Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 533


Can I finally bomb this thing down?

As you know, Doughnut Gunso doesn’t agree with Hayate on quite a lot of things, and sometimes – most of the times, actually – I find more pleasure merciless skinning him for this action or that thought. Yet there seems to be something that we can both attest: Yukariko is royally annoying.

You see, with Hayate’s conclusion that the coffin must be the one in the Royal Garden, Yukariko has completely thrown us into a corner. We have to reach the coffin in order to get the key that unlocks the inheritance, but we need to access the Royal Garden before we can reach the coffin! Yukariko’s antics have made the task in hand almost impossible. Imagine that someone lock all of your money in a safe, then put the safe into another safe. You don’t want to unlock all the safes; you want to strangle the guy who pulled this prank.


It is still possible she is your mother-in-law, so show some respect, dude. No pressure.

Well, since Yukariko is already dead, there is no way for Hayate to strangle her. The only thing he could do, it seems, is to fulfil his destiny by opening the path to the Royal Garden with the three King’s Jewels and an explosion of negative emotions. This is so frustrating: we are not even caught in a corner; we are actually thrown into a loop!

Fortunately (or unfortunately), he did not have to be the one to open the path this time.

First of all, Hayate was quite wrong in assuming that he would be the only one to possess all the King’s Jewels. He didn’t know it yet, but one of the King’s Jewels was currently sitting at Hisui’s doorstep. While Sakuya was too smart to be tricked by Hisui, the same cannot be said about Machina. The bottom line is that Hisui can find a way to isolate Machina and rob him. So, let us not share Hayate’s optimism about his “chances”: it would only be a matter of time for Hisui to get a Jewel. If Hayate was determined to open the path to the Royal Garden for Nagi, he had to move fast.


I don’t even understand why it is such a big deal…

While Hayate himself might not have a personal trouble at hand that could make him explode – in fact, I think that his long history with negative emotions might have toughened him somewhat, so theoretically it could be harder to make him explode than before – somebody else did. For this purpose, let’s welcome back Suirenji Ruka. It is her first proper appearance since the Comiket saga, but we all know why: she has been busy with her concert in Las Vegas. It is just a shame that, during the School Trip Level 5 saga, our main cast did not get to reunite with Ruka.

So, Ruka faced a trouble that was so, so realistic for her job: paparazzi. Funny enough, we actually love paparazzi: we buy their papers, we discuss their stories, and we choose to believe these guys over our idols. If our idols offend paparazzi, our idols are at fault; if our idols get killed as they escape from paparazzi, the paparazzi actually sell many more papers! All hail paparazzi, the idol killer – figuratively and literally.


A trouble thanks to gossiping like this. Thank you very much.

You see, as the story came out, both Hayate and Chiharu believed the story without much doubt. Ruka needed to personally tell Hayate what exactly happened to convince him that she wasn’t having an affair with anyone. Then Chiharu crashed in and repeated the same story, so we can expect Ruka to explain all over again. Then there would come Nagi, Hinagiku, Ayumu, Kayura… Boy, where would this stop?

As I believe that Hayate would have been toughened by his history of hardship, I also believe that Ruka had enough training and even experience against paparazzi. Many idols encounter paparazzi every day, and a good agency should have enough manpower to protect the idols, so it is not like that Ruka would be facing this “affair” alone either. As such, I don’t really see how this “affair” stuff could have an impact huge enough for Ruka to explode.

Unless it becomes a trust issue between Hayate and Ruka – at that point we have nobody else to blame except Hayate himself.

3 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 533

  1. Ruka’s reintroduction felt rather rushed and awkward.

    I agree that Yukariko is proving to be a really annoying character. I reaaaally hope my theory that her “game” was meant to bring her family and friends closer together turns out to be true so that all these shenanigans would have a meaningful conclusion in the end.

    • Then she would be a chess master several levels above Mikado, because as far as I could tell, even he didn’t see what was coming. I don’t know if I would like her even less if she was proven to be so, so god-like intelligent, though…

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