Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 504

As I have explained on my Facebook Page, I went to a retreat camp last weekend so I did not have time to write the review for Ch. 504. Usually I would skip this review and go on to blog about Ch. 505, but as it became clear that Ch. 505 is absolute filler, I decided to go back to review the very important Ch. 504 and skip Ch. 505. I hope you would agree with my decision.

Speak of Hata's favourite...

Speak of Hata’s favourite…

Long-term readers of this blog may have noticed that Doughnut Gunso is not very fond of characters with an emphasised mysterious backstory, hidden agendas we don’t know anything about, or god-like people. Before I go on, let me reassure you that it might not be the characters’ fault that I do not like them – it is only that I happen to dislike such people, that’s all.

From my previous entry there should be no doubt that, among the Hayate no Gotoku! characters, the one I like least is Maria. Thanks to this chapter (and some other related chapters as well), Maria is finally replaced by… Yukariko. Congratulations to the both of you.

I don't know why, but I hate this frame with my gut.

I don’t know why, but I hate this frame with my gut.

The biggest problem about them for me is that they seem to be surrounded by a “goddess” aura – A-Goddess looks like a mere mortal when compared to them. This seems to be especially true for Yukariko, as she is frequently described as “lucky”, “blessed”, “loved by the gods”, and now in this chapter, she “looks like a god” to a very young Isumi. Talk about an overkill of superlatives.

If you comment that I am simply jealous of such an exceptional girl, I would say you are not wrong: in fact, I would counter-argue that this is exactly the kind of girls Maria and Yukariko are. They make you know just how good they are, and they make you realise that they are the true bosses of the entire series.

It is for this reason that I agree that the last saga of Hayate no Gotoku! would focus on Maria: she is the “final boss”.

Maybe it's because she is so innocent, yet so dangerous...

Maybe it’s because she is so innocent, yet so dangerous…

While the total domination of Maria remains pure speculation, Yukariko has already dominated the world before her “death”. As it has finally been confirmed by Mikado and Kananiwa in this chapter, Yukariko was the one who has stolen the Royal Power from the Royal Garden. Let me fight against the temptation to write “Oh! Old news is so exciting!” and move on before I get too sarcastic.

Whoops, what have I just written?

Anyway, we seem to have finally solved the mystery of the total number of King’s Jewels. Long story short, there are a total of 12 jewels. Yukariko, Hatsuho and Mikoto all kept one as proof of their friendship. Nine of them have been in the wild and are either used, destroyed or are with Mikado.

Let’s cross-reference this with my account in Ch. 486, in which we confirmed that Mikado, Hayate, Wataru, Ikusa, Yukariko and Aika have or had King’s Jewels. The new information in Ch. 504 confirms a new owner (Hatsuho) and that Mikado actually had a total of nine stones at the beginning. So, if we gather everything we know about the King’s Jewels into a table, it should look like this:


For no. 4, Athena confirmed in Ch. 482 that she used a King’s Jewel to enter the Royal Garden, so I assume she got a jewel from Mikado. As for no. 9, it referred to the “lost and found” gambit Nagi played on Mikado in Ch. 462-466. For the rest of the jewels… I think you know each of their stories well enough so I would not bother explaining in further details.

The first five jewels (marked red) were dished out before Athena entered the Royal Garden, while the last seven (marked blue) are presumably the seven jewels which lost their lights due to King Midas’ curse. According to Kananiwa, four of them have been lost this year (No. 5-7, 9), and only five now remain (No. 2, 8, 10-12).

Speaking of child abuse.

Speaking of child abuse.

The problem for Mikado is that he does not have access to either no. 2 or 8. Therefore, Mikado has to rely on either Kananiwa or the owners of the remaining two jewels to open the path to the Royal Garden. We might note that Kananiwa does seem to have a plan: she would look for someone in the School Trip with enough despair to open the path. The only question is, who would that be?

