Weekly Hayate no Gotoku! Final – Story Flow Chart

This is a Special Project by Shonen Sunday during the series’ absence until 29th February. As the final volume of the series, there is a story flow chart!

Let us revise the story of Hayate no Gotoku! so far in this final volume. Here we collected some “possible” bad ends and alternative scenes. Please look forward to the return of the series while imagining in your head the scenes mentioned above!

  1. Start: Taking up a debt of 150 Million yen.
  2. Meeting Nagi.
    Alternative scene: If he hadn’t met Nagi, Hayate would be frozen to death.
  3. Becoming butler. 
  4. Entering Hakuou Academy.
  5. Saving Yukiji.
    Alternative scene: If unable to save Yukiji, both Hayate and Yukiji would fall to their death. 
  6. Beginning of school life.
  7. Cursed by the Hinamatsuri doll.
  8. Breaking the curse.
    Alternative scene: If the curse has not been broken, Hayate would become a maid forever.
  9. Life as a butler continued.
  10. Going to hot spring in Izu on a bike.
    Alternative scene: It could well be a good chance to date Izumi. 
  11. Going abroad for the first time in life.
  12. The “Athena Incident”.
  13. Nagi losing the right to inheritance.
  14. Start of apartment life.
  15. Meeting Ruka.
  16. Identity exposed.
    Alternative scene:  If not exposed, there could be something awakening inside Hayate’s body.
  17. Nagi helping with doujin activities.
  18. The doujin battle between Nagi and Ruka.
  19. Now is here!

Doughnut Gunso Comments

  • For those who have no idea what those “alternate scenes” are about, they are actually taken from the inner cover of the Tankobons. They are meant (mainly) just for fun, so let us not question too much about the credibility of these scenes.
  • That said, maybe I should be happy that none of the three “Hinagiku bad scenes” make into this timeline.