Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 527


Izumi gets into troubles again! And that’s the part this Review wouldn’t be reviewing.

Why do bad guys win? One of the most common reason, unfortunately, is that the heroes are being stupid.

Take a look at this chapter, in which our heroes look like headless chickens in their quest for a key inside the Clock Tower. This is probably the very first time I am convinced that none of our main characters deserve a place at Hakuou Academy, because none of them display the supposedly high demand for intelligence at the prestigious school.


You think?!

For one thing, Hayate and co. do not seem to have an idea how unlikely it is to find a key – no bigger than a single finger on my hand – inside an enormous building. They go in without the detailed floor plans or any clue about the whereabouts of the key. As a result, their key hunt look absolutely – appropriately – clueless.

Here’s the thing: if it were me who was asked to join the key hunting, and then be told that we should go back to find the floor plans or some advices from Klaus, I would throw someone out of the window – most probably Hayate.


There are too many things gone wrong here…

And our friendly boy (yep, single) and girls (yep, plural) manage yet again to leave one of them behind! I just don’t know what is happening to our main characters. They are always so obsessed with the one task in their mind, while totally ignoring something arguably equally important: the well-being of one of their own. It seems that nobody has learned their lesson when Chiharu went missing during the School Trip arc, which worries me. They won’t always be this lucky, that nobody has ever been in real harm by being left behind.

You might say that Izumi has her fair share of bad luck, but I cannot understand why Izumi would have a smartphone with no battery left. Firstly, she was “studying” in the night duty room not long ago, and the first thing most of my friends do when they enter a study room is to find a power source to recharge their phones, so why didn’t Izumi do it? Secondly, many of us have a portable power pack, and Apple even makes their official (and awful) power case for the iPhone 6s, so why Izumi doesn’t either of them? Thirdly… well, let’s just say it isn’t really proper to empty the battery of your phone in the first place. What has she been doing?

Then again, even if she has her smartphone fully charged, there is no guarantee that there would be cellular signals, but that’s just bad luck, not stupidity.


Meaning, you are less stupid than I thought.

Compare the idiocy of our heroes to the competence of the villains, who are at least 10 steps ahead. Just as Nagi and co. begin to think of seeking help from Klaus, Hisui and Yozora have already kidnapped him. I wouldn’t even say that they are genius level competence – come on, our main characters figure out that they need Klaus’ advice (at long last) – but it actually highlights just how stupid our heroes are. As it turns out, common sense takes you 10 steps ahead of your idiocy!

I really am starting to lose faith in the intelligence of our main characters.

7 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 527

  1. Personally, I don’t think the villains are being smart themselves. Of all the people they chose to kidnap and hold hostage, they chose Klaus? Maria would have made a far better hostage. Pretty girls always make for the perfect hostage and a lot more within the good guys group care more for Maria than Klaus. Only reason I think Maria wasn’t kidnapped was, from a story perspective, to keep the situation lighthearted and funny. Maria getting kidnapped would have been serious and rage-inducing but Klaus getting kidnapped is hilarious.

    In fact, why announce that they have held Klaus hostage? Assuming they know that Klaus knows where Loto’s key was hidden, it would’ve been better if they’d just interrogate Klaus for the info without alerting Nagi and co.

    • I happen to think that kidnapping a girl is too controversial a plot point. I don’t think we are ready for something like “Taken” in this series yet.

      I agree that the villains are not particularly smart: I think they are just making choices with some common sense, which looks much more intelligent when compared to what our heroes have done…

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