on this pic in particular) and slightly out-of-proportion-style drawing are the hardest things to sink in.

    One thing that seemed to go unnoticed: Hinagiku’s eyes regained the “feline-like” character that she originally had (it was a lot less prominent before).

    • Always have Hayate and Nagi as the narrators of their show. They make awesome narrators and commentators, like in Season 1’s Butler Report. As I expected, the characters look better in the new anime than in magazine pages.

  18. Ayumu? ‘-‘
    My guess is that Ruka got pissed off with Nishizawa’s behaviour and… well… She got a… forced vacation.


    But really… This is getting weirder and weirder as the first episode gets near..
    6 days to go…

    Time to cross our fingers and hope this doesn’t turn out as bad as we are foreseeing…

  19. The characters look way better in the TV Tokyo Character Profiles. Ruka still comes off as sinister (to me) but not as sinister as before. Is it possible that Ayumu will not exist in this story!!?? Why else would the SC Trio get a spot in the Character Profiles….. then again, they’re meant to be obligatory characters in the series.

    BTW, a stupid question, Gunso will you be doing episode reviews of the new anime like you usually do for the manga?

    • Ayumu is on the cast list (that with VA names) below Hina, so she is certainly included in this anime.

      The character profiles have made me decided that, Chiharu and Izumi would be the girls to watch.

      I plan to do episode reviews, but certainly not live coverage. If I can manage that, I want to write up reviews on Thursdays or Fridays, but Saturdays would be safe bet.

  20. Have to admit, when the characters are in motion, their designs aren’t that bad, actually pretty good. I hope you’re right Gunso. Chiharu needs more screen time.

  21. I´m not like the fact that they don´t show Hina.I mean that i didn´t see her any pv that was released and this is such a rude,because she´s number 1 in the show

  22. “Director Kudo suggests in the interview that there are different kinds of “love”, such as romantic love and family love. He further points out that Hayate would be showing these different kinds of love – presumably to different people.”

    So, so far, I haven’t seen anything like it. But, If Hayate did show romantic love to Nagi, to whom do you think he will show family love to? To me, it makes more sense if he shows family love to her, which leaves the romantic love spot for someone else.

    (I know the director said “presumably”. But since he said it like that, most probably that is the case.)

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