Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 517


Saki drinking Sake… is it a pun or something?

Hello everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day!

While Ch. 517 is relatively old, Ch. 518 is expected to be scanlated soon, and both chapters being considered “fillers” by a non-insignificant number of readers, Doughnut Gunso is still writing a post for Ch. 517 for three reasons. First, Doughnut Gunso has returned from the Japan trip and would like to report with a post that I am not dead. Second, I still haven’t found the scanlation of Ch. 518, and Doughnut Gunso is somehow getting impatient with waiting and would really want to blog on something, so Ch. 517 seems the only option left. Third, while Ch. 517 is without doubt a “filler” even by Doughnut Gunso’s standard, it is still a filler chapter that I can relate to and has something to say about it.

Needless to say, my second reason would become invalid the moment I post the Chapter Review, because the Ch. 518 scanlation will definitely be released the moment I publish my post.


In other words, the shop is a L*ve Live outlet.

Anyway, Ch. 517 brings us Wataru and Saki, whose Doujinshi shop is doing well thanks to an excellent marketing strategy. Though, whether this strategy will be sustainable is unknown, because it seems to rely solely on the popularity of “L*ve Live”, and there is no way to tell how long it would last. When “L*ve Live” is inevitably replaced by a new series, would Wataru react well enough to the change in the market? In simpler terms, would Wataru’s success be an one-off? It all remains to be seen.

In any case, while Wataru is still to prove that he is a successful businessman, he shows in this chapter that at least he is a good boss by giving Saki an impressive bonus. At least he is not keeping all the unexpected profit to himself, and decides to share the profit with the only full-time employee. Of course, with said employee being his love interest, his generosity might actually be mandatory; still, he gets point for actually showing it.


I have never been given such a big pile of cash! (I am paid by bank transfer anyway)

I guess most employees are glad to receive bonuses. For some reason, an extra month’s worth of salary makes you feel you are richer than you thought, and no matter whether you are spending all the cash or saving it in the bank, you would just be happy with the fact that you have this bonus money to handle. In fact, some people compare jobs on their bonuses.

So, what does Saki do with her bonus? Perhaps unsurprisingly, she puts over half (60%, to be exact) of her bonus in the bank – Saki is a very careful and responsible person, after all. I have once read that you always have to put a certain portion of your income into your saving account, while the “portion” ranges from 10% to 30%. Now that Saki has done so much more than the “instruction”, she wouldn’t be considered irresponsible even if she spends all of her remaining 200 thousand yen.


No, you cannot.

The problem is, if you are not a seasoned big spender, you would have absolutely no idea on how to spend you big bonus. Do you buy things, go to a trip or go for a drink? If you decide to buy things, what do you buy – mind you, not everyone has an entire set of electronic products to upgrade.

While a trip is out of the question for Saki (she only has one day-off, after all), shopping seems to be her priority. Yet, for someone who never spends big, going to Ginza of all places in Tokyo seems to be asking for a headache. The point is, everything is so expensive in Ginza, and even with a huge amount of cash in hand, spending so big on only a few items seems to be a bit unreasonable, doesn’t it…?


Bonuses are extra income anyway.

In the end, Saki understandably could not settle on a single item to buy, and ends up going for a sushi meal. From a certain point of view, this seems to be the most proper way of spending a bonus. A good meal helps you relax without giving you loads of stuff you bought recklessly to regret. The icing on the cake is of course a good sake, which would just transform your world into heaven.

Yes, you might want to remember that Saki is an adult who is legally qualified to consume alcohol. And she has spent her bonus money just like many other adults: eat and drink. There is totally nothing wrong with her day-off – although we still might want to know her bill…

2 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 517

  1. This was funnier and more interesting than the previous chapter but the twist/punchline at the end was rather weak.

    Wataru’s marketing strategy seems reliant on current otaku trends so I guess he can keep making a lot of profit as long he keeps an eye on what is currently trending.

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