Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 542


It could be a few years before she can get married though…

Truth be told, I haven’t watched that movie either.

I don’t even know if I am even going to watch it anyway. From what I have heard, it is not that kind of Hollywood blockbuster that I like the most (it isn’t even from Hollywood!), it is just as hard to understand as Evangelion itself, and in general just doesn’t worth the time. In this sense I am even worse than Saki, because I simply do not care.

The thing is, Saki didn’t actually care about the movie either. She only cared about the person who cared about the movie, so she tried to enter the movie world just to have another common topic with him. She saw with her own eyes how happy it was for Wataru to talk about the movie with someone who “got it” – in this case, it was Nagi – and she wanted a happy conversation with Wataru, so she tried to understand the subject.


If only they could always get on so well…

It is almost amazing just what a common topic can do to two people. I have always considered the relationship (platonic relationship, before I am murdered by certain shippers) between Nagi and Wataru rather volatile. They actually seemed to enjoy bickering and disagreeing over everything. Yet when it came to a movie that they both loved, they acknowledged each other to be a fellow fan and they openly shared their love of the movie. For the period of this chapter they appeared to be such good friends that we can mistake them for having the right chemistry.

Saki herself definitely sees it this way, as she became jealous of Nagi. She went as far as bringing up something (to the readers) that nobody cares about nowadays: the arranged marriage between Wataru and Nagi. I am not entirely sure if this engagement has been cancelled, but even if it hasn’t, it doesn’t seem like either Nagi or Wataru were serious about it as they both had their eyes set on someone else. Saki seems to have proved just how insecured she was by bringing up something like this in her mind.


I have to say, Wataru is so much more matured than Hayate.

The one really good thing about the relationship (romantic relationship, as I am expecting passionate hugs from certain shippers) between Wataru and Saki is that they were very open and honest toward each other. Wataru never meant to ignore Saki in order to make himself look “cool” (although sometimes ignorance happened due to sheer stupidity), and Saki did not try to cover herself with “dignity” by being a Tsundere. Their good wills and deeds for each other were always there to be seen, by both the characters themselves and by readers.

In a sense, Wataru and Saki are an ideal couple, as they spend their time and resources in reaching out to each other for a better understanding and a better relationship. Time is not wasted on meaningless guessing games, misinterpretation of words or unintentional flirting with any third parties. If someone is truly your “life in itself (sparkling!)”, you simply do not waste time on any other things.

Except a movie that you love, maybe…

6 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 542

  1. Seen the movie. Not as confusing as you might think. It’s just that there are no characters that you can really connect with. So yeah, not the typical Hollywood blockbuster. (I’ve heard good things about Train to Busan from Korea which is also airing right now though) The plot itself is quite simple. It centers around how people can work together to suppress a threat like Godzilla while also doubling as a social commentary on the slowness of red tape/beurocracy.

  2. The American 2014 Godzilla reboot was more of a love letter to Godzilla’s most popular interpretation; a champion of Earth who regularly fights different monsters. Shin Godzilla brings back Godzilla to its original roots; the enemy of humanity, the symbolism of the consequences of nuclear war, the representation of nature’s wrath, a victim of nuclear war and how humanity can only beat Godzilla by being smart rather than being dumb by taking the easy way out (nuke everything). It is certainly not a “kids movie” because of these mature themes and because Godzilla isn’t the idealized “hero” he’s so often interpreted as.

    That said, Wataru and Nagi’s childlike fanaticism with the movie and how they try to reenact the scenes pretty much gave Saki a good reason to assume that Shin Godzilla was a kids movie in the first place.

    I really loved this chapter. None of that repetitive misunderstanding mishaps. Its about an actual couple growing together as people by a happy and wilful desire to constantly seek to understand each other. I’d take a hundred Wataru and Saki chapters over any chapter about Hayate and his misunderstandings with his harem.

    • To be fair, “kid’s movie” seems to apply to any movie which one thinks as “too childish” for adults. Anything from Star Wars: A New Hope to Pixar movies can be regarded as “kid’s movie” by at least some people. To me the category “kid’s movie” is rather pointless nowadays…

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