Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 479

Time for Hata to declare his love again.

Time for Hata to declare his love again.

To be honest, I have very mixed feelings upon reading this chapter.

On the one hand, we are once again fresh witness to the foolishness of Hibino Fumi which, while undeniably funny, is too funny to be taken seriously. On the other hand, Fumi has definitely carried on her newest ambition to be a lifesaver and has taken steps to achieve it. This is a stark contrast to Nagi, who has brought her dream of becoming a mangaka to a complete halt ever since the end of Comiket. What sort of light is Fumi putting Nagi under by actively pursuing a dream that is, without a doubt, absolutely ridiculous?

She wants robots; Ikusa destroys robots. Enough said.

She wants robots; Ikusa destroys robots. Enough said.

The thing is, it can be argued whether Fumi has a single idea of what a lifesaver is. She doesn’t seem to be inspired by Ikusa, who has been doing all the necessary works of saving people by himself. Instead, she prefers to delegate the tasks to a robot, and she is actually counting on the robot to save her own self. What kind of “lifesaver” do you call this?

Still, I acknowledge her determination to achieve her goal, despite in a very unorthodox way. Once again, while some people are much better with talking about their ambitions, Fumi is the one who takes actions. If anything, I think Fumi is again showing some qualities which are essential for a Student Council President.

This is a very odd "couple" in every sense.

This is a very odd “couple” in every sense.

Anyway, when it comes to robot, we have to consult our robot expert in the series: Makimura. Somewhat unexpectedly, we see her walking down the street with Eight. Apparently Eight’s existence is no longer a secret to the general public, but more amusing to me than this is the fact that Eight is still staying with Makimura after their ship did a Titanic not so long ago. Sometimes the link between people (well…) would remain even if there is no more romantic feelings.

In fact, Eight is doing a lot better than other robots that Makimura makes. We can even say that Eight is being treated very, very well. Not only does he have a name, he also has not yet been destroyed just like the others. And we must also see the fact that when compared to some of the other robots, Eight actually looks better. Honestly, those fat “guys” in their underwear are so disgusting that even Fumi sees that they are bad. I guess even Android #19 looks better than these “guys”.

Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating Hayate's harem is approximately 3,720 to 1.

Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating Hayate’s harem is approximately 3,720 to 1.

Luckily we still have a pretty-looking robot (although not at the same level as Android #18) which has a number “5” on her arm. Yet instead of being named “Five”, she has no name and Fumi decides to call her “Ell”, which is in fact “L”. The irony here is that while Fumi has been looking for a robot that could save her, Ell is a robot that Fumi has to save from the very beginning of their “relationship”. Fumi has to claim Ell before she gets destroyed by Makimura, and apparently Fumi has to feed this robot because she can eat – a lot.

A part of me is actually glad that Fumi doesn’t really get what she wants, because an amazing life-saving robot would not do any good to her personal growth – on the contrary, it would make her an even worse person. Now Fumi gets a robot which is even more hopeless than her. If she learns to take some responsibility and take good care of Ell, it could be the first step for Fumi to become a true life-saver.

Which means that Makimura might have given Fumi a training dummy – by accident.

12 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 479

  1. I don’t know, I’m not sure that I want another female character so soon. I mean, what about Konoha? Isn’t Hata spreading himself a bit too thin lately? Mixed feeling right now.

    Gratz sir, I don’t think that I could bring myself to analyze this chapter that much. Kudos.

    • This is most likely the shortest review that I have written (bar Ch. 267, which was my debut post). 😛

      I think Ell’s introduction will be fine as long as she wouldn’t fall in love with Hayate. However, I do have a feeling that if Fumi asks for Hayate’s help to take care of Ell and he complies, then we might be seeing some Hayate-Fumi…

  2. the robot’s name actually shi from yarashi(lewd). well, It won’t matter if she’s just a 1 time appearance and never show up again, but there can be a name inconsistency if she becomes a regular character like 8

  3. I found this chapter rather…. off putting to say the least.

    Agreed with Sabrutin. Way too many characters, no matter how likeable they are….

    The whole concept of the chapter is strange…. But well, wouldn’t be interesting if it wasn’t.

  4. Didn’t Makimura use to make robots to serve the elderly? Taking into consideration of L-chan’s purpose of being created… then again, L-chan is, for some reason, designed in a way that she needs to BE served (with expensive rice dishes) and that would have rendered her obsolete in serving her purpose.

    I find it disturbingly hilarious that Makimura’s robots are all sentient and can feel emotions yet she doesn’t see them any more than as useless house accessories. Once again, Makimura’s intellect is severely distorted by her lack of common sense or focus.

    Also, L-chan is possibly the 5th robot in Makimura’s main line of creations judging from the number 5 on her arm, suggesting that L-chan was created before Eight. This makes it funny because L-chan looks like she could have existed in the far future while Eight looks like a giant-sized child’s toy XD

    I wouldn’t be surprised if L-chan is added into Hayate’s harem in some way seeing as how Hayate is capable of cooking any of L-chan’s annoyingly specific food requests in a very short time.

    • Makimura is called a Mad Scientist by TV Tropes for a reason. I won’t say that she has a wrong idea about her creation, but… wouldn’t she at least feel something when the robots beg for their “lives”?

      I think Makimura hasn’t been thinking too much as she designed the appearances of the robots – those disgusting fat “guys” are proof. Perhaps Makimura isn’t quite interested in making visually attractive robots.

      Come to think of it, Eight wouldn’t look more appealing even if “he” looks like Ell. The size of Eight itself is the biggest trouble here. I mean, imagine an 8-feet tall Maria.

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