Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 526


The mind of a true genius…

As it turns out, finding the key to (literally) unlock the Sanzen’in inheritance is difficult as Hell… in a rather odd way. Hayate and Nagi are not facing murderous enemies, dangerous monsters or lethal traps – not yet, anyway – but they find themselves facing even more formidable enemies: the airheadedness of Isumi and her mother.

As our society evolves, it becomes more and more complicated to describe a person’s intelligence – or the lack of it. There was a time when we only call people “stupid” or “idiot”, but now we have “moron”, “troll”, “airhead”, “ditz”, “dumb”… etc. Here’s the thing: I have gone through the definitions of all these terms on TV Tropes, but I have forgotten all of them after a day or two. So, what do you make of me?


Two geniuses… and a scroll.

Of course, for Isumi at the very least, saying that she is stupid is incorrect. She knows quite a few foreign languages, and she came third in the school examinations after Hinagiku and Aika. Isumi would not be “stupid” by any definition of the word. Yet Nagi finds there are a lot of “boke” with her and her mother. So, what do we make of it?

I have suggested in an article that Isumi (and possibly her family as well) has her own logic in her world. Everything actually makes sense in her world, but that logic is not comprehensible by common people. In case Isumi doesn’t bother to explain herself (mostly because she thinks her logic is common), we common people lose track of the train of thought. While we would not blame ourselves for being too “stupid” for Isumi, we could only conclude that Isumi is the “airhead” here.

In other words, we would blame Isumi for her lack of common sense, rather than ourselves for our lack of “super sense”. Humanity weeps.


I think we have an explanation for her lack of sense of direction…

To make us look worse, Isumi proves herself to be most helpful, as she points out a possible location of the key that actually makes sense. We all know that the Clock Tower of Hakuou Academy is also called the “Garden Gate”, and what “Garden” has been mentioned other than the Royal Garden itself? In other words, if the Sanzen’in inheritance is related to the key which is related to the Royal Power which is related to the Royal Garden which is related to the Garden Gate, it actually makes sense for the key to be kept in the Clock Tower!

Speaking of the “Garden Gate”, naturally it would involve its current “master”, Hinagiku. Once again Hinagiku, while isn’t a part of the plot(TM) itself – in the current case, the race to the Sanzen’in inheritance – but she is involved because of who she is. I am not saying that she is destined for greatness, but it is still good to have someone like her around when you are in an important mission, isn’t it?


Well, you tempted them, miss!

Oddly, Hinagiku calls for help from the SC Rangers. The oddity here is that Hinagiku seems to have given up pushing the three girls to study, and instead accepts that they are done with studying and allows them to join and “play”. It seems that after all the things that have happened, Hinagiku realises that a) studying might not be that important for some people, and/or b) there are things that she cannot force to happen no matter how hard she tries. It sounds sad, but it can be a good thing.

An even bigger oddity, however, is that Hinagiku still doesn’t fully understand the structure of the Clock Tower she has been entering ever since she was elected Student Council President. It isn’t even some sort of Chamber of Secrets that nobody has heard of, it is only a staircase upstairs which Yukiji knows of! It kind of goes back to my point in the previous paragraph: too much focus on study and work has blinded her from the little details around her, including… oh, where do we start?

In any case, we seem to be promised with some adventures inside the Clock Tower!