Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 534


Based on this chapter, she would cope with the paparazzi just fine…

Before we get into something entirely different, allow me to praise Hata for making quite a lot of sense in this chapter.

If we are to believe that a grand finale is coming, and that this is going to happen inside/around the Rotten Royal Garden, then it would be better to resolve something else that is also important now. And no matter which ship you are on, there is no way to deny that as far as this series is concerned, the exact relationship between Hayate and Nagi is one of the most important things. As such, I am actually glad that Hata decides to address the inherent troubles in their relationship.


That’s right. I hate you.

You all know Hayate. While admittedly he has had an insane amount of bad luck, this is not the only reason he suffered so much over the series. I would go as far as to suggest that a lot of troubles he ran into actually came from his own carelessness. He was careless with his words and actions, which far too often caused the misunderstanding that he was a womaniser and a pervert. He was also very careless about his thoughts, never able to think on a greater perspective than his current “mission”, and he often ended up causing more troubles than solving them.

His first type of carelessness will be discussed in a civilised manner here. His second type of carelessness… well, let’s just say I am going to grill him.


This guy actually seems to suffer from some kind of speech disorder.

As we all know, Hayate’s carelessness with his words has caused a fundamental misunderstanding between himself and Nagi from the very start of the series: Hayate wanted Nagi as a hostage, while Nagi thought he wanted her as a girlfriend. While Nagi never questioned Hayate’s true intentions, his “preference” of girls had been criticised and mocked by many characters. The general consensus seemed to be that Hayate was a lolicon – in English, pedophile.

One of the questions about such “specific” preferences is whether a change in circumstances – in the case of pedophilia, the growing-up of the young girl – would destroy an established relationship. While I am not an expert in this field, I tend to think that there should be nothing to worry about. A man could be attracted by a young and pretty woman, but if they truly fall in love I think he wouldn’t stop loving her even as she gets old. If Hayate would stop “loving” Nagi as she got older, then Nagi might as well give up on him now because such a relationship would be a bad one anyway.


Then what about your school fee…?

Somehow I think Chiharu was spilling out nonsense after nonsense in this chapter: attractiveness, pedophilia, money… etc. I find myself disagreeing with just about everything she said, which has very rarely happened to me for the more intelligent ones in the series. Then again, she was just a 17-year-old girl who most probably wasn’t in a relationship herself, so I would understand if her view on love was a bit immature. Also, her parents were getting a divorce, which might actually distort her views on romantic love.

Fortunately, a Hayate-Nagi relationship can still set sail relatively easily, despite Hayate’s first type of carelessness. On Hayate’s part, he should realise what his words actually meant for Nagi, and make up for it: there is no need to explain what he initially said, and as long as he really starts meaning what he once said, he should be fine. On Nagi’s part, maybe she should really forget about all those “lolicon” rumours about Hayate, because 1) as explained above, it shouldn’t be a matter if their relationship was serious, and 2) past records actually show that Hayate was attracted to more matured girls, and the “lolicon” thing is restricted to Hayate-Nagi only.


No, you stop right there!

Unfortunately, there is a real sense that Hayate’s second type of carelessness is going to cause real troubles again, and this is where the fun begins. A few hours ago I have set up a poll of sorts on my Facebook page to see how readers would like me to express my views. If I see more “Angry” reaction, I would do with much swearing; if I see more “Haha” reaction, I would make a lot of fun at Hayate. Here are the results of the “poll”…




So, here we go. Deep breath…


Let me get this clear first: I don’t give a fuck about whom this asshole is trying to trick. The entire point here is that this idiot was thinking about getting into a relationship and then suddenly break it off, thus causing a huge amount of despair to get the path open. If this braindead piece of shit is trying do “love” someone in order to hurt her feelings, then this fucker should have his dick chopped off and rot in his miserable shit hole!

No, you cannot defend him by saying that he was only trying to get himself hurt, not the girl. This nonsense is even more unforgivable. When a relationship ends, it is very rare for just one person to feel bad; the other person would certainly feel bad as well. Moreover, while Hayate would have the preparation to suffer a breakup, the girl he would pick to suffer with him certainly didn’t know it! The logical outcome of this is that the girl would actually take the breakup harder than Hayate himself!


Everybody run!

