Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 521


A chapter released near Hinagiku’s birthday with Hinagiku on the cover. Makes sense.

As we are told by the margin of the last page of this chapter, the whole School Trip Level 5 arc has finally reached its official conclusion. I am personally rather thrilled that the entire arc essentially ends with a conversation between Hayate and Hinagiku. If we remember that the entire arc began with Hinagiku expressing her resolve to pay off Hayate’s debt for him, we can say this chapter completes the circle with Hinagiku discussing Hayate’s debt: what starts with Hinagiku, ends with Hinagiku.

Granted, Hinagiku isn’t talking about anything related to the plot(TM). There is no mentioning of the King’s Jewels, the Royal Garden, the Royal Power, etc. Hinagiku only talks about Hayate’s future as a person freed from his debt. Funny enough, this seems to have highlighted what is special about Hinagiku: while certainly powerful enough to influence the main plot(TM), Hinagiku is only interested in the well-being of Hayate. Amid the hype of the Royal Whatever War, Hinagiku reminds everybody that this story, in the end, is about Hayate – and his master.

This is a point that even Hayate himself has yet to understand.


This talk never happened back then.

We might actually compare this chapter with Ch. 266 – in which the cast was on the flight home from Greece – and see that there is a significant change in the interaction between Hayate and Hinagiku: it is clear that Hayate is now paying a lot more attention to Hinagiku. Back in Athens Hinagiku boarded the plane without Hayate by her side, but in this chapter Hayate is there to accompany her. Back in Athens it was Miki who told Hayate that Hinagiku was passing out, but in this chapter Hinagiku actually has time to make her own plea to Hayate.

It is not exactly that Hayate is having a lot more free time now than before. Rather, Hayate is having just as much free time as before, because in both cases he doesn’t really need to take care of Nagi. Back in Athens Nagi only had a few words to exchange with Hayate after boarding the plane, and it is the same in this chapter. It seems like Nagi’s vast experience in travelling has given her a composure beyond her age, and as such there is nothing to worry about her on a plane.


They both tend to forget what happened between them.

So, while Hayate is having the same amount of free time here and there, the point is that he is now more willing to spend his time on Hinagiku. In terms of the relationship between Hayate and Hinagiku, this can only count as progress. Sure, it is just a casual chat, but when you hear Hayate saying that it has been “forever” since his last casual chat with Hinagiku, while said “forever” is no longer than the few days since the sauna room incident, you might appreciate that maybe Hayate is starting to miss Hinagiku quite a lot.

Speaking of “progress”, Hinagiku is still making no progress whatsoever with her acrophobia. You might have expected that, after so many flights on this School Trip alone, Hinagiku would have at least learned to cope with her fear better. Yet she seems to be doing even worse than Ch. 438, in which she travelled alone to Australia. It seems that some things never change.


Key words are “your new life”, not “my love life”

Back to this chapter, in which Hinagiku looks very happy about Hayate’s “new life”. After all, she has been told by the boy himself that what stops him from dating her is his debt. Now that his debt is cleared, certainly she has a bigger chance than before…? Although, to be fair to her, “dating her” is not the only thing in her mind, because it is not the only thing she invites Hayate to imagine for his future either.

And it doesn’t seem like Hayate is dating her soon anyway. As we have learned from the previous chapter, Hayate is now officially recruited by Team Yukariko to return the Royal Power to the god who previously owned it. With Team Mikado out there hunting for the King’s Jewels, and Team Hisui out there doing whatever they want to do, it seems that Hayate’s life would actually become even more difficult than before. We really miss those old days when the only things Hayate needed to worry about were Nagi and Maria.


No other picture to properly conclude this arc.

Speaking of “worry”, it was mentioned in Ch. 511 that Hayate’s passport has gone missing. So how is he supposed to go home?

On the brighter side, Nagi name-drops several important dates which should be happy events. Essentially, those dates are the birthdays of our main trio: Hayate’s birthday is on 11 November, Nagi’s is on 3 December, and Maria’s is on 24 December. How are they going to celebrate their birthdays? In any case, it is highly unlikely that their birthday parties would be as normal as Ayumu’s, because… well, we all love more dramas, right?

11 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 521

  1. So, I think this is actually my first comment of 2016; Wow, took long enough… lol

    Reason is I really didn’t have much to comment about filler chapters… Then I decided to wait until there were enough chapters out so I could read them all in one go.

    I feel really happy with how this arc concluded and the direction the story seems to be going now. I honestly can’t wait to see how things will unfold.

    It’s BlueserDragon here, by the way. For whatever reason I decided to just use my actual name (well, family name and middle name – my given name is Andre, so call me whatever you like) 🙂

    New life, huh? I wonder how that feeling might be.
    You know, I decided that I am going to go to Japan and I will work with soundtracks and stuff. Sounds crazy? I think it does… But I really wanted to let you know because I’m so happy with this decision. I really want to make songs that you guys can enjoy. So…. wish me luck. 😉

  2. By the way, Hayate has his passport back. Yukiji was the one who found it and she used it to blackmail Nagi into winning the game against Maria back in chapter 515. With everything resolved, I assume Yukiji gave it back without any problems.

  3. I think Hinagiku’s acrophobia isn’t too bad. She has shown to be able to put her fear aside for someone else. For example, during a quiz tournament where Hinagiku (dressed as Silver Red) had to do some stunts in response to contestant answers, she willingly went through with a stunt that required her to jump from a long height because one of the contestants was Ayumu who wanted to win a prize and Hinagiku wanted to help her. One of my favourite moments in the series as it showed how Hinagiku can do almost anything if its for a friend even if she’s scared out of her mind.

    Seeing Nagi becoming increasingly more independent makes me both happy and sad. Like watching a child you knew years ago change and mature over the years… emotionally.

    Its nice to see Hayate reflect on this change but I hope we get some screen time of Maria reflecting on it. Its arguably Maria who might have more difficulty coping with Nagi’s change as she’s served Nagi for much longer than Hayate.

    I’m surprised that Nagi isn’t wondering about Tsugumi’s whereabouts. There’s still the unsolved reason for why Tsugumi refers to Nagi as her older sister… oh well, maybe Tsugumi will just scale up the wall of the Sanzenin mansion and they might get to talk about Tsugumi’s background XD

  4. this arc concluded so quickly in 33 chapters and 3 fillers. it was not so elaborate or exceptional like the mykonos arc. still was fun and had its moments.
    tsugumi’s sister act i feel ended with the arc but we may still see her it depends on the popularity of the character. this manga like you said is now all about “plot(TM)” so we will now mostly see characters crucial to the plot(TM).
    hisui and yozo (what’s her name) seemed like the final boss material but they are still nowhere. i felt they will show up in LA but nothing. the maid[yozo] was a stalker, she knew that nagi broke the jewel, so may be she is still keeping an eye on them? should i even himegami?
    all that aside hayate saying this is the last time we will be doing stuff together was hinting that we may closer to end with plot only chapters, so this next arc is final arc[possibly, if the hype of ending it at 50th vol is to be believed].
    the birthdays are important especially nagi’s birthday. she will turn 14 and most characters are 14 in mangas like sailor moon. so lets see how well that turns out for her.

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