Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 519


Someone seems to be having an identity crisis.

Okay, plot plot plot! Do me a favour and do not mention Ch. 518, okay?

After several chapters focusing on the mi-… I mean, characters who have not made an appearance for quite some time, we finally make a return to the main plot(TM). Once again we may come to realise just how much the progress of the series has been stalling: it may have been four chapters since the last one related to the plot(TM), but that chapter – which is Ch. 515 – was released on 22 December 2015. In other words, it has been about two months! I actually have started to forget where we were!

To briefly recap, let us just say that everyone has contributed to get Nagi into an extremely risky but profitable game of roulette. Nagi won in spectacular fashion and saved everyone from a ridiculous debt – although, come to think of it, Nagi might as well just pay off everyone’s debt in case she lost, because in the end she would be the one who actually, well, lost the game.


This is when you start spending like crazy.

Anyway, now that the game is won, Yukiji is reaping her reward. It might well be one of the very few times, if not the only time, that she is in possession of such a huge sum of money. Now, we all know that Yukiji has the very special ability to spend all her money on alcohol in no time, but this time things might be a little different. After all, if you are drinking 2.46 billion yen worth of alcohol, you are more likely to die of alcohol poisoning before you spend all the cash. It might well be time for Yukiji to learn managing her money more wisely, or…

Meanwhile, Maria reflects that this is the first time she has lost directly to Nagi in a game. Rather than seeing that as pure luck (which is partially true), Maria takes this as proof that Nagi is growing up. Indeed, she is becoming more matured, more independent, and more capable, to the point that she is now starting to sleep on her own. The days of Nagi totally dependent on Maria (and Hayate) are gone.


“Job done” doesn’t always warrant a celebration.

This seems to have led Hayate and Maria to the conclusion that they have fulfilled their roles, although once again I think this is not necessarily the case. The job of the butler and maid is not to take complete care or control of their master’s life, but to assist her when the need arises. Not to mention that the Sanzen’in Mansion, which is Nagi’s home, would still need constant maintenance and operation. Who would be doing this for Nagi (and Mikado) if both Hayate and Maria are not there?

So, while Hayate and Maria talk like they are an old couple witnessing their child growing up, I just cannot share their sentiment on this matter. Maybe something else.

Somehow, Yukariko’s voice comes into Hayate’s mind. To be honest, I am not entirely sure when he has heard her voice, or what exactly she has told him. I seem to recall the one occasion in Shimoda, when Yukariko asked Hayate to look after Nagi. This seems to make sense in this context, but I just cannot be sure.


Someone is wearing shoes on her bed.

Elsewhere, it is revealed that Tsugumi has been working for Mikoto all along, while it seems that Mikoto has been going after the King’s Jewels for Yukariko’s sake. As she considers that the Royal Garden belongs to Yukariko, it certainly makes sense that she doesn’t like outsiders stepping into her private kingdom. Sending Tsugumi to, er, do whatever she has been doing makes sense… if it works.

Yet, Mikoto seems to consider Hayate as someone special. Not only that he is the precious person of the daughter of Mikoto’s precious nee-sama (……), he was also the one who conquered School Trip Level 5 (not including the “bonus stage”), not without the “assistance” of a King’s Jewel. Mikoto seems to see something in him which is related to Yukariko.



So, the first thing Mikoto does when she sees Hayate is to kick him in the balls – if they even exist. The reason for this sudden groin attack is that Hayate looks very much like the person who married Yukariko. This person, Shinn Hayek, has been said to be suspiciously similar in looks with Hayate, except that he is a blonde. Given that Mikoto seems to have a certain degree of obsession with Yukariko, her groin attack on Hayate seems… understandable.

Yet Mikoto is giving him something in return: two other King’s Jewels. Assuming that the table I made for the Ch. 504 Review is correct, these two would be King’s Jewels no. 11 and 12, thus the collection of all 12 King’s Jewels is complete. We are told that Tsugumi has found them, but we have no idea how she found them expect that she is good at her job, so… well, there you go!


So, triple bad luck?

Anyway, Mikoto has given both King’s Jewels to Hayate, despite the fact that he is already holding one in his hand. I am not entirely sure what she has in mind for him and all the King’s Jewels. Would something happen if there is more than one King’s Jewel?

In any case, Mikoto asks a question which would do me a favour: “Can you tell me what she said?” Seriously, I just cannot be sure of what she has said.

20 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 519

  1. even i want to pretend that those filler never happened at such a interesting point but after two long months hata gave a chapter full of plot.
    yukiji finally stops obsessing about money it was a pleasant change that hina will be happy to see.
    maria is different she was her tutor who later agreed to take care of her because she was difficult to handle. so now that nagi is growing she realizes her work is done. she can move on with her own life. but hayate has no need to feel insecure.
    yukariko also talked to hayate in chapter 212 when he time traveled to save nagi where she said he will go anywhere if she (nagi) calls.
    mikoto must have left an awesome “impression” on hayate with that kick.

    • I guess one problem Maria might have is that she doesn’t have another purpose of life… yet. I don’t even remember Maria having her own dream or goal of life, so when her current job is done, she is at a total loss.

      Yes, I am also under the impression that Yukariko has talked to Hayate more than once, so the question for me is: which conversation is Hata referring to?

    • yukariko was actually talking to hayate in this chapter in real time it might be through that the jewel in hayate’s possession. yukariko is engulfed in mystery from the beginning and i am looking forward to see what her request is.
      maria surely does not have a life outside of nagi but in few chapters like her fake date with hayate she had shown desire to find her special some, fall in love, ect. even nagi understands that maria wont be with her forever as she tells hayate during saku’s birthday party on the balcony. it will be sad but was foreshadowed since a long time.

