Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 460

Last chapter we had the sunset. This chapter we have the moon.

Last chapter we had the sunset. This chapter we have the moon.

So, it turns out that it was Isumi who destroyed the King’s Jewel in mid-air. I really should have put Isumi as my secondary suspect in the previous Chapter Review. Damn.

With the benefit of hindsight, it makes perfect sense. Isumi is not as obsessed with the King’s Jewel as some of our fellow readers – because the stones help pushing the plot(TM) forward, obviously – but she actually has a very poor opinion of the stones. She called the stones powerful but dangerous, while she headbutts purifies every single stone within her reach. What surprises me is that instead of doing a Zidane, this time Isumi opted to do a Barton and destroyed the stone altogether. This, to me, is not the Isumi style.

Arguably the most powerful duo.

Arguably the most powerful duo.

Yet this seems to be what Athena and Isumi have agreed to do, though. In fact, while they fought each other back in Athens, this time they worked as a team for a common goal: to destroy the King’s Jewel. The reason of such a common goal is still everyone’s guess, and here is my take: Isumi wanted to eliminate a threat to the world, while Athena wanted to screw up Mikado’s plans.

Most likely Isumi has figured out that merely purifying the King’s Jewels is not enough to stop bad guys from using the stones to do bad things. In fact, we came so close to Apocalypse back in the Athena saga, and what we had was the King’s Jewel kept by Hayate, which was already purified. Clearly, Isumi would not want another defeat at the hands of King Midas (literally), and if headbutting the King’s Jewel is not enough, then a higher form of force is obviously needed.

It might be a good thing that Materazzi fell so easily after the Zidane Headbutt…

There is something big.

There is something big.

Athena and Mikado might have been the best partners in crime (not literally), but that seems to be no more; otherwise, Mikado would not have to take the precautionary action to curse Athena into her child form with the King’s Jewel kept by Aika. Yet even in her child form, Athena knew that Mikado has solemnly sworn that he was up to no good, and concluded that Mikado would not like her to stop him. So, why not stop him in her child form?

What exactly would Athena try to stop Mikado from? My guess at this moment is that it is Hayate acquiring another King’s Jewel, and subsequently opening the path to the Royal Garden again. We have heard that to open the path, someone would need “an explosion of negative emotion while holding a King’s Jewel“. Now, I must confess that I am confused whether I have missed any other requirements or restrictions, but assuming that I have not, what I see now is that the whole set up leading to the Athena saga was Mikado’s master plan in using Hayate to open the path to the Royal Garden – again.

Obviously I have to use this picture.

Obviously I have to use this picture.

We have always thought that Mikado has been a huge asshole by making up all the rules to the rights to his inheritance, and concluded that Mikado did not like his granddaughter. Maybe Mikado isn’t going after Nagi at all, but rather he has been trying to be as harsh as he could to Hayate. The “ultimate choice” between Athena and Nagi was not the ends of Mikado’s game, but the means to achieve his true goal: to torment Hayate with an impossible choice, so that his negative emotions can explode and boom! – we have the entrance to the Royal Garden!

Nagi – intentionally or unintentionally – screwed that up for Mikado by destroying the King’s Jewel. For Mikado, everything was now back to square one, and the first step he needed to take was to give Hayate a new King’s Jewel. For whatever reason – most likely for cursing Athena – he opted not to give the one with Aika to Hayate, and had him looking for another one. Luckily (?) Hayate still found Ikusa for this purpose.

So, in order to save the world and also to screw up Mikado’s plans, Hayate must not be allowed access to the King’s Jewel. As such, Athena and Isumi have set up the entire adventure on Higan Island – Isumi confirmed that she has prepared all the toys along the way – but honestly it would be too frightening to imagine that the two girls have everything planned and controlled, including the involvement of the Katsura sisters, and the behaviours of Higanman. So, in order to make things sound more reasonable, let me try to figure out what exactly the two girls have planned. My guess is that they had a Plan A, a Plan B and quite some improvisation, and here’s how.

Now we know she was talking to Isumi.

Now we know she was talking to Isumi.

For Plan A, I think the girls intended to get Hayate onto Higan Island and throw him into the cave with the skeletons – all alone. Higanman would then possess Hayate, and Ikusa would come and try to save him. All Higanman had to do was to pretend that he was a particularly desperate Hayate, trying to take the King’s Jewel from Ikusa by force. If Higanman could rob the King’s Jewel right under Ikusa’s nose with Yukiji’s body, Hayate’s body would only make the job easier.

