Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 547


This looks pretty cool.

There is usually not too much to say about action-packed chapters, because many of the pages of the chapter is occupied by big panels of awesome graphic and no words. As I am not here to provide panel-by-panel commentary on the battles, there is really not much to say about this chapter here. Well…

At the end of my previous Chapter Review, I expressed doubt that despite displaying her awesomeness by outsmarting everyone, Hisui could still be seen as yet another “flat” villain if she lost her battle against Hayate (and perhaps Athena) because she was stupid enough to overestimate her odds. Fortunately, this is not the case.


She knew from the very beginning.

The key difference between Hisui and the “flat” villains is that Hisui’s assessment of her odds turned out to be (mostly) right. According to herself, Hisui had the ability to see through everything from the beginning. It means that she knew from the beginning where Hayate had hidden his Royal Jewels. It would also mean that she knew from the beginning she was just as strong as Hayate himself, and that Athena would not be powerful enough to enter battle after breaking free from the curse – maybe the “battery” she brought with her would have come in handy.

Now, this kind of power is borderline cheating. In general I don’t like people cheating, so I am praying that Hisui’s powers would not be abused by Hata to make her even more and more ridiculously – arbitrarily – dangerous. If a character is set up to be ridiculous, there is just no way for me to take him or her seriously. I don’t want this to happen to Hisui, so let’s see.


Well, this happened.

At least Hata is not making Hisui’s combat powers too ridiculous. Indeed, Hisui is not the most powerful individual in the Hayate no Gotoku! universe. The honour still belongs to King Midas, who came so close to doing us a favour by killing Hayate. Still, Hisui has proven that she was almost just as powerful as Hayate himself, and that is pretty impressive.

Come to think of it, even Hisui’s power of seeing through everything seems to have its limits. It didn’t stop Hisui from getting her scar on her face. It didn’t make Hisui live the most comfortable life, and she instead looked more a girl who had spent all her life battling hardships. It didn’t stop Hayate from destroying her weapon. Hisui might be an awesome villain, but she seemed to have her own weakness. Her stubbornness to death, for one.


Isumi and her signature full page attack.

Speaking of characters with ridiculous combat powers, two of them decided to jump into the battle and make a mess of Hisui’s home. All of a sudden, Isumi and Yozora were given their rematch, and it is obvious that Isumi was indeed trying to make the most out of it. Still, despite the fact that Isumi was tearing the place apart just to defeat Yozora, I cannot shake the feeling that this was a rather lame battle. A part of me just doesn’t care about it.

In contrast, a bombshell dropped by Isumi very offhandedly during the battle got my attention. Almost totally out of the blue, Isumi confirmed to us that Yozora was the daughter of King Midas. For some reason she was able to move again after being turned into a gold statue, and she had since gained immense powers. Most of her secrets remained a mystery though, so we would need further bombshells for clarification.

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