The Fascinating Silver Red – Chapter 18

This is a fanfiction by Doughnut Gunso.

Klaus was surprised to see Hayate on the frontline, rushing towards the monsters.

“What does that boy think he is doing out there?” he exclaimed. Then he witnessed what Hayate was doing: one after one, he slashed the monsters. His presence in the defence meant that no monster that came directly at him could get past. He was like a dam which split a river into two streams. As the monsters could only move past Hayate in two narrower streams, they became easier for the cannons to aim at.

Klaus could see that much, and he gave new orders straight away: “Cannons No. 1 to 100, fire at the monsters on the left. Cannons No. 101 to 199, fire at the monsters on the right. Do not engage those in the middle. Leave them to Hayate, and try not to fire at him by mistake!”

“Yes, sir!”

Although he had his mind on slashing the monsters right in front of him, Hayate knew full well what was going on beside and behind him. “So they are not taking down the monsters for me, huh?” he thought to himself. “I don’t think I am as good as a hundred cannons!

In fact, he had started panting – although still quite lightly. “I wonder how long I could take on them alone. It would be much better if I had help…

Suddenly there came a female voice: “I heard you needed help, boy!”

Surprised, Hayate looked around but he saw nobody. Suddenly, rays of chains shot out from everywhere, piercing through the monsters and throwing them into the air. The chains then reverted into the sleeves of a very short woman with silver hair, who also wore a mask.

“G – great Mrs. Saginomiya!” exclaimed Hayate as he recognised it was Saginomiya Ginka. “What are you doing here?”

“Believe it or not, I am here to save the world!” said Ginka with a girlish voice, although she was actually a very old woman. “If the Sanzen’in defence line cannot hold these monsters back, then King Midas would conquer Japan in no time. He would then start invading other countries, and finally he would rule the entire world!”

“That can’t happen!” shouted Hayate as he kept on fighting. “We have to stop them here!”

“So this is why I have decided to come and help you!” shouted Ginka as she eliminated another group of monsters with her chains. “If only Isumi-chan was here as well…”

“Isumi-san?” asked Hayate. “Where is she now?”

“How would I ever know?” exclaimed Ginka.


In the same way as we wake up from a deep sleep, Hinagiku wasn’t sure how she had regained consciousness. All she knew was that, she suddenly started thinking.

It is still dark here. Oh, don’t be stupid, Hinagiku. It is still dark because you haven’t opened your eyes yet.

So I am still asleep, huh? What time is it now? What date is today? I guess I have to go to school, right? Ah… I am still so sleepy. I wish it isn’t 5 o’clock yet, so that I can sleep for – what – 15 minutes more? Sometimes I don’t want to hear the wake-up alarm…

Oh, my arms hurt, my legs hurt, my entire body hurts. What has happened to me? Did I get into a fight with someone? No, no, that’s impossible, Hinagiku. You have promised yourself not to get into fights with others so easily because it is not girly enough, remember?

Yet I did fight against some people lately. I fought against Fukada-kun. I saved Nagi and Aizawa-san. I fought Aika-san. I was defeated by a giant… No, no, the final one is ridiculous. It is superstitious, and that can’t be possible. I must have been dreaming…

But was I really dreaming? Was I dreaming, or am I dreaming now? If I was dreaming, why does my body hurt? If I am dreaming now, why am I not seeing a thing? Am I awake or asleep? Which one is true? I need to see. I need to –

With that, she opened her eyes with all her might. The first thing she saw was a pair of eyes, which came so close to hers that she was almost unable to determine what they really were. Hinagiku was thoroughly shocked. “WAAAAAAAHHH!!!” she screamed out loudly.

The pair of eyes were apparently shocked by her screaming, and they retreated backwards. Now Hinagiku could see better: the pair of eyes belonged to Saginomiya Isumi.

“Geez. Please don’t be so rude, Student Council President,” said Isumi as she frowned, with a sleeve covering her mouth. “I was trying to heal you.”

Hinagiku panted heavily as she tried to calm down. “Oh, thank you very much,” she finally said. “But I think you don’t have to come this close to my face, do you?”

“I had to,” said Isumi, as calm as ever. “The injury to your body was so severe that my hand power alone didn’t work, so I had to use my eye power as well.”

Hinagiku was confused. “E – eye power?”

“Yes, Student Council President,” said Isumi. “As I stared into your eyes, I infused my power which helped to heal your upper body. My hand power was used to heal your lower body.”

There was a short pause as Hinagiku tried hard to understand.

“If I wasn’t opening my eyes,” she finally began, hesitantly, “how did you manage to stare into them?”

Isumi turned her back on Hinagiku. “That you do not need to know.”

“Hmm…” Hinagiku had the feeling that Isumi was merely bluffing, but she wouldn’t make another comment on that. She tried moving her body, but it took her a lot of efforts as she was still weak and in pain. Panting slightly as she finally managed sitting up, she began looking around, and was instantly fascinated by her surroundings. “So, where are we? What has happened to us?”

