Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 457

Hayate, your one piece of ass.

Hayate, your one piece of ass.

This certainly is one occasion in which Hayate is less crazy than I am. Last week I spent a paragraph “justifying” Fumi’s idea of earning 8M yen by selling takoyaki. Hayate, on the other hand, doesn’t attempt to justify what cannot (realistically) be justified, but simply admits that this, along with Yukiji’s suggestion to engage in margin, is impossible.

More importantly, Hayate finally realises that not only the suggestions are impossible, but the entire competition itself is impossible. In other words, Ikusa has suggested a competition that Hayate can never win – not with their scale of business, anyway. For Hayate, the implication is that Ikusa does not really need him to win before giving him the prize.

Ikusa: "You really think I am a good person?"

Ikusa: “You really think I am a good person?”

Logically speaking this is not the only possible implication. For example, it could very well mean that Ikusa is one big fucking jerk who simply wants to witness the doom of Hayate the combat butler. While I understand that Hayate would not see his brother in such a way, I am worried that Hayate might have too much respect for Ikusa that he cannot see Ikusa doing anything to him but (ultimate) good.

The point is, at this stage of the manga, Ikusa is still self-proclaimed to be suffering from amnesia, so while Hayate is very much Ikusa’s younger brother, Ikusa is not exactly Hayate’s elder brother. Isn’t it a little too naive to believe that a (sort of) stranger would ultimately care for your good?

That's more like it.

That’s more like it.

Anyway, Hayate understands that the point of the competition is not winning it, so he can save his desperation of “winning at all cost” for the time being. As such, his attitude towards others changes dramatically. He stops yelling at people, but instead talks to them calmly with a genuine smile on his face. He even starts to care for other people: Yukiji arrived because she was worried about Hinagiku, so Hayate sends her for sibling gathering; Fumi came up with her ideas because she wanted to help people, so Hayate thanks her and directs her to help other people; Kotetsu did all the hard work expecting Hayate’s appreciation (in the form of a kiss), so Hayate gives him his appreciation (in the form of words). In short, while Hayate has lived up to his essence as a piece of ass for some time, he now returns to his human form.

If we want to get picky and find shortcomings in Hayate’s handling of his friends, we might say he is still a little too insensitive about Kotetsu’s feelings. We can clearly see that Kotetsu is jealous of Souya for no good reason, and it is never the best of ideas to partner a person with someone he is jealous of. Souya’s enthusiasm in helping Hayate doesn’t really help his partnership with Kotetsu, really…

He has big big issues...

He has big big issues…

Hayate then goes to his brother for a talk. He specifically mentions that “there was a problem I still hadn’t come to terms with” (why in past tense?), and the flashbacks Hata picks for him include his “break up” with Ruka, and also Nagi destroying his previous King’s Jewel, hence losing her right to the inheritance. Can we get deeper into Hayate’s mind with the materials we have in hand?

To begin with, Hayate does regret losing the opportunity to marry Ruka. The main reason for their “break up” is that Ruka demanded that they both run away and start a new life where nobody knows them. It means that Hayate has to quit his job as Nagi’s butler, and basically abandon her while she has lost her right to inheritance for him – although I still doubt how much Nagi knew about the true reason that stone was troubling Hayate.

He has BIG BIG issues!!!

He has BIG BIG issues!!!

There is absolutely no way that Hayate could allow that such thing to happen – if he could, we should all happily sink all the ships of our girls with him, because he would then be the worst kind of human beings that ever existed. Either because of his feelings for Nagi or a mere sense of responsibility, Hayate must compensate Nagi for her loss before leaving her. As such, when he seemingly is so close to such a goal, he becomes desperate.

Now, it doesn’t mean that Hayate is desperate to leave Nagi and find his own partner. More likely, Hayate simply wants to compensate Nagi as soon as possible, because her loss is a “wrong” thing. Nagi does not deserve to live in “poverty”; this lifestyle should not last for even one minute longer, so it is Hayate’s responsibility to end it as soon as possible.

