Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 535


It is time for Maria to teach you some fear…

Rest assured, I am still not going any easier on Hayate, although I am cutting out most, if not all, of the swearing. My vocabulary in that particular area – or any area, anyway – is not exactly good.

Once again, Hayate reminded us why he was trying to induce an explosion of negative emotions in one (or more) of his female friends: he had to make sure that Nagi would obtain her family inheritance, so that she wouldn’t die out of poverty. I would argue that such a resolve is already an insult to Nagi, simply because he is assuming the worst of Nagi. While it is true that Nagi might struggle with her life, do we actually believe that she would do nothing about her situation, and simply allow herself to die miserably?

I thought the entire Violet Mansion business has already proven that Nagi was much more than this. In fact, ever since Nagi was kicked out of the Sanzen’in Mansion, the first thing she did was to make the best use out of the only resources she had. She leased the extra rooms of the Violet Mansion to her friends primarily as a way to sustain a reasonable lifestyle. She invested all of her pocket money (20 million yen…) into the stock market instead of keeping it in the bank or wasting it senselessly. The outcome was that Nagi has had a reasonably stable life at the Violet Mansion; she did not even get sick or depressed. She even pursued her dreams in drawing doujinshi (albeit with a lot of slacking, but still…) and entered two events!


I for one do not really think so…

Granted, Hayate and Maria were taking care of her the entire time, but this doesn’t mean that Nagi would just die because she cannot pay for their services with the old man’s money anymore. While I do have doubts on Nagi’s ability to take care of herself, I am very certain that she would find a way to earn a reasonable income to sustain a life no worse than that at the Violet Mansion. Ironically, that period at the Violet Mansion was arguably the most fruitful time in Nagi’s life thus far.

Heck, if Hayate was this devoted to Nagi, he might even quit Mikado’s job and simply go taking care of Nagi free of charge! We are talking about a lot of sacrifices, but at least this one is a lot more honourable than to, say, play with the feelings and emotions of a girl he was close to. In any case, Hayate could do so much more than being an asshole.

You see, this is where I really get frustrated with Hayate: there are many viable options, but somehow his eyes were fixed on just one way to solve a problem – and it arguably was the worst way possible. He would justify his actions (we will come to that in a moment!) with very lame excuses, and then he would inevitably regret his decisions. Yet rather than blaming the whole mess on his poor decision making, he would instead blame it on his bad luck or his parents…



Even he had standards…

At least he seemed to realise that he couldn’t just pull this “gigolo” trick on any girl. He might have sworn to be evil for Nagi’s sake, but as far as we could tell, such “evilness” has usually been no more than one impulsive action. In my opinion, we have been convinced of his evilness because he could retain this state until he got the job done, such as when he saved Nagi from kidnappers other than himself. Other times, as the event dragged on, he would realise that his evilness had resulted in something he didn’t like, and he would back off; for example, he had no problem scaring the hell out of Hinagiku over the suspension bridge, but when she got angry one chapter later, his facial expression was apologetic rather than evil. So much for becoming a devil for Nagi’s sake, huh?

In this chapter, Hayate’s evilness became ineffective as Ayumu approached him. Hayate realised that it was too cruel even for a devil to play with Ayumu’s genuine feelings for him, so he backed off. For a moment I did think that I should take my criticism of him in the last chapter back, but I turned out to be wrong. While Hayate did the right thing in taking care of Ayumu’s feelings, he did the exact opposite for Maria.


You. Will. Regret.

Once again he demonstrated to the whole world just how reckless he was. For some reason he assumed that everyone would understand his devotion to Nagi above everything, and that they would forgive anything he did out of such devotion. Maybe he has simply forgotten that in the end, everyone including himself would prioritise their own interests over those of the others. In other words, nobody would like to understand his desire to protect Nagi if it means he was coming to hurt them.

The only funny thing here is that, I have the feeling that Maria knew exactly what he was doing, and that she was turning the table on him. In other words, it could be that Maria was trying to seduce Hayate and let him explode by breaking up with him later. Personally I am totally buying this theory, because if there is one person whom we would like to see explode, it is no other than Hayate himself.

Serves you right for even thinking of this “method” in the first place.

4 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 535

  1. Just dropping in to say that I agree with your sentiments in this review. Also, Hayate’s forgotten that Nagi has “genius” and “blessed by luck” as some of her main positive traits. If she really needed money, she’s more than smart enough to abuse her luck to make some.

  2. So, true. Losing the inheritance the first time and living a less luxurious life in the Violet Mansion really was the best thing to have happened to Nagi.

    That Ayumu scene was great. Ayumu re-affirming her love for Hayate was such a sweet scene. So much better than Ruka’s confession many chapters back because, while love is inherently selfish, Ayumu’s first confession scene and re-confession here had a very happy and innocent tone to it whereas Ruka’s confession back in the Dark Cottage had an unusually depressing and unhappy tone to it.

    The top panel in page 12 is now one of my favourite images of Maria. The beautifully drawn background really helped to enhance how pretty Maria is.

    • To be fair to Ruka, Ayumu has come through a lot before this chapter. The way I see, Ayumu on Valentine’s Day was not much better than Ruka at the cottage. Experience does make wonders on a person.

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