Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 512


Christmas is coming!

Before we begin, let us celebrate Chiharu’s appearance in this chapter. Ever since the hotel raid back in Colombia, we have no idea where she has been. There has been rumours among readers that Chiharu has been kidnapped by the terrorists, by as it turns out, she seems to be fine.

It is just that nobody knows why she has been hiding herself from us for so long…

Anyway, by this chapter, we should all appreciate the fact that, no matter how hard a competition is to the participants, those who really work their asses off are members of the Organising Committee. If Chiharu could complain about the (im)possibility of finding gold coins in the Grand Canyon, then let us imagine how Kananiwa’s men (and women) could manage to hide gold coins here in the first place.


Look at the size of that thing!

Apparently we are never told just how much is one gold coin worth, so it means that there is no way to tell how many gold coins are there in the Grand Canyon. Come to think of it, how are we supposed to find out whether all the coins have been found? In the end, all participants might have to come together and count the value of all the coins – and that might lead to a final big fight.

Kananiwa has set the rules so that people might work together to find the coins, but the coins would only be owned by the ones holding them. In other words, there should be no way for Hayate and Nagi (for example) to find one coin and claim that it is “theirs” – it would only be Hayate’s or Nagi’s, but not theirs.


She is looking good again!

If we are to assume that Kananiwa is still in the Royal Garden business, she might also still want to do that negative emotions stuff – sorry, the full names of both terms are becoming too long for me, I really want to do with some abbreviations. Anyway, if we talk about “negative emotions” in this orientation, the trigger might well be “betrayal”. Sooner or later people would work together to find the coins, but in the end they would fight each other in order to claim the coins. The rollercoaster ride of emotions from collaboration to betrayal could be hard to take for some people, and that might be what Kananiwa has planned.

In any case, Chiharu is setting an example of not wanting to work with anyone, and she ends up trying to give up. Her Completer chooses this moment to fail, so she is stuck in the Grand Canyon. Even if she really doesn’t want to find the coins any more, at least she still has to find her way out of here.

The rest of the chapter is about Chiharu and… who else? Tsugumi.


She is just someone who is trying to find the way out.

There seems to be a running gag with Tsugumi now that, if she looks all serious or even sinister in one second, she would end up being the butt monkey in the next second. She might be working for someone bad, and she might even want to be bad because her work needs her to be bad, but she just doesn’t seem to have what it takes to be a serious villain.

Maybe this is the appeal of Tsugumi. She belongs to the very stupid world of Chiharu and others, but she apparently has been teamed with the exact opposite: the – what, cunning world? Yet her clumsiness is there, her comedic traits are there, and in the end her innocence seems to be there. Tsugumi is not someone you could really want to defeat, although she might want to try to harm you.

Just like a squirrel with rabies. Yep.