The word “poverty” is in quotations because as it turns out, Nagi is still much more resourceful than Doughnut Gunso, so…

This is what it should be about.

This is what it should be about.

Anyway, the “problem” of Hayate is that he would not be able to seek a happiness without Nagi before restoring her wealth. By accepting the competition with Ikusa, Hayate thought that he was just one step away from achieving his goal, and as he lost sight of himself he became very nasty. Now, with “winning the competition” out of his mind, Hayate seemingly can see the world around him in a better light. As such, Hayate sees the one thing more important to him than the competition: the “brotherly conversation” with Ikusa. We know that Mobile Fighters “talk” with their fists, and apparently Hayate thinks that he could “talk” to Ikusa through competing against him.

As always, Ikusa denies that he is Hayate’s brother, but this time he compliments Hayate for surviving through his childhood and becoming “honest”. To say the very, very least, Ikusa has stopped being hostile towards Hayate. Now a platform for conversation has been established, perhaps it would be easier for Hayate to persuade Ikusa to hand over the King’s Jewel.

After talking so much about the Ayasaki brothers, let us turn our attention to the Katsura sisters.

Odd enough, Hinagiku is probably the girl who has been sick for the most times.

Odd enough, Hinagiku is probably the girl who has been sick for the most times.

Once again we must give credit to Yukiji for seriously worried about her sister, as she indeed arrives at the hotel room to visit Hinagiku. Isumi has miraculously arrived to swap with Maria as well – the presence of spiritual beings indeed is the ultimate guide for her. It looks like Hinagiku is indeed in a horrible condition, as we could see her messing up with the pillow.

It is a bit head-scratching that Isumi is doing nothing, despite confirming that Hinagiku is being possessed by an evil spirit. Of course, she might have asked Maria to buy the “medicine” for her to cure Hinagiku, but let’s see. The two cures suggested by Isumi are compared with a cold, which seemingly defies logic, but then again Isumi is the expert here. Funny enough, while I believe that curing a cold by infecting other people is not scientific, curing a spirit possession in such a way seems entirely plausible.

What would you do, Yukiji?

What would you do, Yukiji?

I think our attention would be on the second way to cure Hinagiku, that is, to transfer the evil spirit to another person. Yukiji looks very confused, but in the end I think her opinion on this matter would truly reflect what kind of person she is. Basically she has two choices: to offer herself to be infected, or to find a third person to be infected. I shall not hesitate to applaud her should she chooses the former, as she would be showing a willingness to sacrifice herself for Hinagiku’s well-being. On the other hand, I would be very disappointed in her should she chooses the latter, because by endangering other people (most probably Hayate) simply to save her sister, Yukiji would be showing that she is a very selfish person.

Of course, Hata doesn’t even have to start a debate over Yukiji’s moral codes. He could simply have Yukiji to wait for Maria’ to return with the medicine. Whether Yukiji would be the one yelling at the end of the chapter would be open for debate for about two weeks, as Hayate no Gotoku! will take a week’s break.

2 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 457

  1. Yukiji has already been possessed by a murderous ghost before so chances are, we may see someone else be possessed for the sake of doing something new.

    I like to think that this chapter gives a message about how sometimes, the ends do not justify the means and that sometimes, one can get a little crazy when trying to reach a goal. A little patience goes a long way.

    I’m glad that Hayate reached this epiphany. My opinion on Ikusa still remains neutral but Hayate’s development was the real highlight here.

  2. Agree with calamariluqe about Hayate’s development. I felt that it was a bit abrupt, but nevertheless, I’m still glad that he got some degree of character development in this arc as that’s what I’ve been wanting to happen ever since this whole competition with Ikusa started.

    The way I see it, if Ikusa only saw Hayate as nothing more than a total stranger in the first place, then he wouldn’t even have suggested this competition as it would have just been one big waste of time — and he doesn’t seem like someone who would troll a random stranger just for his amusement.

    Also, doesn’t Hayate seem to fit what Ikusa said about “someone he could grow to love” even more now? Hey, he never said it was romantic love he was talking about, right?

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