Two things got into the way and screwed Plan A. The first was Hinagiku’s presence, and her fear of ghosts forced Hayate to step up and protect her, so perhaps Hayate was not as scared as the girls would have expected. The second was the entrance of the strange creature that Izumi created by accident, which scared Athena to her death and Ikusa came to rescue her instead of Hayate.

Athena’s improvisation was to return to her true form and try to restore Ikusa’s memories. My guess is that should her efforts be successful, she would then convince Ikusa to turn in the King’s Jewel with her horrible experience. As we all know, that did not work out.

So now we know she was talking about Isumi.

Now we know she was talking about Isumi.

So we go into Plan B, that is to have Hayate and Hinagiku take away “Higanman’s treasure”, so that Higanman can make an excuse that “I rob your things because you robbed my things” – yes, Higanman’s “rage” could be just a smokescreen to hide his true intention: to take away the King’s Jewel and to destroy it. The many clever girls would have their intention on a mad pirate instead of a well-calculated plan. This is to say, Higanman is in fact not a mad pirate, but an active participant of the well-calculated plan. In other words, he is a recognised partner of Athena and Isumi.

Once again, two things got into the way and almost ruined Plan B. The first was Higanman’s decision to possess Hinagiku instead of Hayate. Well, some guys do have the desire to become girls for a while, and maybe Higanman is one of them, but it turns out that Hinagiku was completely useless to him, as he could not fully control Hinagiku’s mind and body. The second was Nagi’s genius idea to lure Yukiji back from possession with money, so Higanman was barely able to throw the King’s Jewel away before being exorcised.

If we follow this train of logic, Isumi would be the one who informed Yukiji that Hinagiku was not feeling well. She also heavily hinted to Yukiji that she had to be possessed in order to cure her younger sister. The point is to give Higanman a person he could fully control, so that he could do the deeds expected of him. In the end, though, Isumi had to make the finishing move by herself. Now she has to share the guilt of upsetting Hayate, but I think she would understand that she has done the necessary thing. Remember, Isumi is not an avid fan of the plot(TM).

His brother... will start loving him!

His brother… will start loving him!

Athena sees the brighter side of the things, that Hayate has restored the bonds of brotherhood with Ikusa. Nagi sees this as well, and she reminds a sorry Hayate that the King’s Jewel hasn’t been an issue for her. In fact, Hayate seems to be the only person (other than Athena and Isumi, of course) who really cares about the stone: Nagi doesn’t care; Hinagiku and Ayumu care about Hayate, not the stone; the other girls don’t even mention the stone at all. So, Hayate could have been battling for a non-issue all along.

The only remaining issue is Hayate’s competition with Ikusa, which remains an issue because Ikusa insists. It seems the debt remains genuine – this guy might simply have been refusing to repay the debt despite owning a hotel. Hayate still needs to make 8.7 million yen, now in one single day, or he would have to carry the debt on. Ikusa isn’t particularly worried, as he is sure that Hayate only needs some help.

This guy is incredible!

This guy is incredible!

Miraculously, Souya and Kotetsu have managed to earn 1 million yen on their own. We already know about Kotetsu’s abilities as a butler, but what’s with Souya…? More helping hands come as the other girls all become available, and they have an effective team with lots of manpower. Still, I must say that it is highly unrealistic that Hayate and co. could earn 7.7 million yen on the next day. Then again, this is a relatively small problem which does not deserve too much of our attention. As somebody once said, great minds are not restricted by small details…

In the end, Ikusa still denies that he is Ikusa, but he has established a rather good relationship with Hayate. Ikusa promises Hayate to save him once when he is in trouble, and Hayate promises to visit Ikusa again the next summer. Wait, is their relationship really any good, based on their respective promises?

This concludes the current arc, no matter how you call it. All in all I am quite satisfied with this arc, as the emotional bond between the Ayasaki brothers has been explored in depth, and we – with a lot of guessing work – get to know more about Athena’s agenda. Of course, let’s not forget that Athena has for a moment returned to her full form, while the Hayate-Hinagiku ship sails on at the speed of a snail – actually, we should be grateful that it is not sunk. Not yet.

