Hayate no Gotoku! 2014 OVA – Vol. A

Here they come!

Here they come!

As part of the “10th Anniversary Project”, three OVAs of Hayate no Gotoku! are created, bundled with Vols. 41, 42 and 43. The first OVA, titled “Volume A”, features Nagi and Hinagiku in their own standout chapters which have not been animated yet. As we already know from the trailer, it is Ch. 161 for Nagi and Ch. 267 for Hinagiku.

Where do they store all the ammo?

Where do they store all the ammo?

Sure enough, the OVA is a fair animation of the manga chapters themselves, especially for Nagi’s chapter. Nothing really goes missing, while the anime “Beast Magnum” – wait, is it really called that? – has been given a very nice extra touch, which clarifies that the RC cars do not battle by crashing into each other, but by firing in-car weapons. Okay…

We only need an X to complete a PS controller.

We only need an X to complete a PS controller.

Hinagiku’s chapter has put Izumi (back) in the cast, a decision that nobody would complain, although Izumi’s presence takes away some lines from Miki, which in turn makes Miki’s appearance unnecessary. Perhaps the crew should have created more new lines for Izumi.

Those minions...

Those minions…

There is one small surprise that Hinagiku’s donkey ears are “explained” as a result of King Midas’ curse, while there is one big surprise that the Athena saga has not only been touched on, but given quite some show time. Granted, it mainly focuses on Hinagiku’s action as Silver Red (and somehow I find the whole action sequence very funny), but I guess you can’t say I am wrong for the following statement:

Oi! Your Big A-tan is animated!

Oi! Your Big A-tan is animated!

The one biggest surprise, however, is the return of Wakamoto Norio, and he is everywhere. In Nagi’s chapter, he is the narrator of the TV commercial (“Beast Magnum X~”) and also Grasshopper itself. In Hinagiku’s chapter he returns to his old role of “Voice of Heavens”, although disappointingly there is no interaction with the characters. In any case, Wakamoto is crazily funny, and to a certain extent I think it is him who defines this OVA as a Hayate no Gotoku! OVA.

This is cute!

This is cute!

The level of artwork is somewhere between CTMEOY and Cuties, which is not a very good thing. Most annoyingly, they have Hinagiku making unnatural poses, which I reacted with a frown and the sound of “awww…” The ending sequence, on the other hand, is exceptionally well done, which makes me think that maybe it is better if Hayate no Gotoku! anime comes with chibi-characters only. The return of the first ever Hayate no Gotoku! opening song is also very welcomed.

This is being called "Bad End"...

This is being called “Bad End”…

At the end there is a little tease on the “alternate universe” of Hayate staying at Izumi’s home. Will it really be animated in future OVAs? It is hard to tell. We only know that the next OVA will feature Maria and Ayumu.

13 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! 2014 OVA – Vol. A

  1. Huzzah for Big A… no thanks. Anyway, awesome news that this OVA is finally out — although it seems there’s not much new. I’m actually interested in seeing the Silver Red scenes animated since I think one of Hina’s best lines was said in that portion of the Golden Week arc.
    Gonna love the Nagi portion, of course.
    Is that tease an alternate universe? Or maybe it’s related to that Segawa four pillars arc? (consisting of like 7 people with Hatsune Miku included)

    • Mad Mac got it right below. That’s a special comic edition, not the Segawa arc. The special comic edition ended with Hayate and Izumi doing this or that, which might well be subjected to censorship.

  2. Wakamoto returns! This is enough to make me excited to watch these OVAs. Seeing as the artwork remained unchanged, I also notice that the color reproduction look rather unsaturated from Cuties/CTMEOY. A simple fix through VLC’s video settings can fix that, but not the unnatural poses…

  3. Also, your April Fool’s joke pretty much killed my hope until I saw the shot of Athena! I just wonder how much of the arc they will take to fit into an OVA.

    • So far everything animated for the Athena saga is related to Hinagiku. Funny enough, until most recently only Hayate and Hinagiku have been talking about the Athena saga, and Athena herself, at all.

  4. I’m pretty sure the Izumi bit at the end was taken from Hayate Limited, which was the special edition comic released with the second season. (Izumi takes Hayate home instead of Hina, lots of fanservice happens, it ends with an “Izumi Ending” much like how the first bonus comic (Revolve) had a Sakuya ending. I’ll be stunned if they actually animate it…

    The OVA is pretty good overall. It’s got that Cuties problem where too much of it is just characters standing around talking in front of bland backgrounds, but they did a good job making Nagi expressive at least and the ED is super cute. (And Wakamoto is always awesome.)

    • I wonder how much budget was assigned to these OVAs. The “standing” problem you mentioned is more apparent in this OVA than in Cuties; in other words, this is just the most basic of animation, which in turn could be the result of not having enough money.

      Or, there might not have been enough devotion. Instead of making a good OVA, I feel like they are just “doing” what they have been told to do. That’s not cool, really.

  5. That is true. Normally you’d expect OVA’s to be quite a bit flashier then a normal TV episode but this is maybe on par with an episode of Cuties, the likely lowest budget T.V. season, or perhaps a bit lower.

    Manglobe in general isn’t known for their quality animation, though. It’s hard to say if the OVA’s were given a lower budget, or if Manglobe just never gets much money for the shows they do.

  6. All in all, I found this OVA surprisingly fun to watch (Watched just the RAW just to have an idea). Sure, art/ animation was far from perfect – heck, I’d call it “sketchy” – but considering the material which is adapted and the format – a single OVA episode bundled with vol 41… I’d say it’s pretty fitting. I don’t think it was intended to be taken that seriously in the first place – it is just a BONUS after all.

    OK, didn’t expect them to throw in some Athena saga into it – then again it really felt like just a quick recap, which is maybe why it looked kinda funny. I still have mixed feelings about this series’ (and especially the anime) approach as far as storytelling goes (Holy timeskips, Hata!), but can’t do anything about it.

    The ED was the nicest part of the episode, really.

    Now, turning my fan mode on…

    And two more things (excuse me for writing too much – yikes).
    The original scene of Hayate with Hina and the umbrella is still one of my favourite scenes of the anime. Whenever I think of a scene to represent who Hinagiku is, I always come back to that one. The way they portraiyed her was simply perfect – the caring friend who’s always there for you. You can actually see the concern on her eyes – and she looks beautiful too (if I can say that….)

    I’m not sure if I should be happy or annoyed at another HayaHina flag on that ED…. For real, If she turns out not to be the official pairing, then please spare us from more teases.

    Then again it still makes me feel fuzzy inside… sigh

    Anyway.., Always nice to have some more Hina 😀

  7. hey what is this with Izumi and hayate’s scene…..this is a carbon copy of the season2 ep 6 where hina helps hayate from the snow……………this is moment belongs to only hayate and hina..I don’t want anyone replace her like that….I think…..it should be copyrighted….

    good to see some athena part……….can’t wait……..

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