Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 520


That’s not the law in either Japan or the US, huh?

Okay, this chapter is huge. It does give the impression that Hata is getting serious with the main plot(TM) and is trying to tighten up most (if not all) the loose ends. Apparently we are heading towards the end of the series, and in a good way: despite all the fillers and subplots and extra characters, I am convinced that Hata has his storyline in mind, and that the story is heading towards its natural end.

Everything that has a beginning has an end. A natural ending of a story is nothing to be sad about.

So, back to this “huge” chapter. What makes this chapter “huge”? Put it simply, it explains quite a few things, which in turn reveals Yukariko’s motives and gives Himegami (and Mikado) a purpose to be the villain(s). In other words, I am finally given the official reasons for everyone to be so crazy about the Royal Garden, and things make much more sense to me now.

No, fan speculations never count for me – mine included.


Okay, so that’s it.

Before going on with the main exposition, let me first tie up a particular loose end for myself: yes, it can now be confirmed that Hayate was referring to that business in Shimoda when he said he heard the word voice of God before. So, I guess it is safe to say that I did not miss the most important thing that is relevant to the current plot. As for what she has said exactly… well, I think you can see it for yourself.

So, reasons. I am not going to repeat word by word what Mikoto says in this chapter, so I will jump straight into my thoughts. For me, they really shed some new light on Yukariko. Before this chapter, I have always been under the impression that Yukariko entered the Royal Garden for mischief, by pure luck, or for no reason at all. This makes Yukariko’s journey into the Royal Garden too random for me, and… I just don’t like people doing random things while at the same time carrying the tag “blessed by the gods”. You see what I mean there?


You almost have to ask why a mortal would do so much for a god.

While this chapter still hasn’t explained how Yukariko managed to enter the Royal Garden (specifically, what gives a girl who is “blessed by the gods” such negative emotions?), at least now I know what she has been up to there. You may say that she is being naive for trying to interfere the stuff between a god and a king, but at least you see the good in her for not being greedy – unlike her very own father.

Obviously, Mikado is not the only one who would like the Royal Power to himself. There is also Himegami, who has been name-dropped by Mikoto. And… there is – or at least was – You-Know-Who. That person happens to be a fan-favourite, so I guess it would be wiser for me to shut up bashing them. Then again, they said themselves that they were “accomplices” with Mikado and Himegami, and they were all punished by the gods, so…


Your cameo. There you go.

This chapter seems to have divided certain people into two teams, based on their reasons for seeking the Royal Garden. On the one hand there is “Team Yukariko”, with Mikoto and Hayate attempting to fulfil Yukariko’s wish of retuning the Royal Power to the god. On the other hand there is “Team Mikado”, with Mikado, Himegami and (maybe) You-Know-Who. With these two team names, you know that I am suggesting that, sadly, in the end this looks like a family civil war between Yukariko and Mikado.

As for Mikoto’s choice of venue for this big revelation… God, she is an even bigger drinker than Yukiji, isn’t she?

16 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 520

  1. In all honesty, I could care less about Team Yukariko and Team Mikado and their motivations. I barely know any of the characters within each side so its hard to care for their motivations. Most of them, except Yukariko, are barely good people either so its a darkness induced audience apathy situation for me.

    What I care about is how the characters we do actually know and connect with (i.e. Hayate, Nagi, Maria, Hinagiku, Ayumu, Wataru, etc.) over the past 500 chapters will get involved in all of this.

    • Of course. Both “teams” seems to be at their early stage of formation, so I think our main cast would later get involved and pick sides… intentionally or not.

      Let’s see.

    • Or they just might form their own team since HnG has an “adults are useless idiots” theme to it and most of Team Yukariko consists of idiotic or incompetent adults. Mikoto is a drunk, gambling addict, neglectful mother, and while Hatsuho is a good biological parent (a rare species in HnG) she is literally an older, more air headed and less powerful version of Isumi.

    • You may recall him in some of the early arc Himegami’s name was mentioned. Though, in the anime there was a one episode cameo in either the first or second season I can’t remember where he refers to himself as Princess God which is the literal translation of Himegami. Why Aoi though? Let’s just say it’s the artist’ freedom.

      Though it is an irrelevant question, something was bothering me:

      Is it that Himegami was mentioned in the early stages of the comic was because it is an important character in this whole plot of manga or is it just that Hata just decided to make it an important character in this arc just for the heck of his references was in the early stages of the manga? You know what I mean? Though, as for me, I would think that the primer was more likely the case being the latter was an absurd reason. But knowing Hata, it just makes both probabilities not so far fetched, at least in my point of view.

    • His name in the anime is “Akane Himegami.” Furthermore, according to a comment on my blog, “Maria actually called Himegami “Himegami Akane” way back in volume 5 of the manga.”

      Considering that Aka 赤 and 青 Ao both refer to colors (Red and Blue), I don’t think this was just artistic freedom on Hata’s part.

    • *checks wikia* Oh yeah….my bad. Should’ve elaborated on that first, my memories are bad. Could it be that there are different Himegamis that served Nagi that Nagi herself doesn’t really realize (it’s unlikely considering how smart Nagi is) or is Himegami lying to both Nagi and Mikoto about his own name?

    • If I remember correctly, both Kirika and Himegami in anime season 1 were “original”, in the sense that they were not the characters Hata intended them to be. Of course some elements of the anime characters have been immigrated into their manga counterparts, but there are still differences in the fine details. So now in the manga we have a Kirika who is much more composed and a Himegami with a different first name. Maybe we should just let go of the anime version and embrace the manga one?

      The Chinese version translated Aoi into 葵.

    • @lordcloudx (@violent_cloud)-“comment on my blog”:may be the commenter meant Chapter 47, maria only calls him “himegami kun”. the anime version may have some similarity to himegami but he is mostly a parody of him.

  2. I think I’ll go for Team Iron Man because….ummm….wait, this is the wrong place isn’t it? Though Team Yukariko and Team Mikado does sound like Team Iron Man and Team Captain. I mean, Iron Man was sent by the government (at least from my interpretation of the trailer) and Yukariko was on the side of the god. Both Capt. America and Team Mikado was fighting for personal reasons.

    • No it isn’t the wrong place, as I intentionally gave the shout out to that Marvel movie. 😛

      Unfortunately the parallel with Team Cap and Team Iron doesn’t seem to work here because in that case we know both sides want to do good to the public, only that they have different views on “good” (freedom vs. regulations). In the manga case, Team Yukariko are more likely the good guys while Team Mikado… well…

  3. Speaking of Himegami, does anyone remember Athena’s butler the wolf(is it?)? Where is he all this time? I totally forgot about him until all the talk about Himegami just somehow made it back into my head.

  4. exposition! loads and loads of it. in the end himegami panel, hata is such a tease!
    i dont think we will see the “princess god” right away but sooner.
    i dont think he is a bad guy. i always felt he is misunderstood like batman or something. no, seriously why would nagi be sad if he was an evil power hungry thief when he left? that is why i always wanted hata to introduce him.

    • Nagi might have known very little about Himegami’s hidden agenda. All she might know was that he was her butler, and probably he has done a rather good job. Then suddenly he quit. This would not be taken easily by any child.

    • that is a valid argument but i always saw nagi like yoda[star wars], small and wise. the way she analysed ruka’s motivation behind her action. she has shown that she is not that easy to fool. but we will see.

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