“You were defeated by King Midas, and he banished you in here, the Royal Garden.”

Hinagiku was alarmed. “The Royal Garden? The place where…”

“… the Chairperson and Hayate-sama once lived, yes.”

“So I did fight against this King Midas, and what he wanted was…”

“… to open the Garden Gate to here, yes.”

“I see…” said Hinagiku. However, there were still a lot of things she did not understand. Yet, as there were so many of them, she didn’t even know where to start asking question, so she started with the most obvious question…

“So I was banished in here,” she asked, “but what about you, Saginomiya-san? How did you come in?”

Isumi did not answer, but another voice came to her aid.

“Well, we were following you, so we also entered the Student Council Room as you fought against that big guy. I told Isumi-san to engage King Midas when he threw you in here, but this girl decided to walk through the portal, so we ended up being locked in here with you, President.”

Hinagiku turned to the voice and saw Aizawa Sakuya. “Hello, Aizawa-san,” she said.

“At least I was not getting lost this time,” said Isumi smugly. “I entered here on purpose.”

“Hello to you as well,” said Sakuya brightly, ignoring Isumi (“Geez, Sakuya!”). “By the way, please call me by my first name, President.”

Hinagiku blinked. “O – okay, Sakuya.”

“Or, you might call me Saki instead,” said Sakuya slyly. “As you always do, President (buchou).”

“Well, that would be…” began Hinagiku, but she didn’t know how to finish the sentence. She never remembered calling Sakuya “Saki”.

“… a reference to another series~” said the narrator, finishing the line for her.

Sakuya cleared her throat as she blushed slightly. “Anyway, would you like to take a bath first? You look… horrible.”

Hinagiku looked at herself. Her suit was torn and was covered in dirt and blood. Now that Sakuya had mentioned, Hinagiku started to find herself smell…

“Well, I will fix myself later,” she said finally, “but I want to get out of here as soon as possible.”

“Not to worry, President,” said Sakuya. “Time runs a lot slower here than in the real world, so even if you take bath for 30 minutes, you would only lose 30 seconds in the real world.”


“Imagine returning to your beautiful self in 30 seconds,” said Sakuya as she leaned towards Hinagiku. “It is worth it, isn’t it?”

Hinagiku thought hard as her two wishes – getting out and taking a bath – were in a thermonuclear war. “O – okay,” she said finally. “I would take a bath first.”

So the girly side of her won.


Nagi was watching the closed-circuit television in the bunker, which showed the battle above them. She watched as monsters were blown away. She also watched as Hayate and Ginka kept on killing the monsters, whose bodies vanished once they were killed. Tears suddenly began to ran down her cheeks.

“Nagi-chan?” asked Ayumu, who was right beside her. “What is it?”

“Hey, Hamster,” said Nagi as she began to sob, “do you think this is a punishment from God?”

“W – what are you talking about?” asked Ayumu, alarmed but confused.

“I should have sent Hayate to help Hinagiku at Hakuou,” whispered Nagi. “But I didn’t. Now Hinagiku is killed, and sooner or later Hayate would fall to the monsters. Is God punishing me for my selfishness, by taking the people who are precious to me away?”

Ayumu’s eyes were filled with tears as she heard those words. She took a step towards Nagi and hugged her.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Nagi-chan!” she said as she began to sob as well. “Hayate-kun will be fine! You have to trust him! I am sure that God would not be so cruel to punish you in this way!”

Maria watched and sighed as the two girls cried in each other’s arms. “If God has mercy on us,” she thought, “could He please return Hinagiku-san to us?


Hinagiku finished her bath in about 30 minutes. She felt refreshed, even though her body still hurt here and there.

“You take bath with precise timing, President!” exclaimed Sakuya as she saw Hinagiku. “And wow, you look quite nice in that outfit.”

Hinagiku blushed slightly as she checked herself again. She was wearing a white t-shirt, a pair of blue shorts and a pair of black shoes. “Well, I am glad that you don’t find this too bad. There would be a fight out there, and I think this is a more convenient outfit than dresses or skirts.”

Sakuya let out a sigh. “Well, you have a point, but we still need to get out of here before you could enter the fight,” she said.

She then turned to Isumi. “Can you do something, Isumi-san?” she asked.

“Well… ” began Isumi, who suddenly looked very serious. “If anyone could do something, it is you, Student Council President, not me.”

“Me?” asked Hinagiku, totally confused. “I don’t have any special powers like you do, Saginomiya-san. How am I supposed to do anything about this place?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” said Isumi. “Shirosakura.”

4 comments on “The Fascinating Silver Red – Chapter 18

  1. As alway – good chapter ^^
    Lolz I really laughed at Isumi’s eye healing power and Hina’s “girly-ness” 😀
    Finally the Shirosakura will make it’s appearance! ^^- I’ve been waiting for this. Can’t wait.
    ~ keep writing ^^ ~

  2. Good job as usual, Gunso-san. To be honest, I look forward to your fiction more than the actual series these days.

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