Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 546


Sorry for cropping out a part of the series title…

This is what I have to say about this chapter: Hisui is as crazy as she is awesome.

I am not saying that she is awesome because she is a maniac – while she is definitely a maniac, this alone doesn’t make her awesome. The reason I say she is awesome is that, she owned this entire chapter through thorough assessment of the situation, a decisiveness with regard to her priorities, and full confidence in her own combat abilities. We could all be surprised by her actions at first, but when we think about it, what she has done in this chapter makes perfect sense.

Before we get into Hisui’s awesomeness, let us talk about Athena and Yozora. For some reason Yozora knew a lot about Athena, to the point that she was the one who offered me the reason for Athena to use the Royal Power 10 years ago. It turns out that she used the Power in order to cure her terminal disease in order to carry on the legacy of her family. I have been thinking that she might have wanted to wish her parents back to life, but it seems that I was wrong.


A six-year old who was terminally ill…

Clearly, Athena used the Royal Power in the Royal Garden, right? Nobody would be stupid enough to wish for recovery from a terminal illness only to have their life shortened by 50 years. Then again, using the Royal Power in the Royal Garden would leave you trapped inside the castle until someone come busting you out. I am not sure if wishing for recovery from a terminal illness only to have yourself imprisoned for eternity is any smarter, but there is a possibility that she did not know about this, so…

I suddenly have the idea that, maybe Athena had been trying to train Hayate and getting him fall in love with her just that he would risk his life getting her out of the Royal Garden – with Shirosakua, the sword Athena said Hayate would wield some day, no less. I am so going to get grilled by Athena fans for suggesting this…



In any case, Yozora concluded by saying that it would be to Hisui’s advantage that Athena returned to her child form. This is understandable: after all, a teenage Athena had the magic power, swordplay skill and intelligence at least on par with anyone in the series, and she would be a huge threat to Hisui and Yozora.

Here comes the part where Hisui proved herself to be both crazy and awesome: she smashed Athena’s Jewel, thus breaking the curse on her and returned her to true form. I repeat: after 246 chapters or 5 years and 10 months in real life, Athena has finally – completely – returned to her true form. No more chibi-Athena, no more “princess in training” story, and no more living in the Violet Mansion. Your goddess is back, people.


Seriously, who actually laughs like that?

One must immediately question the reason for Hisui to make troubles for herself. Did she do it because she was a challenge-seeker? Did she want to show her sadistic nature by giving false hope to Hayate and Athena (Hayate did become a bit more optimistic about his chances, mind you) and then destroying both of them with overwhelming power?

If Hisui did it for these reasons, she would just be another “flat” villain who does bad things because she is a bad girl. No, Hisui isn’t your “flat” villain. She crushed Athena’s Jewel just that she could prove one thing: that the Royal Power was true.


So, the Royal Power can grant you two watermelons…

You see, the problem with Hayate and Nagi is that, both of them had taken the words of others about the Royal Everything for granted. They didn’t seem to have any question about the authenticity of the Royal Power. After all, everything they were told sounded exactly like a myth. A lot of people do suspect that the miracles written in the Bible were fake, so why we should give a pass to the myth of the Royal Power?

Of course, both Hayate and Nagi had no reason to have doubt. Hayate himself experienced the weird things with the Royal Everything – and almost died because of it – while Nagi had a goddess herself to tell her the myth. Yet Hisui did not have such luxury. All she had was her maid who was too cunning to be trustworthy, and she already explained that she would only believe in something after seeing it with her own eyes.


Okay, I don’t want to work with her in the lab…

That’s why she did it. By smashing the Royal Jewel and restore Athena to her true form, Hisui had her proof that the curse of the Royal Jewel was true. She was finally convinced that the thing that she fought for was real. She refused to make a fool of herself by taking in everything Yozora said to her She refused to make a fool of herself by going after a potential wild goose chasing. She took a very simple step to verify a myth. How awesome is that?

You think this is why I think Hisui is awesome? You are wrong. There is so much more than that.