Next week we will have a break and a new arc will start on 20 August (official release date, but fuck that). Let’s look forward to that!

11 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 460

  1. That’s a whole lot of detail on how Isumi and Athena might have planned things out. .. heh, I’ll just take your word for it.
    One thing though, I’m not convinced that Mikado is some evil chessmaster just yet. Though I have a feeling he’s planning to use something from the royal garden to revive Yukariko. No actual proof of this. Just a hunch.
    Right now, I’m wondering how many days left till HIAPOE since this arc probably used up only 3.

  2. This is just what I feel but I think Athena and Isumi manipulating Hayate (and friends to an extent) was in bad taste. Athena making a decision for Hayate for a “greater purpose” she won’t tell him about and Isumi is just as bad for being a part of it. This was the same thing I had a problem with in the 2nd half of the Mangaka Saga. Why can’t the friggin main character have the power to decide his own fate?! My reaction to Athena’s revelation of a “greater purpose” was just meh because there was nothing decent to build up on that coupled with the frustrating fact that we still don’t know what Athena’s goal is. Who needs Mikado when Athena and Isumi are capable of filling out the role of villains simply for their tendencies for being rather condescending and as well-intentioned extremists (remember back in the Athena Saga when Isumi intended to attack Hayate because she wasn’t compassionate enough to just talk to him or how about Athena attacking Ikusa when all she had to do was just say what she felt?). Maybe Athena and Isumi fans will tolerate this but I just can’t.

    Anyway, Hayate managed to re-establish a connection with Ikusa but I doubt Ikusa will be missed by the readers since he’s kinda boring.

    … So yeah, an okay arc for me.

    • Yes, as I reviewed the plans of Athena and Isumi I found it very frightening that they could have predicted how everyone would react to the events. This is the reason why I tried to take away as much “prediction” they could make as possible, because I am not ready to accept that Isumi could be such a horrible person.

      Hayate has always had so little say about his own fate. All he has been trying to do is to survive in the furious tides of fate. If he finally can say something about himself and control a part of his own life, then I guess we are approacing the finale of the series.

  3. For the sake of the plot, guess in the end Hayate will obtain one. When that time comes, I guess he’ll be the badass, huh? :/

    • Come to think of it, the stones do not matter if Hayate could restore Nagi’s right in other ways. There are people who have plans to use the stones, but Hayate is not one of them.

  4. Might I just say that Yukiji’s selfless act of letting the ghost possess her not only brought Hinagiku back to full health and thus letting her help Hayate but subsequently, it gave Maria free time to help too and Maria is a friggin machine when it comes to cooking. Truly, Yukiji is the real “lifesaver” of this arc.. oh, and special mention to Fumi for saving Yukiji from (what I assume) drowning.

    Though, looking back, it was pretty low of Isumi to use Yukiji as a weapon. Hinagiku would not have been pleased. I seriously hope Isumi faces a decent degree of consequences for manipulating and lying to her friends, regardless of the reason.

    • Indeed it is kinda ironic that Ikusa is always saying he is a “lifesaver”, but in the end Yukiji might have done a better job without even thinking about it.

      I think we can even take such a difference in Ikusa and Yukiji to their influence on Hayate and Hinagiku’s childhood respectively. The absence of Ikusa in Hayate’s life and the presence of Yukiji in Hinagiku’s life have nurtured an unlucky boy and a lucky girl.

  5. Indeed a very satisfying arc. I knew something was feeling off all along. Was quite surprised at how things tied up at the end. 🙂
    Can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

    Aren’t we overreacting a bit? Think of it as Athena and Isumi getting things done and pulling a “little” prank on their friends in the process. I really don’t think it was as dangerous as it might have looked like…. They wouldn’t really let their friends get hurt like that… or… would they?

    And speaking of HIAPOE and future events….. I hope we get to see our Tsugumi Ruri again soon.

    • I think that it is still a bad idea to “manipulate” your friends even if your intentions are good. It is especially horrible to get Yukiji into possession, because this time she has done nothing to deserve such a treatment.

    • Pride can blind a person more than the sharpest sword. Isumi and Athena are among the characters who embody the darker side of pride. Fortunately for Isumi, she has Sakuya to straighten her out.

      I’d love to see Tsugumi again. She was such an awesome and well-rounded character who had so much potential.

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