Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 545


I hate (spelling) that name.

Sometimes I wish that I have implemented more functions into this blog, one of them being bookmarking certain chapters which can be deemed “essential readings” in order to understand the plot(TM). I am certain that WordPress offers something like this, I just have never used it before, and I might have to regret this…

You see, every once in a while, Hata would release a crucial chapter that contains so much important information, which are so crucial that missing any one of them would make you look like an idiot. Yet these crucial chapters are buried within many other important chapters and many more other filler chapters, to the point that while you might not miss any crucial chapter, you are almost bound to forget about at least some of them. Forgetting about any important information makes you look like an idiot just as much.

Something has to be done about this. I really need a way to shelf these important chapters, or at least to list all the important information in one post. Unfortunately for me, it might mean I have to go over 545 chapters published over 10 years to pick up every single one of them. It would have been a lot easier for me if I had been doing this bit by bit, chapter by chapter, over the last six years of blogging.


Now this is scary.

Take the very first page of this chapter as an example. While it is abundantly clear that Yukariko and Himegami gathered around the coffin at the Violet Mansion, I have quite forgotten why the coffin was there in the first place. Has it even been mentioned or addressed? I don’t really know. Now I look like an idiot.

In any case, we can now confirm that both Yukariko and Himegami met Orumuzuto Nadja atop the coffin at the Violet Mansion. Apparently Orumuzuto Nadja (can I just call her “goddess” hereafter…?) had been calling for Yukariko to save her, and the young girl brought Himegami with her.

The next question is what Yukariko should do to “save” the goddess. This question could be important, because Himegami – who was known as one of the Royal Power seeker – was standing right there. If the goddess told Yukariko what to do, Himegami would hear it; if the goddess did not know how she could be saved either, Himegami could make suggestions that sounded like legitimate ways. Either way, Himegami would be able to do a lot of manipulations, bringing the Royal Power to himself and – maybe or maybe not – causing the early death of Yukariko.


She has a much more solid form here.

Then we receive even more elaborations on how the Royal Whatevers can be linked together from – big surprise – Nagi. I can’t even understand why the goddess would choose to reveal such important secrets to an even smaller girl than Yukariko. Then again, Nagi is the main heroine of the series, and it is painfully clear that supernatural beings just like pushing her to glory, so that’s it.

In any case, we are told by Nagi that the Royal Power is invoked by using the goddess’ manuscript. It would take 50 years of your lifespan from you as the price, but you could avoid this price by using the Royal Power in the Royal Castle with a Royal Jewel. As an alternate price, you would not be able to leave the Royal Castle forever until someone came to save your life.


Be~yond the Time~

In all honesty, this is fair and square. If the Royal Power is this powerful such that it can grant you any wish, some kind of very heavy price must be set to prevent people from abusing it. You can even say that this is some kind of character test: greedy and foolish people will either die early or be locked out of reality forever, while wise and good people would be safe from all of this rubbish.

This revelation does confirm that Athena was greedy and foolish used the Royal Power once. It also means that she must have invoked the Royal Power to make a wish. I am not sure whether her wish has been addressed in a previous chapter. I now look foolish again.


Legions of A-Goddess! Engage!

We would remember that Nagi once called the Royal Jewel the “stone of bonds”, and we now know why: the stone basically means that you get yourself stuck in the Royal Castle, so that the one who loves you enough would sacrifice his/her own life to save you. While this sounds very romantic, I am not sure if Ikusa qualifies as a good example. To me he is just that kind of hot-blooded idiots who would rush to save a cat from Hell if it meows from within. No, Ikusa did not save Athena from the Royal Castle because he loved her – he didn’t even know her, remember. That being said, if Nagi’s words means that the Ikusa-Athena ship is set for sailing, then I am game.

Meanwhile, Maria looks as if she has had enough of the misunderstanding between Hayate and Nagi, and she would be doing something about it. Will Maria becomes the main villain in Hayate and Nagi’s love story? We’ll see but taking up a role like this is almost always a popularity bomb – not that Maria is that popular any more, anyway.



Newsflash! Isumi checks in and checks out in four pages. She is here to help Hayate and Athena break into Hisui’s house, and that’s that. As calamariluqe pointed out in last chapter’s review, Isumi has been used as a plot device, and it shows in this chapter: Isumi is here in this chapter only to do the unthinkable of destroying Hisui’s front gate, so that Hayate (main character who is supposed to be a role model for kids) and Athena (GODDESS!!!) wouldn’t have to do it. You can almost imagine that Hata has now employed Isumi as some kind of mob to do all the dirty works nobody wants to do.