In any case, we seem to finally have a definite picture of what has been going on with all the King’s Jewels. A lot of questions have indeed been answered, and we can be confident that the whereabouts of jewels no. 11 and 12 could be solved easily in time. Enough of the conflicts, enough of the mysteries, enough of the hunger: finally, we are given enough information that even Doughnut Gunso, who is not one of the King’s Jewels expert, to finally come up with a solid summary on the King Jewels. And now, let’s move on.

I mean, after that complete filler that is Ch. 505…

13 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 504

  1. I’m curious, what will happen to the series if all the King’s Jewel’s were used? Will this series stop? Isn’t this series about the jewel? I assume that we are almost reaching the climax of the series as the number of King’s Jewel decreases.

    Also, Hi! I’m new here! Nice to find this blog lying around the internet.

  2. I feel the same way as you about Yukariko but not the same about Maria, though. Unlike Yukariko, Maria’s character has been fleshed out considerably with chapters that show how human she is. Quite often do other characters, especially Nagi, tease her and there were plenty of times she’s made the butt of some characters jokes. The difference between Yukariko and Maria is in the way they are seen by other characters. Yukariko is seen as a goddess but Maria is seen in a more relatable light by other characters. To me, Maria’s goddess aura disappeared long ago when the manga started using the old “She’s seventeen?!” joke.

    What I feel annoyed about Yukariko is how she is constantly glorified from the POV of other characters yet we know very little about her. It all feels really pretentious because with Yukariko, its all tell but no show. Maybe I wouldn’t feel this way of her character if it wasn’t for the excessive use of superlatives to describe her by other characters. More grounded descriptions like “She was like a sister to me” would’ve been more acceptable.

    In regards to the plot of this chapter, I felt frustrated that although they explained the chronology of Yukariko’s actions, we still don’t know a thing about WHY Yukariko did all of this.

    • Maria does have 500 chapters to relate to other characters, but I still feel that she is somewhat distant from the rest of the group. She might not be seen as a goddess, but I can’t shake the feeling that she seems destined to be “different”.

      A part of me believes that Yukariko has been working on her instincts. She may not need to know why she wanted to do things, she just felt like doing things.

  3. Nice info on the King’s Jewels. Bookmarking this post for future reference… if I ever need it.

    Anyway, the one question on my mind right now would be: Just how old is Himegami anyway? It seems he should be around the same age as Yukariko? Also, I’m likin Kananiwa for some reason.

    • I feel like you would want to care about the King’s Jewels… someday.

      I tend to agree that Himegami is about the same age as Yukariko. We do not seem to have too many male characters in their 30s, so Himegami might be a rarity.

  4. Great decision skipping chapter 505, this one is definitely more important. Excellent input as always too. I hope the fillers won’t be too many again, I’m enjoying this arc and sincerely hope it really connects to events similar to the animation’s third season. It’s about time to bring in some action again, and I’m curious to see if it will show something about Shin Hayek. I’d like to know more about Himegami too. I suspect his appearance would be the same as the anime, I think he was similar in that -now cancelled- panel he briefly appeared.

    • This arc sure brings in Tsugumi Ruri which appears in the anime third season. But to think about it, her way of appearance is different even though she claimed to be Nagi’s sister in both of the canon. Does this Tsugumi has the same purpose as the anime or she is after the King’s Jewel? The anime didn’t focus on the jewel so using the Black Camellia is a pretty good idea. I want to see more of Tsugumi.

    • The most obvious difference right now between manga Tsugumi’s appearance and anime Tsugumi’s appearance is that manga Tsugumi isn’t given the butt monkey treatment like anime Tsugumi… so far. I think the reason for why anime Tsugumi was treated so harshly was to avoid making her feel like a Mary Sue and to allow the audience to quickly sympathize with her since the anime was only 12 episodes long.

  5. The king’s jewel story is too convoluted, I can’t understand the route of king’s jewel yet, and what mean really “cursed” “purified” and “used”? u.u

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