Hayate, the mindless piece of shit, has just proven to me two things. First, he has abso-fucking-lutely no idea about “love”. It is not something that you “use” in order to do something else; it is also not something that you use as leverage to manipulate the feelings of someone else. Second, he is just damningly stupid and careless with his thoughts. He was fucking like: “Oh, hey! Here’s a new idea! Why don’t I try it?” and the next shit he would do is to “try it”. He didn’t have a fucking care about any consequences; what if the girl became so despair that she became possessed by yet another evil spirit? Would Hayate then go “Oh, this is my fault! I am so unlucky! What do I do?” again?


Now this is madness. Somebody has to pull this guy out of his twisted and narrow mind and to think about some other ways. If it is only despair that he wanted, there would always be something for him to “despair” about. If he needs to cause despair in someone else, why didn’t he choose Mikado, Hisui or Yozora? Why would he be targeting the only people who cared about him? Once again I would like to point out that Hayate himself was the major cause of a lot of his personal problems, and he could have done so much better if he could think things more thoroughly. Perhaps even destiny found this guy unbearable and had been actively trying to kill him…

11 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 534

    • Of course, but the last time he said and did it, he faced Hinagiku’s wrath and he was scared of it. I just don’t think he was prepared to face the consequences of turning into a demon.

  1. Loved this review… also, I bet that was a stress reliever.

    Anyway, I tend to agree with you pretty often these days even if we’re on different ships. Most people take pity on Hayate for all the stuff that he’s been through, but they never count the fact that after he met Nagi, his luck has been changing for the better, but he’s the one who keeps getting complicating things because of his obliviousness to the feelings of the people around him — not just Nagi, he literally never takes everyone else’s feelings into account and this chapter proves it.

    I’ve been saying this for a while, but Hayate still has the emotional maturity of a six year-old, and if anything, he is the one whose not ready for any kind of romantic relationship — not until he does some growing up himself.

    I do think this is an intentional development on Hata’s part to drive Hayate into a corner and perhaps make him suffer an emotional breakdown though… he’s got it coming and toally deserves it at this point — either that or a good reality check.

    • Honestly I would prefer him suffering yet another round of bad luck to open the path by himself. He should not think of touching any of the girls around him.

  2. I have a bad feeling about this.

    I don’t like where this is heading at all.
    Hopefully the damage won’t be too big to mend later on…

    Or better yet… Hopefully the idiot will come to his senses before it’s too late.

    I have a feeling that things will turn out alright though.

  3. By the way, wasn’t it mentioned that someone who has been a candidate before can’t be one again? If this is true, then this rules out Hayate thinking of intentionally loving someone and getting rejected to put himself in despair… which IMO doesn’t really work anyway.

  4. How satisfying it felt to read your review… In the first place, Hayate knows he opened the path to the garden when he was six, not being in a freaking relationship at that time! Hata’s writing has always been sloppy, but this chapter especially succeeded in being unbearably ridiculous and annoying.
    Chiharu’s lolicon babbling made even less sense to me after her hearing about Hayate kissing Ruka and someone else just a while ago before the discussion with Nagi.

    I wonder why Maria hasn’t tried to solve the misunderstanding between Nagi and Hayate at all. It’s just getting harder and harder for Nagi to accept the truth as time passes. Then again, the series would probably have ended at the very beginning if Nagi knew about the asshole’s intentions and then throwing him back into the streets…

    • Currently I tend to give Hata the benefit of the doubt: it could be that he is writing Hayate like this on purpose. In fact, given the stupidity Hayate demonstrated so frequently, I am not at all surprised if this ridiculousness is done on purpose.

      As for Maria, I think that she concluded that solving the misunderstanding would serve no substantial purpose. If Hayate and Nagi did love each other for real, the misunderstanding should become irrelevant. If they did not, solving the misunderstanding could get Hayate fired and Maria would find herself doing housework all by herself. Maybe it is wiser for her to keep quiet.

  5. Looks like I misunderstood the chapter. I thought Hayates plan was to
    1.) intentionally fall in love with someone (other than Nagi),
    2.) confess to that person,
    3.) get rejected by that person because he’s so unpopular (haha).
    4.) He fell in love -> got rejected -> despair -> everyone is happy (or something like that).

    It would have been pretty stupid, if he confesses to a girl and she doesn’t reject, but accepts his confession. But it would have been pretty typical for Hayate. Causing misfortune for the girls though would make me hate him even more…

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