Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 499

Bond or Bond girl?

Bond or Bond girl?

One of the most common complaint on the current “School Trip Level 5 saga” is that it has focused too much on the Hakuou students, while more or less ignoring the rest of the cast, most notably Maria, Ayumu and Athena. Perhaps Hata himself is aware of the issue, so in this chapter we see the latter two watching television together.

There is no way to tell if Ayumu is still living at the Violet Mansion, or if she is only here to babysit Athena when both Hinagiku (on a long trip) and Maria (probably doing grocery) are away. Still, as she is taking care of Athena, it actually makes sense that Athena is asking her to make tea – after all, the whole point of a babysitter is to fulfill the needs of the child. As to why Ayumu seems to have so much time babysitting Athena while watching old movies on TV, we may recall from CTMEOY that it is Silver Week in Japan, so Ayumu doesn’t have to go to school.

Crime scene investigation.

Crime scene investigation.

Back at the hotel in Colombia, I am quite glad that Hayate and Hinagiku decide to cease fire upon hearing Chiharu’s scream. After all, their (or rather, Hinagiku’s) morality would be quite questionable if they keep playing their chasing game when Chiharu is in real danger. Fortunately they still get their priority right, if a bit late.

In typical communication style, neither Hayate nor Hinagiku name their suspect. Astonishingly this time there is no misunderstanding between them, so we have an idea just how awful and capable Yukiji is in their opinion. It is amusing that Yukiji is what it takes to unite the minds of Hayate and Hinagiku. Here’s hope that they can extend their mutual understanding to more… pleasant matters.

Poor, poor Yukiji...

Poor, poor Yukiji…

Almost comically, Hinagiku seems very determined to make Yukiji her one and only suspect, that she engineers a story in which Yukiji is the boss of the terrorists. I don’t know about you, but I find the story to be hilariously ridiculous. She even persists with her story when Hayate expresses reasonable doubts later on. Obviously Hinagiku should be able to do much better than this, but it seems that her bias against Yukiji is clouding her judgement. The bottom line: does Hinagiku really think Yukiji would stoop that low by threatening the lives of her students with terrorists?

I am not even mentioning Hinagiku’s theory that Chiharu can simply run away from the terrorists…

This guy has no change in posture or expression throughout the chapter.

This guy has no change in posture or expression throughout the chapter.

It is now confirmed that Isumi and Kayura are being held hostage. Given that we have Yukiji and Sonia knocking out terrorists and retiring students all along, it takes some extreme bad luck for them to get caught. Of course, Kayura is powerless against the terrorists, so the curious case is Isumi. Then again, Isumi doesn’t want her powers to be revealed to other people, including (or, especially) Nagi. In this sense, we can actually see how much danger they are in, that Isumi is forced to consider unleashing her powers.

Meanwhile, Hayate and Hinagiku begin their investigations, and for a brief moment they are separated. Hayate stays on 15th floor with the unconscious terrorist next to him, while Hinagiku goes upstairs. The funny thing is that Yukiji has pulled the Die Hard trick on one of the 15th floor terrorists she captured, so angry reinforcements rush to floor 15 and meet Hayate, while Hinagiku meets nobody on floor 16.

Unlike Die Hard, the terrorists are not Imperial Stormtroopers Marksmanship Academy graduates.

Unlike Die Hard, the terrorists are not Imperial Stormtroopers Marksmanship Academy graduates.

While we are constantly informed that Hinagiku is a great kendo practitioner and the current owner of Shirosakura, the most powerful sword we have yet seen in the manga, Hata seems pretty reluctant to have her facing human opponents. So far we have seen her battling (somewhat) magical monsters in the Athena saga, droids in HIAPOE, pillars in CTMEOY, her desk in Cuties and rocks on the lone island. In other words, Hinagiku never gets into a fight against another human being since she acquired Shirosakura. She never has the battle record that justifies her status as a competent fighter.

This makes the incidents in this chapter all the more interesting. It is perfectly logical for Hayate and Hinagiku to stay together in the face of all the danger in the hotel, but they get separated anyway. Instead of getting Hinagiku into the slightest bit of action (Hayate will take on the terrorists by himself anyway), Hata chooses to take her out of the battle entirely. In a sense Hata doesn’t really like getting Hinagiku’s hands – or her face, for the matter – dirty.

Who does she have in mind?

Who does she have in mind?

It in turn makes me think that, while the margin promotes the idea of a “battle of the Katsura sisters” in the next chapter (or beyond; you can’t have “minor characters” taking over a 100-chapter milestone, right?), I think it is unlikely that they would enter any serious battle at all. Let us not forget that Hayate, Isumi and Sonia are all present, and they are all very capable of making the battle… complicated.

It is not that the battle would be all that highly anticipated anyway. As we head into Chapter 500, we will have coloured cover and crosspage again, so bet is again on who’s going to be featured. We are also told that there would be a huge announcement next week, and… well, as I am horrible at guessing games, I will just wait for the announcements.

2 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 499

  1. Wow, never realized that Hinagiku has never directly fought any other humans besides her sister. I’m guessing Hata wants to maintain some degree of Hinagiku’s… “purity” maybe?

    Odd how Hata draws an injured Hayate as if he got into a nasty fist fight instead of a firefight where most of his clothes should have been showing signs of being torn a bit by bullets.

    I hope Tsugumi gets involved eventually. Would be awesome to see her take out a few terrorists on her own. Sure, Nagi is safe for now but so long as the terrorists are in the hotel, the whole competition will continue to delay and Tsugumi’s goal is to help Nagi win.

    I think we’re really seeing Yukiji at her lowest but then again, this situation is treated rather light heartedly so I’ll just enjoy the hilarity of Yukiji’s amorality XD

    • I think Hata is very aware of the tag “ally of justice” he has put on Hinagiku, especially since she acquired Shirosakura.

      As a result, Hata has to keep Hinagiku on a moral high ground. Everything she does cannot be morally questioned, or we might have to start a whole debate on “justice”, which would be way off the point of the series.

      Hurting human beings, no matter the motive, can be morally questioned. If we follow this train of thought, it is not hard to understand why Hata only wants her to fight non-humans, or even non-living-things.

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