Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 528


There is nothing much to see here really…

Let’s get this clear: I am not going through Izumi’s fan service scenes at any length.

Poor Klaus. Even though he is one of the core Sanzen’in family members, the amount of screentime he gets is simply too little, even in an incident which he gets kidnapped. All he gets is three pages to protest, laugh and scream, and then he is out of our sight. This is in sharp contrast to Izumi, who gets lost in the Clock Tower and manages to trigger all sorts of traps. For that she gets six pages of crying, smiling and fan service. At the end of the day, my bet is that you would remember this chapter for Izumi more than Klaus.

And let’s face it, the only reason for this difference in their treatments is that Klaus is not the attractive 17-year-old which Izumi is.


This has to be the clumsiest passageway in history…

So, we are led to the conclusion that all the traps that Izumi triggers, together with the general design of all the levels of the Clock Tower, originates from a trick which hides (or shows) the location of the key. The question is: who did this? The key in question unlocks the Saznen’in inheritance, whereas the Clock Tower, as part of Hakuou Academy, is a Tennousu family property. Who in the Sanzen’in family would have the power to order that the Clock Tower at a Tennousu family property be built in a certain – a very inconvenient for walking through – pattern?

Really, the only person I can currently think of is Mikado himself. I am not entirely sure if Yukariko is this influential at the Tennousu family, but seeing that she is “loved by the gods” and all that… well, it is smarter not to rule her out either.

8 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 528

  1. I must be one of the few readers that actually cared more about Klaus’s predicament than Izumi…

    I’m starting to think of Yozora as an evil foil to Maria, just like how Hisui is an evil foil to Nagi. While Maria is kind, caring, nurturing and always has an honest smile on her face, Yozora feigns all these traits to mask the fact that she’s a sadist.

    Also, that evil castle of Hisui is just so “in your face” about the fact that she’s evil that its not even funny.

  2. I notice Klaus seems to be very familiar with Hisui (Nagi does refer to Hisui as her childhood friend) and also calls her ojou-sama… maybe that’s why he was captured so easily. He’s often used for comedy, but I never saw him as a pushover in a fight.

    Also, glad to see you’re well enough to do reviews again.

    • True, Klaus could have been taken by surprise so he didn’t have any chance to fight back. Forgot to note that I think Yozora’s interrogation technique is infinitely more effective than inducing pain. I would scream out all the secrets I know the moment that feather touches me. Then again, I am also very scared of pain, so I could be very cooperative with my captors in the first place.

      Thanks for care. I hope I can further full myself together and get back into more proper schedule.

    • Considering how Yozora is even stronger than Hayate in a fight and how Klaus isn’t getting any younger, if Klaus did have a chance to defend himself, he’d most likely lose to Yozora.

    • Yeah… but I expect Klaus to still put up some kind of a fight, at least.

      On that note, I’m not sure if Yozora is really stronger than Hayate or if that was just necessary for the plot and she’s somehow powered down in succeeding encounters, if any.

      Hayate does get weaker or stronger depending on the needs of the plot.

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