Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 525


Some people need great luck to survive because of their low IQ…

Regular readers of my blog would have known that Doughnut Gunso is not a fan of Yukariko. Instead, she is one of the few characters that I dislike at first sight. So, please accept that this short review contains quite a lot of biased comments against Yukariko. You would be forgiven to think that I have written this piece solely to bash her.

I might have said it already: my main reason for disliking Yukariko is that I think of her as an ultimately dangerous person. I have absolutely no idea what is going on inside her head, and her innocent appearance isn’t making me any less suspicious of her.


I am saying “no” to that smile.

I am writing this with the knowledge of the most recent development. You would recall that I have branded the current development as a “Sanzen’in Civil War”, and that I have sided with “Team Yukariko” being the good guys. It means that I think Yukariko has good intentions, and hence ultimately she is a good person. Yet a good person can also be very dangerous. After all, even an innocent person could do much harm to the galaxy with good intentions just because they are… well, brainless. Just ask Jar Jar Binks.

Unfortunately for Yukariko, my accusations of her intelligence doesn’t seem to be unfounded, because even Hayate comments that she has a “foolish personality”. Indeed, we can see her cheerfully taking actions which – at the moment at least – make no sense that lead to rather severe consequences which happen to make her father’s life miserable. People who do this are not only foolish, but reckless bordering on irresponsibility. If I ever knew her, I might actually ask her to put away her smile and try to think of what she has done, what she is doing and what she is going to do.

God, I am starting to suspect that it was Yukariko’s own foolish mischievousness that got her killed.


This is not funny, bi – I mean, woman.

You see, my frustration with her as of this chapter is this: we knew that she took away the Power of Royalty from the Garden with a reason yet to be fully understood; now Mikado is trying to show Nagi the key to literally unlock his inheritance, and yet we find out that Yukariko has already taken the key away with no reason at all? Come on!

Enough of this nonsense. Occasional pranks may be fine, but too many pranks with things that can be at great stake would be irritating. I have no idea why Yukariko would find messing around with treasures a game of great fun, but I would really want to dig her out from her grave and make her realise what kind of troubles she has caused.

Maybe that would make her put away her smile. Or maybe not.