At the end of the chapter, Hisui proves Halloween is coming by popping up with a sword, a huge scar on her face and a big evil grin. Funny enough, my displeasure with Hayate is so much that I am going to cheer for her to cut a piece of Hayate’s ass into even smaller pieces.

7 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 545

  1. I’m beginning to like how crazy Hisui is… but that’s for the next chapter. For this one — I’m sure Hata intended something with having Nagi narrate those words with an Athena x Ikusa background…. MAYBE (before someone kills me) it means Ikusa will be back for this final arc.

    Anyway, the chapter title references Makoto Shinkai’s latest movie — and it’s a good one.

    • Ikusa is bound to come back, although a part of me has the feeling that he will be killed off…

      Heard about the movie and its hype, but I haven’t seen it yet. I probably will. Someday.

  2. You know, I’m liking those chapters for a change.

    Sure, not perfect but better than the mangaka saga (boooooring…)
    Sorry, didn’t like that one at all… 😛


    sooo…. Hisui will be the harem’s yandere, I suppose? lmao

    • Truth be told, I don’t really like the mangaka saga either, especially when we moved to the Comiket event…

      If Hisui is to become a part of Hayate’s harem, I am going to top myself.

  3. Don’t be hard on yourself, Gunso. The fault is not yours. The fault lies in HnG’s poor story telling structure.

    I rolled my eyes when it was shown in one forgettable panel that the goddess communicated with Nagi soon after Yukariko’s burial. It was so shamelessly convenient.

    It also places a questionable perspective as to how Nagi dealt with her mother’s passing. I originally liked the idea that Nagi managed to come to terms with her mother’s passing without any kind of supernatural intervention like a normal human being. Heck, in the flashback of why Isumi hides her power from Nagi, the message of that flashback was that everyone must learn to deal with the passing of a loved one and eventually come to terms with it like a normal person and that any outlandish and irresponsible attempts to run away from that pain will just lead to more pain. Now that its revealed that a supernatural event did play a part in Nagi coping with her mother’s passing, that message is ruined. Its no longer “Everyone must learn to cope with loss and not rely on things like the supernatural” but now its “Its okay to have supernatural elements help you cope with loss as long as you choose the CORRECT supernatural element!”.

    As Ikusa and Athena did not know each other at the time, I’m inclined to believe that Ikusa entered the Plot Palace by default of being an OP Marty Stu.

    After finishing watching the Mob Psycho 100 anime (I highly recommend it), I just cannot help but see this entire conflict in Hisui’s mansion as being incredibly childish and I can’t really take Hisui seriously at all because her behaviour is a lot more childish than it is evil. Sadly, HnG seems to favor a childish mentality over a mature one.

    • Yes, “convenient” is the word here. I have never been under the impression that Nagi was part of the Royal Whatever game; that part of the story has been Hayate’s. It is almost as if Hata has now decided, for whatever reason, that Nagi needs to be involved in some way from the very beginning. Hence we have that panel.

      This might bring us back to the Athena saga. We have assumed that Nagi destroyed the stone to free Hayate from a sadistic choice, while sacrificing her own right to inheritance. Now that we know she knew about the secret of the Royal Jewels from the beginning, she might have been thinking about the Power that might have played a part in her mother’s death. Things might be a little more personal than just money for Nagi.

      “Sadly, HnG seems to favor a childish mentality over a mature one.” One might wonder whether this is because Hata himself is a man child.

    • i feel like Hata is really just an opportunistic mangaka and not really one of those well thought out writers. His jamming everything into one work but the same time retconning to fit everything into it. I feel bad for the supporting casts. they are like the one that kept the series in good shape, and yet their really tools to progress story line. from supporting character that has internal dilemmas, now we barely even hear their internal monologue. the change fom hayate centric to nagi centric really dealt a blow to supporting casts character development. At least in the previous story arc, there is some form of resolution or character resolve for supporting casts as to what happened to them or they played a good role in arcs. Now, there’s like “ei isumi come here to open gate please. k thnx, u can go now.” or “we got a poker gaem guys, we need peeps to play gaem. k, i win gaem guys, u can go home.” ughh.. i feel like supporting casts will be nothing more than poster icons by the end of the series just to keep the series alive.

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