Everybody can tell that there are at least two drawbacks of smashing Athena’s Jewel. Firstly, by destroying the only Royal Jewel she had in hand, Hisui put herself back to the starting point again: she would have to look for yet another Royal Jewel, and God knows where they were. Secondly, as suggested above, Hisui would make Athena a formidable opponent for herself, thus making the fight (at her own house, no less) more difficult.


Stones… and a guy who is as dumb as a stone.

The thing is, I am very convinced that Hisui had both drawbacks considered, and she still smashed the Jewel because she was confident that she could overcome both drawbacks. This is why I think Hisui is awesome: she looked as if she was scaring even Yozora with her crazy antics, yet beneath the front was a person who was at least three steps ahead of everyone else.

While I said that “God knows where [the other Royal Jewels] were”, the thing is that we actually do know: three of them were on Hayate himself. Hisui might not know about it, but she also had a way to prove it: she had a glance at Hayate’s eyes as she smashed the Jewel. She was intentionally looking for Hayate’s reactions, and not only that she read his exact mind through his eyes, the fact that she was testing Hayate implied something else: she already suspected that Hayate was in possession of the other Royal Jewels!


Okay, I don’t want to play poker with her either…

Why is that so? Remember, Hayate and Athena were here to destroy the Jewel in Hisui’s possession. However, we should not forget that Hayate would still need a Jewel to get into the Garden in order to look for the key hidden by Yukariko (AHH!!!). If the Jewel with Hisui was the only one around the place, everybody would have to go home and restart their search. There would be no advantage to anybody. Yet by thinking that he would have an advantage, Hayate betrayed one simple fact: that he had a head start on the search. It means that he either had a Jewel with him, or that he knew where to find the Jewels.
Of course, the conclusion that “Hayate knows where the other Jewels are, so it is fine even if I destroy the one in my hand” is at most an educated guess on Hisui’s part. The action to destroy the Jewel was more or less a gamble – a huge gamble at that. Yet she ended up making a very good call as she confirmed two things with one stone: 1) the Royal Power was real, and 2) Hayate knew where to find the other Royal Jewels.

Let us also keep in mind that she did all these when everyone else were totally shocked: they cannot comprehend what Hisui was thinking. They did not even catch up with all of her thoughts after she explained Hayate’s expression. That is why I said that she was at least three steps ahead of everyone else. This, and the fact that she acted like a maniac while achieving this, is what makes her so awesome.


Why do you have to be so awesome?

Obviously, her confidence in her own abilities to possibly fighting both Hayate and Athena was also awesome, although one might wonder whether she is being overconfident. After all, there have been numerous villains before Hisui who stupidly allowed the heroes to gather strength and finally defeat them. Would Hisui be yet one another stupid villain?

Then again, Hisui has already proven once that she was not your ordinary “flat” villain. I am ready to bet that she would yet again prove her awesomeness in her battle against Hayate and Athena. The question is: would you?

8 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 546

  1. Ah, I was hoping you’d reconsider your previous assessment of Hisui after this chapter. Yup, she’s awesome alrighty.

    Also, thanks for confirming that Athena did indeed use the royal power for herself. I was a bit hazy on the Japanese used and was wondering Yozora was referring to Mikado or to Athena. (although I was hoping it would be Athena for… reasons!)

    • To be honest, I was thinking that Hisui IS yet another flat villain prior to this chapter. This one totally changed my mind.

      The language barrier is hard, so I was always hoping that I would get the English translation before working on review. Yet given the delays lately, I guess I will have to write my reviews with the Chinese version from now on…

    • Haha, I do admit that I might have stretched my arguments a bit too thin. Still, I am rather impressed with what we have seen about Hisui so far.

      It might have been a lot better if Hisui was introduced much earlier and take the place of Gilbert. That guy was a complete joke. Hisui at least seems to have potential.

    • Oh, no. I wasn’t referring to your article XD I was referring to my reaction when I read the chapter.

      I think I’d like Hisui a bit better if we stop seeing her from the POV of others and start seeing things from her POV a bit more.

  2. You know, I feel like Hisui being able to make the best out of her disadvantaged situation in an “awesome” way is somewhat… let’s say, downplayed by the fact that she put herself in said disadvantaged situation in the first place.

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