Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 530


Fumi in action!

Say what you want about Fumi, but this supposed-to-be future Student Council President of Hakuou Academy does have her unique appeal. Interestingly, her appeal might happen to be the very same side of her which we find her annoying – that is, if you think that she is “annoying” in the first place.

Indeed, the best – and worst – thing about Fume is that she cannot keep her mouth shut. She has the unstoppable urge to speak her mind out loud, in a very straightforward manner and a very overwhelming volume. So for one thing, you always knows what this girl is up to; for another, she is always true to herself, even if she sometimes sounds a bit petty.


This is totally me.

And yet her pettiness is pretty relatable. We also want to earn a lot of money, but we also do not want to work hard. Fumi is actually tackling with real life issues with a very realistic point of view. In a sense she is a reflection of ourselves – our laziness, our greed – which is not even trying to hide the fact that we are so petty. We can even say that Fumi is our consciences, which speak very, very loudly. Admit it: you enjoy having a character who speaks your mind out like this.

You might actually start imagining the students elect her to succeed Hinagiku because of her honesty.


What? She said “yes” to “awful”?

I am under the impression that we are seeing a lot more small adventures from Fumi recently, and presuming my impression is true, I would attribute her increased screen time to Ell the Android. The manzai dynamic of Fumi and Sharna, while offering loads of comedy, does not lead to a lot of actions. Fumi has all her crazy ideas shot down by Sharna with deadpan snarking, and there is nothing she would do when her enthusiasm cools down after a while. Ell’s involvement as an energetic Android changes this dynamic. For once Fumi has someone to work on those crazy ideas, with concrete results – even if they are just search results on Google by an android. Finally, Fumi can get something done.

So, Fumi wants to earn big money without working, and from the list of most desired jobs searched by Ell, she chooses “YouTuber” as the job she would want. I am rather surprised to see that “baseball player” does not make the Top 10. I always thought that baseball is still one of the most popular sports in Japan; to find out that this “national sport” is not a desired career path for youngsters is… disappointing.


I think I read someone else said this line before…

It is somewhat funny that we get a little echo back to Ch. 476, in which the SC Rangers shared exactly the same ambition to be successful YouTubers. I don’t really know how many views you need to attract in order to be considered “successful”, but I do know that whatever we are thinking to film, a lot of other people have filmed similar things already, so the competition is very fierce.

The truth is, while animal videos are indeed popular, they are just too popular that everyone thinks of filming animals – just ask the SC Rangers! In other words, Fumi is over 50 chapters late to upload animal videos to YouTube, and they are at a serious disadvantage unless they have an extraordinary animal, which Armageddon totally is… but he is too extraordinarily creepy that I would not be filming him at all.

Apparently, so does Fumi. Petty dreams are fine, but at a certain point we need to accept reality and… work hard for money.