Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 532


Back in those days one Chinese reviewer was almost certain that Hata would write off Hinagiku and that Hayate would end up with Sakuya…

Man, we are suddenly all so nostalgic, aren’t we?

“What are you talking about?” you may ask. Well, I was talking about the fact that, the first two pages of this chapter take us back to 16 May 2005 in the story. That doesn’t ring a bell? Okay, the corresponding chapter of that date is Ch. 284. Still doesn’t feel much? The thing is, the chapter was released on 17 August 2010 in real life. That is almost 6 years ago. Wow!

This also brings back the old memories to me. Those were the old days when I was rather quick with chapter reviews, and reader participations were higher than they are today – although, to be fair, we are still doing well… sometimes. In a sense these are not memories that make me happy now, are they?


Like… this?

We already knew that it was Yozora who shot the fireworks at Hayate’s cardboard box, in which Tama was hiding. We also already knew that she was keeping an eye on Hayate, and she did not find what she wanted back then. The thing worth discussing here is that Yozora finally spells out what she was looking for: a King’s Jewel.

It appears that she thought Hayate was transporting a King’s Jewel or Snake Machina. I actually find this quite bizarre: Hayate’s move was just too unsubtle if he was transferring a stone or a snake. A stone fits well in a pocket, so a huge box is not necessary; a snake would find it easier to sneak around on its own than in a huge box. So Yozora was either thinking that Hayate was stupid, or that she herself was being stupid.


King’s Jewel delivery!

Here’s the irony: no matter how ineffective Yozora looked like, in the end the desired result is achieved with minimum effort. Machina, on the other hand, went to stay with Sakuya with the King’s Jewel that Athena gave her. Yet some 250 chapters later, Sakuya and Machina and (presumably) the King’s Jewel all come to the doorstep (technically that is Mikado’s doorstep, but whatever…) on their own!

You see, the fact that Machina – as well as a King’s Jewel – resurfaces is significant enough that Yozora suggests that Klaus is not of use anymore. It can be concluded that Hisui and Yozora would consider a King’s Jewel more important than the key. Given that the King’s Jewels are pretty much keys themselves – keys to the Royal Power, no less – this makes sense.


Again, this is some insane design.

Meanwhile, Miki demonstrates the benefits of having rich manpower. Her members of staff (from her father’s political party, perhaps?) manage to colour all the floor plans of the Clock Tower, and uncovers a message. Unfortunately, the message turns out to be a riddle which requires to be solved.

Interestingly, the riddle itself is not hard to solve if you have the inside knowledge. All you need to know is the location of a particular coffin. And speaking of coffin, there are two significant ones we know of: one is seen in the Royal Garden, and one is found in the Violet Mansion. The latter one has been burnt one chapter after its appearance, though…


Is there anything… left?

For your information, the coffin in the Violet Mansion was first mentioned in Ch. 368, published on 4 July 2012. Oh, the old times… Then again, the last time we saw that coffin, the key was nowhere to be found. Did all parties (Yozora included) just happened to miss the key, or was the key already taken by someone: Himegami or the “28th” something?

Of course, we can argue – for the sole sake of argument – that Yukariko’s own coffin would also count. The thing, though, is that I am afraid a prank involving one’s own coffin may be going too far even for Yukariko, so… it wouldn’t be stupid not to raid her grave, right?

Let me use this very last sentence to praise Klaus for his resolve not to surrender to Yozora’s torture.

8 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 532

  1. “Both people and thing really do evolve after 2700 years”. Yozora’s line here does imply that she might be a non-human creature like Machina.

    So far, the attempts at opposing Hisui have been rather… tame. As if their spoiling her too much and not taking her too seriously, making Hisui think that her actions will not result in any serious consequences for her. This is rather baffling considering that Hisui has already resorted to attempted murder and kidnapping now. I’d like to see someone retaliate in a particularly epic way that results in Hisui’s humiliation (preferably, public spanking) but the “heroes” of this story are way too tame and soft-hearted to do anything so ridiculous yet epic.

    • Just for argument’s sake, perhaps Yozora came to this conclusion because of her involvement in a bigger organization, say the 28th. Perhaps “28th” refers to “founded in 28th century BC”…? Then again, you guys have a good point as well; it is just that I feel like the evidence is not yet conclusive.

      To portrait Hisui in an even worse light, she might actually know of the consequences of her actions, but she simply doesn’t care. What if “serious consequences” by our standards are “nothing” to her?

    • You so mean on Hi-chan, man.

      On a more serious note… I personally think that Yozora might be serving someone else other than Hisui and she’s just using Hisui for her greed and her lineage being connected to the Sanzenins.

    • I think I expressed the same view back then. Hisui and Yozora seem to be fighting Mikado together, but for different things: Hisui for the inheritance, Yozora for the King’s Jewel.

      It is even as if the two of them have been wrestling on which one is a better reward. As of now the King’s Jewel is more approachable, so Hisui is “forced” to listen to Yozora. Let’s wait for the debate (if any) to reignite when Hayate and co. turn up with the key…

  2. 2010 is 6 years ago… Wait… what??

    yeah… definitely feels nostalgic.

    Not much to comment, but glad the story is moving again.
    I take that the Ruka “plan” is already scrapped since… all that stuff happened, right?

    Hope this is not too off topic, but is anyone watching Re: Zero? So far it’s been great!

    • Yes, the Ruka plan is totally ruined because her family problem has been patched. As far as we know she is now a happy idol who still has her hobby/dream in manga-drawing, so there is no more despair to invoke.

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