Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 548


“I say: KNEEL!!!”

You know, I have spent the last two Chapter Reviews or so to talk about Hisui. You might accuse me of ignoring Yozora – her partner in crime – and I would agree to an extent. So, maybe it is time for us to talk about Yozora!

But what can we talk about Yozora?

For a character who has made her first appearance over 250 chapters ago, it is almost shocking that we still know so very little about her. It almost seems that she makes her appearances only to do stealthy hi-byes. We almost always see her sitting on top of something, talking her evil plans to someone over the phone, attempting her task, failing her task, and then disappearing. Oddly enough, this makes me think of Team Rocket from Pokemon.


See, nobody knows what she is up to.

At least we still get to know something about Team Rocket. We know their background story, we come to understand that they are not actually that bad, and we more or less kind of like them. The same cannot be said of Yozora, however. We never really got to know who she was until the last chapter, we never knew her beyond the fact that she was a bad person who did bad things, and I for one never came to like her. If there is one thing I know Yozora for sure, it is that she is not a great villain.

Recent chapters seem to be a great opportunity for Yozora to show us just how awesome she really is. Really, if Hisui could convince me of her awesomeness in two chapters, why couldn’t Yozora? Unfortunately, this is never going to happen now that she decided to sign off from the cast in this chapter.


What happened between you two…?

Granted, she did Hisui a huge favour by knocking one of the Royal Jewels from Hayate so that Hisui can get hold of one – again. Granted, she gave one of her brightest smiles to Hisui before signing off. Yet, as I never got to know what she saw in Hisui other than her craziness, I find it quite hard to get sentimental about Yozora saying goodbye to Hisui.

You see, even the reveal in the last chapter that she was King Midas’ daughter ends up being totally meaningless, precisely because both father and daughter do not exist anymore. We’d never get to see Yozora seeking revenge on the Ayasaki brothers for beating up (if not outright killing) her father twice. We’d never get to see Yozora driving the King Midas myth to any meaningful conclusion either. Really, telling me that Yozora is Donald Trump’s daughter, and the reveal would carry just about the same weight: zero.

This begs the question: what is the point of making Yozora the daughter of King Midas again?


Finally, he is here.

At least Yozora did help to introduce arguably the most anticipated character: Himegami, Nagi’s butler before Hayate, the partner in crime of Athena and Mikado, one of the characters who “jumped the gun” in terms of his debut appearance in the anime. I never was among those who had been looking forward to his proper appearance in the manga, but I am also glad that Hata finally shuts everybody up about him.

There are at least three things about Himegami that bug me even before his proper appearance. The first is his very hideous mask which I never quite got it; couldn’t he at least have used a mask that is a bit more subtle? The second is his abilities as a combat butler; for some reason Isumi – a person both very powerful and very proud of herself – trembled in his presence, so he might be just as powerful as his anime counterpart. The third is that… well, I never understood what this person had been up to.

Hisui introduced Himegami as her butler, so there is the possibility that Hisui had head-hunted Himegami from Nagi without the blessing from the latter. At this point we really don’t know much about Hisui and him, so I am not really sure how loyal was Himegami to her.


He somehow reminds me of Himuro.

Given that Himegami was yet another “Royal Power nut”, it is entirely possible that Himegami wasn’t working for Hisui because he liked her in any way. Perhaps Himegami, for whatever reason, believed that he would have a better chance finding a Royal Jewel at Hisui’s house. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Himegami suddenly turned against Hisui at some point.

It now seems that we have a good household trio and an evil household trio of Master-Butler-Maid: Nagi-Hayate-Maria and Hisui-Himegami-Yozora. Nagi and Hisui were competing for the Sanzen’in inheritance. Hayate and Himegami are expected to compete for a Royal Jewel and/or the safety of their own master. Maria and Yozora competed… for the speed to resign from the series, and Yozora became a clear winner – by killing herself off. Poor Maria can’t even win a competition at that.

As you all have already been informed somewhere else, Hayate no Gotoku! would enter a short three-week break, and then it would return for a final arc. I do not really expect this to mean that the series would end that soon. In fact, even if Hata needed 50 chapters to wrap everything up, the series would easily hang on for another year. I do hope that the series does have a satisfactory ending, because no matter his execution of his plans, Hata does have a plan about his work. I only hope that he wouldn’t have to butcher his own work in order to speed up the ending.