Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 407

Actually, it is best just to film Izumi.

Actually, it is best just to film Izumi.

While it is not officially decided who is the smartest among Izumi, Miki and Risa, I am quite certain that the answer is Risa. The thing is, it is most often Risa who comes up with new ideas and weird questions, and she usually looks quite cool. These are signs of intelligence, and as Risa is the person who shows such signs more often than the other two, my judgment is that she is the smartest.

This time, she comes up with an idea which I think not Stephen Hawking could: to go to Koshien with Miki and Izumi. The reason seems to be that she believes that with Koshien as their goal, they would not laze around like they are anymore. Apparently she has some ambition with her lifestyle after all.

At least she can make a speech.

At least she can make a speech.

Her “ambition” (well…) isn’t just about a “goal” of going to Koshien, but she wants a say on her “means” as well. She doesn’t want any baseball heroes (ah, no, the reference was not H2…) to take her to Koshien. She wants to do it in her way (making video), with her club (the Video Research Club). The problem for them is that, it seems that they are the only Video Research Club on the planet – other schools have Film Clubs. It means that there is no inter-school competition for their club to join, and without a competition there is no Koshien.

Luckily, they are so rich that they could make anything possible. As such, they approach Izumi’s father, the President of S*MY, to make a video Koshien. Izumi’s father, who makes his first appearance since – em, whatever –  has as little resistance to his daughter’s cuteness as ever, and so he makes a video Koshien with his company’s resources. Just use those resources to make me a PS4 console already, damn it!

No one can say "no" to this face!

No one can say “no” to this face!

Obviously, Mr. Segawa loves his daughter really much, because he has gone way too far on her request. Not only that he is making the event national (actually, a regional contest would suffice), he is also offering 10 million yen to the winner. I guess the SC Rangers would have expected him to make a private event just for the three to have fun, but now with a national event that offer such a big prize,  it might attract some genuine attention.

Of course, Mr. Segawa could have planned for the 10 million yen to be his daughter’s pocket money.

And “genuine attention” comes soon enough in the form of Yukiji, who claims herself to be the advisor of the Video Research Club. Well, at least she is joining the SC Rangers’ group, instead of becoming their rival. The role of the advisor turns out to be, em, being filmed. As such, Yukiji takes a few shots in a Hakuou uniform (whose is it?) for a “shocking video”. Something is lacking, though – Yukiji’s shot lacks in cuteness, but it also lacks the real “horror”. In short, the video is not “shocking” at all.

This is more like a crime scene...

This is more like a crime scene…

In order to look for a more “powerful” video, Izumi suggests to film Kotetsu’s room. Now there is a huge horror: Kotetsu’s room is full of Hayate’s photos – I guess it would take some time for anyone to figure out where each photo (panel) has come from. I think most people would find Kotetsu’s room very creepy, but shockingly Izumi think that it is “pure love”. Well, they are twins, after all…

Miki and Risa decide to make a video from this little discovery, but instead of taking a “pure love” perspective, they take a “criminal” perspective. By whatever means they manage to track down Kotetsu in Akiba, and they make it just in time to film Hayate’s punch that knocks out Kotetsu, which was shown in last chapter. Hayate also protests to the SC Rangers that filming him in a maid dress would hurt his self-respect – so he does have self-respect after all.

Well, at least it doesn't take that long to film you.

Well, at least it doesn’t take that long to film you.

As Risa turns to film Saki, she suddenly thinks that filming something “more emotional” would be better. Here we have a young boy who quits school to start his new business, and a young girl who is there to support the young boy despite all the hardship. Heck, if Wataru turns out to be a successful businessman, Risa would have a very touching story born under her camera…

Then again, it (presumably) takes time for Wataru to be successful, and by then the video Koshien should have ended. And then there is Yukiji, the shameless teacher who arrives in Akiba in the Hakuou uniform. Her “courage” has caused enough shock for everyone to forget about any new plans with emotional video…