  2. Got a theory about the whole “explosion of negative emotions” thing brewing… I’ll save it for the next chapter.

    Also… of course Hayate has balls… balls of steel! He’s all fine in the next panel after that kick.

    By the way, it’s about time for an A-tan resurgence… or for Hata to remind us that she exists, at least. (I’ve also thought of a new ship for her given that she spends more time with “him” than with anyone else~)

  3. I don’t think that kick had any particular aim, I feel it was just a tantrum. Also I’m pretty sure that Hayate dodged it, but I can’t blame anyone for misunderstanding (me included) since the perspective is really awful in that drawing.

    Anyway, something I’ve been posting the other day on MAL:
    Mikoto to Hayate: “You look a lot like the man who shamelessy married someone important to me”.

    Implying that with “someone important” she meant Yukariko, then I can assume that Hayate may be a son of Shin Hayek (from a different woman maybe?). Or related, at least.

    I mean, this old image was pretty daring already.

    Not to mention, short after the sentence I quoted in the beginning, Mikoto adds “And it would seem blood is powerful, you’re even a butler”. Shin was Yukariko’s butler.

    • Yea, the “ball kicking scene” is rather confusing. On second look, it looks more like that Mikoto is kicking him in the ass, but… whatever.

      Your argument seems to imply that Hayate and Nagi would be blood-related. That would be a rather cruel way to sink their ship… unless they don’t care about blood at all. Still, I have some doubt because of the timeline: Shin is supposedly dead for several years when Hayate’s parents (plural) abandoned him.

    • its a coincidence that hayate looks so similar to shin and this part where mikoto said about blood was confused by many but she meant nagi was similar to her mother to choose hayate and hire him as her butler and the way she refers hayate as nagi’s special person i think she realizes that nagi has feeling for her butler. i think hayate coming into nagi’s lfe has something to do with yukariko making the wish[power] as nagi is daughter must be worried about as her. statements like i will watch over you was hinting that she knew she would not live very long.

      besides shin was not even from japan its in his profile in wikia so how could hayate have any ties to shin and to nagi. he was a orphan so he had no family besides yukariko his wife/mistress.

    • Honestly, I don’t think she was kicking him n the balls in the first place… but I WANT to believe it, though. She’s kicking him right in the King’s Jewels and apologizes for it with some King’s Jewels. 🙂

    • “she meant nagi was similar to her mother to choose hayate and hire him as her butler and the way she refers hayate as nagi’s special person i think she realizes that nagi has feeling for her butler”

      Yeah this also makes sense. I too don’t like what I wrote in the first post but that line about blood was bugging me.

  4. What I really dislike about the scene of Hayate and Maria talking was how emotionless Maria’s expression was. It was quite a pet peeve for me in that particular scene as it made Maria look like she doesn’t really hold much familial connection with Nagi.

    I do hope Hayate and Maria realize that they are both more than just Nagi’s servants. They are pretty much the only family Nagi has, more family to her than even her own grandfather… also, yeah, I agree with Gunso on the more practical reasons for why Hayate and Maria shouldn’t leave.

    Although Mikoto is revealed to be Tsugumi’s client, it doesn’t really explain much at all about who exactly is Tsugumi. Maybe Hata intends to skip any backstory on Tsugumi, preferring to rely on Tsugumi being a huge reference to CTMEOY yet the anime itself was quite half-assed about Tsugumi’s backstory.

    As for Yukiji, I hope she uses some of the money to buy a guitar and get started again on her dream.

    • I don’t usually quote TV Tropes, but in Maria’s case I think her emotionless expression is due to her “Heroic BSOD”. In other words, she is apprehending how hallow her life would become without Nagi, and an overall sense of lack of purpose. I suspect that she even doesn’t know how to react.

      I think that Hata now seems more content to treat Tsugumi as just a mercenary, not unlike Housen Yozora (who?). Then again, it would be a shame if the whole “family” thing about Tsugumi is to be dropped.

    • You have a point about Maria. I still don’t like the expression on her face but I get it. Looking back, the entire reason Maria was raised by Mikado was, other than to act as a magic translator for Mikado, was to serve and raise Nagi. Sure, Maria’s absurdly high credentials gives her a LOT of options for her future but its hard to let go of something she was made to do since she was first found as an abandoned baby/child.

      I hope Tsugumi isn’t treated in the same light as Hosen. Like in the anime, there’s no sense of malice at all in Tsugumi’s intentions and character as opposed to Hosen who, even with the excuse of being ordered to do what she does, clearly enjoys her job with sadistic glee. For example, Tsugumi didn’t know who Chiharu was and certainly didn’t need Chiharu’s help but Tsugumi still helped Chiharu and never abandoned her at all.

    • i agree with Doughnut Gunso. the most sad face in this chapter is maria’s. she has an orphan no one besides nagi and a creepy old man, what’s his name. she always nagged nagi to change but now that its happening she is not sure how to react. underneath it all she is worried she will be left alone if nagi does not need her. i hope hata handles her character properly and gives her a happy ending.

  5. I also believe that Hayate and Nagi might be related, considering Mikoto’s words. My theory is that Shin Hayek and Hayate’s father Shun (see how similar their names are?) are brothers. That would make Hayate and Nagi cousins.

    • This is possible, but then Shun would also have the family name “Hayek”, meaning that Ikusa and Hayate got their family name from their mother, which… rather implies that their family is more miserable than we thought.

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