Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 480

We have been welcoming new characters like crazy lately.

We have been welcoming new characters like crazy lately.

As many of us would have expected, Fumi is struggling with her new task of taking care of Ell.

To be fair to her, Fumi has been trying very diligently. She is paying for the meals Ell wants, and she is buying Ell new clothes. Yet Ell has certain expectations for food, and a girl’s clothes do not come cheap either. As such, Fumi finds herself spending nearly 6,000 yen before giving Ell a single order, and that is before Ell asking for a second meal.

Why would some accessories make you a version 2?

Why would some accessories make you a version 2?

Whatever Fumi is known for, it is definitely not “endless wealth”. Fumi realises that at this rate she is going broke very soon, and thus she makes a very wise decision: to give Ell over to someone who has “endless wealth”: Nagi. Yet, let us not forget that Nagi has only regained her right to inheritance not long ago. Either Fumi has no knowledge at all that Nagi has been living in a state of “poverty”, or that the word that she is now insanely rich again has been spreading crazy fast.

Or, as a third option, Fumi never considered Nagi’s “poverty” as poverty…

Avoid internet forums like the plague for your mental health.

Avoid internet forums like the plague for your mental health.

In any case, Nagi soon finds Ell a useful tool (no offence to any party, but if Ell is a machine then she is no different from a computer or a smartphone, and thus a tool) as she is capable of keeping track of forum discussions and playing video games 24/7. Nagi is clearly impressed by such “skills” because they certain make the best forum troll member and video game player, but people like Maria would consider such people as “shut-ins” and question their existence in the first place.

Whether Ell should be considered helpful, then, should be decided on her other attributes. Ell offers that the main purpose of androids is to kill Goku heal people’s hurting hearts. My guess is that Nagi actually doesn’t know what she is talking about, and that is why she decides to put Ell on a field test. It is unclear whom Nagi has in mind, but Hayate would always be a good guess.

Speaking of Hayate, we have not seen him for quite some time, and finally he makes an appearance in this chapter. It turns out that he, for some reason, has returned to the Violet Mansion to prepare dinner. There, he is joined by Ayumu, who is still having troubles with her own “Silky Meh” moment.

The rating is going to change from PG-13 to M.

The rating is going to change from PG-13 to M.

Ayumu is known for her resilience. Every time she is knocked down, she stands up and gets back into the fight, sometimes more fiercely than before. This time, she is making arguably her most fierce move ever: instead of asking Hayate what has been going on between him and Konoha, she decides to seduce him with her body. Bathing together in a tub is very suggestive, and if a boy has real feelings for the girl, the odds of him accepting the “invitation” is… much higher than 3,720 to 1.

A long time ago, there was a question which Hayate has not yet answered: which girl would Hayate like to go into the bath with? Clearly it is a great opportunity for Hayate to give an answer, but a part of me seriously doubts if he has the – in search of a better word – balls to give it. Remember, the very nature of Ayasaki Hayate means that he would find it difficult to say no to a girl he doesn’t hate.

8 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 480

  1. Expensive food, expensive clothes but will do lewd things… clearly, Ell-chan was meant to be owned by a sugar daddy XD…

    And I have to wonder just how exactly a lewd robot could “heal a person’s heart”…

    Its also rather funny how Ayumu went from trying to find the truth of Hayate’s relationship with Konoha to trying to replicate the event with a potentially more disastrous result.

    In Ayumu’s case, its not just the fiercest seduction move by her character, its the fiercest seduction move by any character in the manga! But seriously though, she’s skipping a lot of important steps that go beyond kissing even though she is the first girl to confess to Hayate. If, and I emphasize the word, IF things “happen” it could lead to a traumatizing moment for the both of them. While I understand that Ruka and Konoha’s effort have put a lot of pressure on Ayumu, there are just some lines not meant to be crossed at a certain period of time…. but damn, I am so looking forward to whatever hilarious outcome is gonna happen in the next chapter XD !

    • True, if anything Ayumu is becoming a little desperate. It is almost as if her insecurity is getting the better of her.

      I am not so sure about the predecessors of Ell. At this moment I think it is a gag more than any kind of foreshadowing.

  2. FInally, looks like something is moving. Thrilling turn of events, this might lead to a serious talk between the two and shake the harem. I hope 481 won’t be just a funny chapter, give us some progress!

    By the way. am I a bad person for having absolutely no interest for Fumi, sarge?

  3. By the way, it didn’t look like Fumi intended to give Ell-chan away. Maria pointed out that they just wanted help with her energy efficiency and Nagi just sort of commandeered her for her own schemes. My initial guess as to the “healing a broken heart” was actually, Ruka, but I guess it makes more sense for it to be Hayate that she’s thinking of.

    • Looking back, I agree that Fumi did not expect Ell to be “transferred” to Nagi so soon, although in such a case I am at loss as to why Fumi took Ell to Nagi in the first place.

    • I’m confused myself about that one. Did Fumi think that, “that one girl from school that I tried to wake up by placing bird seed on her head” would be helpful or something? Or… maybe she was looking for Hayate.

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