Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 513

Would I be an idiot if I don't understand that blackboard?

Would I be an idiot if I don’t understand that blackboard?

Errr… how should I put it? This is a rather technical chapter, and Doughnut Gunso happens to lack the technical knowledge in finance. To say the very least, my comments on the financial terms would not be any better than Hata himself. Considering that this chapter is a financial lesson from Hata for the good kids, I might just have to keep my mouth shut, or I might end up confusing people.

Now, Doughnut Gunso is not the best financial planners. I do spend a lot of money on a lot of stuff that can be considered unnecessary – here is a person who replaced their Mac mini with an iMac just because the latter is a few years older and several times faster (hey!). Yet I have the feeling that I did get the message Hata was trying to convey in this chapter: don’t be too greedy.

Should Admiral Ackbar say something?

Should Admiral Ackbar say something?

Look at Hayate, Nagi and the SC Rangers. All four girls are incredibly rich while Hayate has just cleared his entire debt. At the very least, they have been in healthy financial status until Izumi was tempted into borrowing money with the Ushijima card. Unfortunately (although I don’t think this has anything to do with luck) she lost that money. She then promptly went into a vicious cycle of borrowing money, losing money and piling up her debt. The thing is, she never has had to borrow the money in the first place. To her, the 10 million yen coin (it now appears that there is only one coin) is not necessary. So, why borrow a huge amount of money to get to something unnecessary in the first place?

Let me make myself a little clearer: if borrowing a huge sum of money is not a prerequisite of winning the prize, then I would agree that Izumi should go for it. I do not discourage ambition, but many things are about balancing the benefits and risks. On just too many occasions, people simply focus on the benefits (in this case, gold coin) and ignore the risks (in this case, the borrowed money plus interest). The end result is that Izumi, a girl who supposedly has no problem with money, is now suddenly worried about her piling debt.

Then quit the orientation!

Then quit the orientation!

The same would also apply to Hayate. Yes, he is worried that he would turn back into an indebted butler, but the point is: he should have no fears about it if he stays out of this orientation. Both Nagi and him now know that there are financial traps everywhere that could create debt for Hayate, so the question is: if he is so afraid about debt, then why is he still participating? Indeed, people could owe debts simply because of bad luck – Hayate’s first debt would count – but there are many, many times in which people lose money just because they have not thought it through. What was Hayate’s objective in School Trip Level 5? Clearing his debt. What was Nagi’s objective in School Trip Level 5? To keep Hayate with her. Now that both objectives have been achieved, why are they looking for more when there are – once again – huge risks?

At the end of this chapter, Maria comes out of nowhere and declare herself to be the “final boss” – why is she even here is a complete mystery. I am not entirely sure if she is holding a coin in her hand – that thing is simply too small – but if she is, then she would be challenging Nagi and co. to a game of “10 million yen prize or 2 trillion yen debt”. Why is anyone playing this? Why would people bet a coin they don’t have for 2 trillion yen, with a 50% chance you would end up having to pay that sum instead of earning it?



Maybe I am the stupid one here, and that’s why I never make big money. I only know that when I bought my iMac, i was well aware that my bank account could afford so many more units. No debt, no interest, no problem.

We are not having a chapter next week, so see you later!

4 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 513

  1. LOL! I got all the numbers wrong from the japanese raws… man, why do their use of numbers have to involve maths?

    Anyway, I was just amused at Maria’s appearance here because we were just recently talking about her being the final boss (albeit jokingly.)

    In all honesty, she’s probably just here to serve as some kind of host for that roulette game. I’m guessing Kananiwa put her up to it or something. If she’s here though, does that mean there’s no one minding the mansion right now?

    By the way, we haven’t seen Hina yet. I don’t think she’s sitting this one out.

    By the way, by the way, have you been reading ad asta? I personally haven’t, but I got intrigued when I saw two Athena clones in the latest chapter.

    • Never thought that Maria would really appear as the final boss 😀
      Now I wish there will be Maria vs Hinagiku scene in the next chapters.

  2. i am sure yukiji is planning something and then there’s hayate’s lost passport so let see. clearly hayate has brought this to himself. now that maria has come into play it will be interesting to see where this is going, gag manga or otherwise.

  3. That panel of Maria has got to be her best looking appearance to date. Its been so long since she’s looked so confident and not be made to look like a fool XD

    Considering Maria’s ties with Hakuo along with Nagi’s involvement in a particularly dangerous and difficult competition, her appearance does make sense. Of course, boredom may have also been a factor as Maria does tend to get left alone a lot.

    This must be the unexpected outcome that Yukiji was hoping for. I mean, it still involves gambling and gambling was the reason that Yukiji is in such a huge debt to begin with but hey, a 50% chance of winning 2 trillion? I couldn’t blame her for taking that chance to turn things around.

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